Base Layers for Cold Weather Hunting
Base Layers for Cold Weather Hunting
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The Best Base Layers for Cold Weather Hunting 2021: When going out for outdoor activities such as hunting, especially during the winter time, it is important that you wear an inside layer so, that it can wick the moisture. This will not only keep you dry, but you will also feel fresh. Apart from that these, base layers are also very helpful in keeping you warm and giving you the right comfort. To avail all these, you will have to get a good quality base layer for yourself. In case, you are not sure which one, we have made a list of the top 8 base layers for cold weather hunting.

Top 5 Best Base Layers 2021 for Cold Weather Hunting 

Our Top 7 Base Layers For Winter Hunting

  1. REI Co-op Midweight Base Layer Crew Top
  2. Smartwool Men’s NTS Mid 250 Zip T
  3. Ibex Merino Wool Men’s Woolies 1 Crew Shirt
  4. ULTRA Merino 125 LS Crew-T
  5. Icebreaker Men’s Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe Top
  6. Under Armour Base 3.0 Leggings
  7. Sitka Merino Core Bottom
  8. Meriwool Men’s Merino Midweight Base Layer

Here you go with the list of top 7 base layers for winter hunting. All the products mentioned below are handpicked and of great quality.

#1. REI Co-op Midweight Base Layer Crew Top

If you are looking for a base layer that will keep you insulated and dry, no matter what level of intense workout you do then, this is the perfect option for you. This fitted and affordable base layer is especially, designed to keep you comfortable even during the most intense of the exercises in winter. You can wear it while hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, hunting or for any outdoor activity. This is just the ideal base layer for your outdoor exercise and activity. It is made of the finest quality material that can effectively wick moisture and keep you free from unpleasant odors. Also, the REI synthetics provide a kind of outer fabric that gives you a silky feel. In short, it can be said that this base layer is just the thing you need when going out on a hunting activity.


  1. Made of the finest quality spandex/polyester which not only dries quickly but also effectively wicks moisture.
  2. The base layer is made durable.
  3. The raglan sleeves, side gussets along with its flat-seam built will keep you comfortable even during the most intense movements.
  4. The top also offers UPF 50 UV protection from the sun.
  5. The fabric fits perfectly and has a silky feel to it.
  6. The top is comfortable and warm without any unnecessary bulk in it’s built.
  7. The fabric dries quickly and thus; it will keep you dry.


In short, it can be concluded that with this top, you can get rid of the bothering sweat and unwanted odors. This is in fact, one of the quality products that you will find in the market.

#2. Smartwool Men’s NTS Mid 250 Zip T

This slim fit top is made of 100 finest quality Merino Wool which will give you the ultimate comfort that you need. Made in Vietnam, this is one of the best base layers that you can find in the market. The top is made versatile so, that you can wear it for the various outdoor occasion and not only for hunting. In fact, the top is wearable even underneath your shirt when you go out for your office or jogging during the winter time. The top is made with such fabrics that you can wear it for hours in the cold but, you will still feel warm.


  1. The top is made of 100 quality Merino wool.
  2. The material of the top is breathable, and at the same time, it is comfortable and warm.
  3. The top is particularly crafted to last longer.
  4. Serves as a great alternative to the synthetic and plastic material.


Thus, it can be concluded that buying this top would be one of your smartest choices. With this top, you can never feel uncomfortable.

#3. Ibex Merino Wool Men’s Woolies 1 Crew Shirt

Ibex Merino Wool Men's Woolies 1 Long Sleeve, Crew Base Layer Top,...
  • Naturally odor resistant, or "no stink" is a huge bonus. First layer on, last off, you'll be so comfortable you'll forget you are wearing anything
  • The 18.5 superfine wool yarn offers a warm, close-to-the-body fit that moves with you and keeps its shape

If you are looking for comfort and style both then, this is what you need to go for. This stylish slim fit top is made of 86% merino wool and 14% nylon which make the top durable. The material used in the making of the top is of finest grade, and that is why the top is so comfortable to wear. To put it I other words, it is worth your money. The top is so minutely crafted that even the knits and stitches of the top cannot be felt. The fact that the top is completely slim fit it can be ore even underneath the shirt. Until and unless you try this product out, you will not know what true comfort is.


  1. This top is made of the award-winning ribbed material which is not only durable but can also withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  2. It is made to keep you warm.
  3. The top fits perfectly and even maintains it shape while you move.
  4. The extra soft material will keep you comfortable.
  5. This is ideal for weather during October and May because of it’s light and cozy material.


This top is just perfect for any outdoor activities including hunting. The cozy layer of the top will never fail to keep you warm and comfortable. So instead of wasting your time on any other top, get yourself this one.

#4. ULTRA Merino 125 LS Crew-T

This top is just the perfect blend of wool and nylon. This is perhaps one of the most comfortable wears that you can have in your outdoor wear section. This top wear is not only moisture free, but it is also made with odor resistant material to keep you fresh. Also, the top is specially made to withstand the harsh conditions of the weather outside. Apart from that, the top is also rich with other good features.


  1. The product is very durable.
  2. It is made of good quality material.
  3. The top is designed to keep you fresh and moisture free at all times.
  4. The material used in the making of the top is breathable.


For those who are looking for comfortable outdoor wear can go for this product. The top is crafted for cold weathers so; you can feel all warm about it.

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#5. Icebreaker Men’s Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe Top

With its naturally odor-resistant fabric, you will always stay fresh with this top. Even if, you wear it for longer periods of time, it doesn’t affect its freshness. Well, that’s the best part of this top. The top is also made of top quality fabric which is meant to keep you warm even in freezing temperatures. The sleeve of the top is made of an active layer which helps manage the moisture and thus, keeps you dry. This slim fit base layer is yet another great top that you can find in the market.


  1. The top fits perfectly fine.
  2. The top is made of a naturally odor-resistant material that will keep you fresh for all day long.
  3. The active layer of the top will keep you dry.
  4. The top is designed to provide you warm even in freezing temperatures.


Keep yourself free from unwanted odor with the help of this top. It is guaranteed that you will not regret buying this top. Try it, and you will know.

#6. Under Armour Base 3.0 Leggings

  • 7.0 oz. Polyester/Elastane
  • 4-Way Stretch fabrication allows greater mobility and maintains shape

After all the top wear now, let’s talk about some of the best bottoms wears that you can wear during the cold winters when you go out for hunting. This Under Armour legging is just fit for any type of outdoor activity including hunting. It is made of a heavyweight material which helps you keep warm even when it is freezing outside. Also, the excellent seam fit of this legging gives you an ergonomic fit. Even the waistband offers you comfort for long hours. Speaking of the construction of the legging, it fits just right.


  1. It is made of stretchable fabric to adjust with your movements.
  2. It has comfortable waistbands.
  3. The legging is made of quality material that will keep you warm even in the lowest of temperatures an also provide you with comfort.
  4. It has an amazing fit.


If you want to keep your bottoms completely warm then, stop looking for anything else and go for this product directly.

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#7. Sitka Merino Core Bottom

Stika Merino is yet another bottom wear that we have on our list. Even this bottom wear is equally good like the one mentioned above. Made of the finest fabric, it can support you even in the coldest weather. It is made of 100 Merino Wool, and thus, it can provide you with just the right amount of warmth.


  1. It is made with the finest Merino Wool.
  2. It has a perfect fit.
  3. It can keep you warm even in the freezing temperatures.
  4. This bottom wear is also very comfortable.


For comfortable outdoor bottom wear, you can go for this product any day. It is worth your money.

#8. Meriwool Men’s Merino Midweight Base Layer

If you are looking for the best affordable and versatile base layer for cold weather hunting, Meriwool Merino Midweight can be the ideal choice for you. It is a perfect base layer for multi-season use. Its amazingly soft woolen fabric is made from 100% all-natural superfine 18.5-micron, which causes no itch all day long, unlike other woolen thermals. We called it multi-season use because its breathable material keeps you cool in summers while the warmth protects you from the cold weather in the woods. Here are some of the remarkable features that make it worth buying for cold-weather outdoor activities like hunting, riding, or mountaineering:


  • It is made from 100% natural superfine merino wool that ensures all-day comfort with no itching or rashes.
  • The long-sleeve crew top material is machine-wash and dryer-safe, with the size range available from XS to 3XL.
  • Due to its lightweight (250g/m2), interlock-knit Merino wool, you can use it as a base layer or a mid-layer for outdoor activities, especially hunting.
  • Its natural sweat-wicking and odor-resistant properties give you a dry and comfortable experience in cold weather. Its breathable fabric material absorbs sweat and moisture better than any other fabric.
  • Provides exceptional customer satisfaction with a 30-days return policy and 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty if you find any manufacturing or material defects.


It is a perfect base layer that comes at an affordable price online to wear all day in all seasons without worrying about sweat or odor issues. Its breathable and quick-dry material makes it an epic pick for all outdoor activities and keeps you naturally warm in cold weather.

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So, you can see that we have a mix of both top wear and bottom wear in our list. The ad, all of these products, are handpicked and provides you with maximum comfort. Therefore, no matter which one you go for, you will get the same level of comfort everywhere.


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