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Archery or hunting, if you have bows stacked up in your garage, keeping them stored inside a bow case can help keep them in the best condition. With so many available options for this in the market, it isn’t surprising at all that many hunters and archery enthusiasts are often left confused about which one to opt for.

That being said, you must make informed decisions before making the final purchase. There are several variants, mainly depending on the size and the storage. If you are willing to spend some money, we have a list of the best bow cases that we think will come in handy for you.

Since there are so many available brands and products, we wanted to scour through the internet to bring you the list of only the best possible products.

Top 9 best bow cases for travel junkie hunters:

If you hunt in your property or don’t travel much on such expeditions, the chances are that you wouldn’t necessarily need a bow case. But, in case you do like to go and don’t have much space to store these bows, we would suggest you get a case to keep them protected.

1. Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case​

Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case
  • One Size Fits MostProtects bow while storing and transportingMossy Oak Break Up with black trimDurable Materials hold up to the toughest conditions.

The very first on the list of the best bow case has to be the sleek design The Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case​.

It is a sturdy, durable, no-frill zip-up case, which is quite amazing to keep your bows in the best condition without any complaints.

It isn’t for the fancy ones who need extra of everything. It does have a fundamental design with no exaggerations and no internal pockets or separate storage compartments.

This bow case is mainly used for transportation purposes and not for storage purposes, so if you are looking for the latter, this isn’t the one you need.

The entire length of the case is 48” which again is pretty decent and is 17” tall. The case is mainly for the longer and larger bows and doesn’t sit well with the shorter ones as they keep moving and shuffling around in the case itself.

It doesn’t come with any storage compartment for the arrows, so you do need a separate case just for that, but it does work out well for some.

It has a camouflage like print, so you can misplace it in the wilderness if you don’t keep a close eye out on the same.

2. Plano Bow Guard Bow Case

Plano 10-10630 Bow Guard SE 44 Bow Case,Black
  • PLANO BOW CASES | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • DIMENSIONS | Outside Dimensions: 44.6"L x 20.4"W x 8.7"H Inside Dimensions: 43.09"L x 15.3"W x 8"H

For a sturdy and durable bow case, the Plano Bow Guard Bow Case is one of the best available options in the market at the moment.

The case is also designed with the Dri-Loc rubberized, which prevents the entry dust, water and other particles that could rust the bows and cause damage.

It comes with the Pillar Lock system, which further ensures maximum durability of the case and keeps it protected from getting crushed.

The interiors of the case are designed with 4 dual-stage spring-loaded latches that further assure making perfect space inside for the bows without any confusion.

It comes with the unique elastomeric arrow storage in the top part, which can hold up to 10 arrows at a time of your choice.

The bottom half of the case is also covered in a covering of protective foam that helps support the case and prevents any adverse results on impacts.

It comes with an interior length of 46.5” and has enough space inside to keep all the bows and arrows in the perfect spot around.

The addition tie down that is found down the middle of the case also allows you to keep accessory items as per your needs and requirements.

The bottom of the case also comes with small stands that allow the case to stand still in its position.

It is incredibly pricey, so if you have a tight budget, this might not be the one that you would opt for.

3. SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

SKB Cases Hunter Series 2SKB-4117 Portable Bow and Arrow Crossbow Case...
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS MODELS: Fits the following crossbows: Mathews Z7 Extreme, Mathews Reezen, Mathews Monster, Mathews DXT, Mathews Drenalin, Mathews Outback, Bowtech Admiral, Bowtech Captain,...
  • FOAM INTERIOR: Plush EPS insert provides a secure, safe area for your bow while water-jet cut foam keeps up to 12 arrows secured from moving or shifting; Interior dimensions measure 38.75 inches long,...

If you want a big yet portable bow case with sturdy features that last long, the SKB Hunter Series Bow Case is the best option.

It is believed to be one of the most somber and sleek looking bow cases that you will find in the market.

It is also quite big, so you know for a fact that it won’t end up causing chaos for your body.
The material used for the case is so hard and durable that it provides some of the best protection to the bows and arrows kept inside.

The plush-lined interior is also lined by polyethylene foam, which further provides the maximum protection without any complaint at all.

The case comes with a very rigid and tough ABS shell along with a very tight shut line that prevents the entry of any kind of dust particles, water and the unnecessary particles from outside.

It is expensive, but given the kind of protection and premium quality impacts that you get from this, every penny you spare is worth it.

The case has an internal dimension of 39 x 15 x 6-Inch and weighs around 11 pounds, which is not that bad and serves the purpose behind it right as well.

4. Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC Archery Safe shot Compound Bow Case

For those seeking a case that protects both the arrows and the bows combined, the Flambeau Outdoors 6461SC Archery Safe shot Compound Bow Case is one of the best options.

The sturdy and durable polymer construction, along with the four latch system allows you to have a sturdy, clean, and protective case for all your needed bows and arrows.

It also does come with a security system that assures that if you have something of higher value, the same will be protected inside the case.

The inside of the case is also filled with convoluted foam that allows storage for around 12 arrows and bows together, which is pretty amazing.

The identical support columns present on either side of the interiors of the case ensure that the encasing keeps the contents in the case safe and their original shape.

It comes with added hook and loop tie-down straps, which further assure maximum help with the security for the contents of the case.

It is also integrated with internal lids and crush pillar for further durability. They also come with rubber racks for better strength for the overall case.

5. The Allen Gear Fit Pro Compound Bow Case​

Allen Compound Bow Case, 35" Gear Fit Pro - Fits Compound Bows up to...
  • Fits most bows up to 35" axle to axle
  • Gear Fit design means you can bring all the gear you need in 7 specially designed pockets

For those looking for a little fancier looking bow case, The Allen Gear Fit Pro Compound Bow Case​ is the perfect fit for them.

It looks like a bag more than a bow case, which is pretty dope and has several pockets for storage purposes that you can check out as well.

They have several storage stashes that allow you to keep all the necessary items stacked in the best manner without any issues at all.

The case is around 42 inches long and about 17 inches long, which is a pretty decent size range if you need the best for your bows and arrows.

It is a zip-up model that provides quite the right amount of protection and safety that you otherwise wouldn’t expect.

It has been designed specifically for the interested hunters and archers who use some of the most popular bows that are available in the market.

The case itself is pretty simple in appearance, but it is the features that make it stand out of the lot.

It also comes with padded handles and grip that further allows you to have a comfortable time holding it and carrying it around.

It is also designed with the easy to grab zipper pulls that make taking your gear out of the case a lot easier.

6. Plano Molding Company Ultra-Light Bow Case

Plano Ultra Light Bow Case, Black
  • Fits most small youth styles of recurve and compound bows
  • Dense foam padding on lid and base secures bows in place

For those looking for a budget-friendly bow case, the Plano Molding Company Ultra-Light Bow Case is possibly one of the best options that you can check out for yourself.

It is also made from premium quality material that ensures better durability and sturdiness that last you through quite a long time, as well.

It has a very good amount of strength in holding the arrows and bows mainly because of the presence of the two-pillar supports that are often quite commonly found in the expensive cases in the same price range.

The interior of the case is also covered in dense foam padding, which further allows maximum protections to the bows inside.

It is also designed with the ProLatch locking system that assures maximum security and protection for the bows that you might have kept inside.

It also does come with Padlock tabs that you wouldn’t necessarily have to struggle with.

7. Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Case

Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Pre-Cut Case with...
  • See "Interior Foam Dimensions" Diagram to see if your bow will fit. Also holds12 arrows. (Does not fit quivers, sights, or optics (i.e. HHA Tetra, HHA Optimizer, ect))
  • Please CROSS-CHECK the "Interior Foam Dimensions" diagram against your bow to make sure it fits (VERY important because many bows models do not fit!)

With a high 4.5 rating on Amazon, the Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Case is one of the best available bow cases that you can get your hands on.

The best thing about this bow case is how amazing it is in keeping the bows and the arrows protected.

It has excellent quality material, which is sturdy and long-lasting and ensures to keep all your items inside the case in the best possible condition.

The exterior of the case is tough and hard to ensure the items stay safe, but the interiors are the complete opposite. It comes with a very soft interior with soft padding with convoluted foam that keeps the boy in its place instead of it moving around in the box.

It also comes with specific arrow holders that keep the arrows in the same place as well.

The case also comes with its moisture-absorbing silica gel to keep the bows and arrows look fresh ad rust-free, which is a common concern often.

It has the capacity of accommodating around 12 arrows in one go and also comes with the option to use a padlock to ensure better security.

8. VISTA Traveler Takedown Case

VISTA Traveler Takedown Case, Black, 37-Inch
  • DESIGN: Built for takedown recurve bows, Holds max of 18 arrows up to 34" in length; Built in broadhead wrench. Overall case length 37"
  • PROTECTION: Weather resistant hard case lockable snap closures

The brand is known for its wide range of cases and accessories related to archery and the VISTA Traveler Takedown Case is one of the best renditions of the same.

If you have recurved bows, this is one of the best ones needed for assured storage and long-lasting protection.

It has a spacious interior that not just holds the bows but also the necessary arrows involved in the same.

The arrows can be carried along in this, but you can carry around 4-5 inside the case, which isn’t always enough, so make sure that you do carry an accessory bag along with that as per the needs.

It is around 34” in length, which is pretty decent and carries the important stuff that can make your trip a successful one.

It is a weather-resistant hard case cover that keeps the arrows and the bows in the best condition without any complaints. It also does comes with lockable snap closures.

The best thing about this case is the price point, which is quite reasonable.

9. Lakewood Products Take Down Recurve Case

Lakewood Products Take Down Recurve Case
  • One side fully protects Takedown bow with 3 inch contoured foam
  • Second side holds up to 24 arrows with foam separators

Last but not the least on the list is the Lakewood Products Take Down Recurve Case, which is perfect for those who tend to travel quite a lot for hunting purposes.

It is a top-loading case which makes carrying it easier and also assures that you don’t have to open the entire thing to get access.

It is airline approved and also comes manufactured with the moisture lock technology that ensures to prevent the risks of rusting and such in the case.

It does have the capacity of holding around 12 arrows at a time, which is pretty convenient yet again.

The price point with the case is also quite reasonable, so you wouldn’t have to spend a lot on the same.

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FAQs Regarding Best Bow Cases

1. Should one opt for a hard case or soft case?

When it comes down to the quality of the case, you must select the case based on the quality of the material. It could either be a hard case or a soft case, depending on how long you are planning on traveling and the kind of bows and arrows that you are going to carry. A hard case does provide more protection, so you for sure that it is suitable for traveling for long distances.

2. What are the benefits of a hard case?

When it comes to the hard cases, it is often the better variant because of the kind of durability they bring along with themselves. The hard cases also keep the contents of the case stationery and prevent things from moving around inside the case. They are also kind enough to carry around for longer distances without causing any issues, as well.

3. What are some of the things you should look for before purchasing a bow case?

When it comes to purchasing a bow case, there are several factors that you need to look out for. It is best suggested to ensure that you do focus on the size, the capacity of the case and even the kind of material they are made with. Make sure that the case also comes with good grip handles if you travel long distances because of that matters just as much.

4. Is arrow storage in a bow case necessary?

When it comes to the arrow storage in a bow case, know for a fact that it is essential. If you don’t want to end up spending more again on an arrow case, getting your hands on a bow case that has space for arrows is a good option.

5. Is it safe to buy a bow case online?

Yes, it is entirely safe to buy bow cases online. Whatever the prospects are, it is best suggested that you do focus on getting the bow case on the best deal that you can only get online. Check and compare the price points before making the final purchase. This will further help keep things in line, as well.

Buying guide to buy the best bow cases:

Now that you have a list of the best bow cases and the general doubts cleared, we are sure you want to buy one for your hunting trips, right? Well, keep these in mind before making the final purchase.

Focus on the ease of use and how well packed everything is inside the case because that does matter quite a bit. You also do want to get the bow cases with a sleek style and space-saving design because that helps in keeping the case away at home easier.

Compare the price points always before making the final purchase. More than anything, it is a necessity you can’t do without. The length of the case and the security features also do matter, so keep an eye out on the same as well, without fail.


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