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Hunting and shooting are common activities that are enjoyed by people. One needs to have the right tools which will help them to have a nice experience. When you are starting with hunting it is obvious that you will try to know more about the process and the right way to do everything. If you are new to using guns for hunting, then you will need to accumulate all the tools. One such thing is a case trimmer. You may think that it is insignificant, but you will need to have it whenever you go out shooting or hunting.

The main reason behind needing it is that the Best Case Trimmer will help you in smooth reloading which doesn’t take much time. So, we thought of providing some help to you for choosing a good case trimmer. We will provide some of the best case trimmers that we have come across. Along with that, we will also provide a small buying guide which will help you to choose a good case trimmer. So, let us get started with it so that you can go out hunting as soon as possible.

What is the purpose of a case trimmer?

When you first think about shooting or hunting, you won’t even think about a case trimmer as it doesn’t occur to us that it is needed. A case trimmer is a key component of reloading your ammo and you will require it from the very first day. It does a basic job that is to cut the shells to an appropriate length so that it can be reloaded easily. The reason behind this is that the shells expand in size due to the pressure that is exerted on them while shooting.

A good case trimmer helps you to cut the shells as quickly as possible and reduces the time that you need for reloading. You need to find a case trimmer that suits the shells that you are using. Most of them take the standard shell sizes and do their job beautifully. That is why we thought of providing the Best Case Trimmer Reviews for the products.

Best Case Trimmers of 2019 – Reviews

1. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System with...
  • EASE OF USE: Trimmer indexes cases on the shoulder for speed and precision
  • VERSATILE: Adjustable Collet System works with all shouldered cases from .17 Remington to .460 Weatherby

This is the first case trimmer that we will like to mention over here. If you have friends who are used to reloading ammo, then they may know this product as it is a popular item. One of the first things that you notice about this product is its design which is flawless and impeccable. It will make you feel that it is a hi-tech item that you should own.

The case trimmer is quite easy to handle even for a beginner. Along with that, it is very versatile and it helps to trim shells of several sizes which are used in the most popular rifles. The company vouches that the product will be able to cut the shells for a long time as the HSS cutters will remain sharp even after using for trimming a thousand rounds.

A good thing about this product is that it comes with an in-built storage space where you can keep the needed accessories for the trimmer. It even comes with the additional tools, so that you do not need to spend on them again. The tools include chamfer tool, deburr tool, large and small primer pocket cleaning tools.

The product is durable and you will immediately know it if you notice the build quality and its making with aluminum and steel. When you are trimming with the case trimmer, you will have to go through four steps of trim, chamfer, deburr and pocket clean. These help to protect the bullet and also to make the shooting experience as smooth as possible.
You can also expand your tool kit by having extra things if you want to use it for military brass or other types of shells. The product has got some amazing reviews and people should buy this product as it is quite affordable.


  • It is affordable
  • It comes with a lot of things
  • Extremely durable and well-built
  • The HSS cutters have a lasting sharpness
  • It has a built-in storage space
  • It is quite versatile


  • It will make a little noise

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2. Lyman Universal Trimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack Trims

Lyman Universal Trimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack Trims .17 Cal to .458...
  • Trim virtually all cases from .22 to .458 without additional collets
  • Includes 9 of the most popular pilots

If you are someone who is looking for a simple and affordable best case trimmer, then you may look into this product. When you first have a look at it you wouldn’t even think about its power. It is a universal trimmer, so you can guess that it works with several types of shells. When you are in a hurry, this product can help you to trim 250 shells in just an hour.

No collets are required when you are using this machine and it is quite flexible. It is always important to have an adjustable machine if you have more than one rifle and this product is easily repeatable.

The company does provide 9 of the most popular pilots along with this case trimmer. Also, you can adjust between coarse and fine which helps in having precision when you are trimming the shell. If you want to have power, then an additional power adapter can be added to this product to make things faster.

The design of this product is great as it is simple and you wouldn’t need to have any extra space. The pilots will fit in the holes presented on the product itself.

Along with that, it is very easy to use and even a beginner will be able to understand it in just a matter of seconds. So, people who want to use a case trimmer which is simple and affordable can always get this Lyman product.


  • The design is very simple
  • It is a universal trimmer
  • It has a nice range of flexibility and adjustability
  • 9 popular pilots are provided with this product
  • It is affordable
  • It is user-friendly


  • No cons

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3. Lyman 7862210 Accutrimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack

Lyman 7862210 Accutrimmer with 9 Pilot Multi Pack
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 6 Inches

Lyman is a company that is known for making case cutters which are affordable and simple. Often people have the problem that they cannot choose between an expensive and inexpensive model. This is a case trimmer that has been loved by people and they will recommend it to you. It can trim cases .17 to .458 Win Mag. You can get the standard shell holder to hold the cartridge in place.

The product also comes with the usual Lyman cutter head, which is known for its quality and universality. They also provide the 9 popular pilots which will help to trim different shells. If you want to get more versatility, then you can get the shell holders case which we will recommend.

It is a durable product that has been made with good material to make it last for a long time. The case trimmer is adjustable and you can make it as precise as you want.

Do read the instructions to get it just ride so that you can trim the shells as fast as possible. It will require a little more time than the powerful models, but you will be satisfied with its work.


  • It is extremely affordable
  • It has versatility and adjustability
  • It is sturdy
  • 9 popular pilots are provided
  • It uses standard shell holders


  • You will need to purchase shell holders

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4. RCBS Trim Pro-2 .338 Lapua Mag 90366 Case Trimmer Kit

RCBS 90366 Trim Pro-2 Kit with Spring Loaded Shell Holder
  • Made of The highest quality materials
  • Trimpro 2 Kit with spring loaded shellholder

RCBS is yet another company that makes good quality case trimmers that are made with durable materials. This particular model is a spring-loaded model which makes it faster. We will always recommend the beginners to start with something user-friendly so that it isn’t over complicated for them.

It is a quality product and the former users can vouch for it. The spring-loaded shell holder works wonderfully and you wouldn’t need to think about the fact that the shell will come out.

One of the main advantages of this model is that it is a universal model. So, the type of rifle that you use wouldn’t matter either would be the type of shell. It comes in a kit that does have the popular pilots which makes trimming an easy job. The pilots include 22, .24, .25, .27, .28, .30, .35, .44 and .45. The model is also complacent with all types of standard pilots.

This isn’t a fancy case trimmer, but it does its job quite well for the price that you pay for it. Also, it is a versatile model where you can precisely adjust it according to the trimming that you need.

The trim pro cutters remain sharp and they can trim quite precisely. The company vouches that once you buy this shell cutter it will remain with you for a long time and it will become your constant companion for shooting.


  • This is a spring-loaded model
  • It is versatile
  • It comes with the pilots
  • The trimming is quite precise
  • It does support all stand pilots
  • It is durable
  • The price is affordable


  • It doesn’t come in a storage box

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5. Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer

Hornady Cam-Lock Trimmer 050140 - Reloading Case Trimmer Accurately...
  • Accurate, Consistent Case Lengths - this Hornady Cam Lock Case Trimmer 050140 is a unique instrument that use standard Hornady removable shell holder heads and accurately restores fired cases to the...
  • Micro Adjust Cutter - the lever locks the case in place and allows .001-inch changes without moving the case. Plus, its large diameter, replaceable cutting head is made of ultra-hard tool steel and...

This case trimmer from Hornady looks quite different and you will think that it comes from an earlier time. This model is manufactured in Nebraska and the company has made sure to add a lot of quality to this model to make it durable and tough.

When you look at this case trimmer you will feel that it is hard to use, but that is far from the truth as the company has done everything to make it user-friendly. This is a versatile machine and it can trim all kinds of cases that you load in it. It is quite adjustable so that the trimming is as specific as possible.

The pilots can be interchanged and the model comes with 7 of the most popular pilots, so you may find your match amongst them. They include 22 cal, 6mm, 270 cal, 7mm, 30 cal, 38 cal, and 45 cal. The cutting head can take cases up to 50 calibers and it can also be changed when you think that it has grown dull.

The company has been producing case trimmers from 1949, so you can trust them on the technology and quality that they will provide. If you find it problematic to trim your cases with any other model, this is the model that you can try out and the company promises to help.

One can even set it up on a table using a few screws to make it even more secure. It is also quite affordable, so if you want a good case trimmer for an affordable price, this can be a good way to go.


  • It is a durable machine
  • It is quite versatile
  • The design of the machine is good
  • It works fast
  • It comes with 7 popular pilots
  • It is priced affordably
  • It is quite consistent and precise


  • It can be a little coarse

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6. Little Crow Gunworks Worlds Finest Trimmer

Little Crow Gunworks Worlds Finest Trimmer 223 Rem
  • Works with a cordless or electric drill
  • Trims at least 10 cases per minute

Till now, we have mentioned those case trimmers which are complete in itself and they are universal. What if you need something specialized? You can go for this Little Crow Gunworks trimmer which is specially made for different bullet shells.

It is an easy tool to use and the best thing about it is that you can use it with a cordless drill or an electric drill. In a minute, it can help to trim up to 10 shells which are quite fast. This is great if you have to trim a lot of shell in just a few moments.

Another great thing about this best-case trimmer is that it doesn’t need a pilot to work. Along with that, the blade of it is quite sharp which will stay like that for a long time. To make use of it, just get the trimmer that will work with your cartridge and the company vouches that it will stay with you for a long time. You can also adjust the specific trimming length by tightening the two screws.

It is one of the handiest tools that you can get and along with that, the company has priced it quite affordable. You will feel satisfied when you use this product if you are an avid rifle user. The cuts are quite sharp and you will feel that the cases fit perfectly well in your rifle when you load them.


  • It can be used with any drill
  • It helps to trim the cases fast
  • The trim length is adjustable
  • It is affordable
  • It doesn’t require pilots
  • The build quality is good


  • No cons

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7. Lyman Power Adapter Trimmers

Lyman Power Adapter Trimmers
  • Economical power trimming for reloaders
  • Quickly converts Original Universal Trimmer to Power Trimming

We have already mentioned Lyman products in this list of the Best Case Trimmer Reviews. The difference about this product is that it is a power trimmer adapter, so it helps to trim the shells as fast as possible so that a person can reload their guns easily.

If you have a universal shell trimmer then with the help of this you can easily change it into a power trimmer. After placing the power adapter shaft a user can connect it with the drill which makes the trimmer extremely fast. It has the power to trim 250 cases in just an hour, which is a dream for re-loaders.

We like this case trimmer as you can easily change the handheld operation to power operation in just a minute or two. One has to make sure that they have a Lyman universal shell trimmer when they want to use this shaft.

By looking at it you will find out that the making of this power shaft is quite sturdy which will help to make it durable. It is best for those times when you need to reload in a short amount of time. We will recommend you to buy this adapter if you have a Lyman universal adapter and we are sure that it will be quite helpful for you.

We like that the company has made sure to keep its price low which lets people buy it and use it. Do remember that you will require to have a power drill if you want to use this adapter.


  • This makes trimming a breeze
  • It trims 250 shells in an hour
  • The adapter is affordable
  • It has a great build quality
  • It is quick to install the adapter


  • Only compliant with Lyman universal trimmer

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8. Lyman Products E-ZEE Trim Hand Case Trimmer Rifle Set

Lyman Products E-ZEE Trim Hand Case Trimmer Rifle Set
  • Allows the user to trim cases by hand or with a power attachment (included) to precise pre-set length - no adjustment of measuring needed
  • The trimmer comes with a case locking device, cutter, trim-to-length pilot, cutter head and both hand and power trimming adapters

By now, you can understand that Lyman is a well-known company in the field of ammo. This is a shell trimmer which is affordable and it is extremely easy to use it. A user can use it with their hands or they can connect it with their power drill which makes the process quite fast.

The users can set the length that needs to be trimmed and you can be pretty specific about it. For the price that you pay it is quite a deal as it comes with a lot of things like case locking device, cutter, cutter head, and adapters. The best thing about it is that the adapter is universal so that it can be used with different types of shells without any problem.

It is very easy to assemble all the things quickly so that it doesn’t take much time to trim the shells. Some of the popular pilots are provided in this pack which includes .223, .243, .270, .30-06, and .308. You just need to purchase a shell holder and your job will be done and it supports most of the shell holders that are available in the market.

We will always recommend you to use the power adapter whenever you want to trip the shells quickly. We are sure that your investment in this case trimmer will be worthy and you will be happy about the purchase for a long time.


  • It is quite affordable
  • It comes with several pilots
  • It can also be used with a power drill
  • It comes in a kit with accessories
  • It is easy to assemble


  • No Cons

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9. Lyman Universal Case Trimmer with Carbide Cutter and 9 Pilot Multi-Pack

We are quite happy to say that we have mentioned so many Lyman products over here. They have set the mark of making good products in the field of ammo. This is another universal case trimmer from them and they are known for making good and durable products.

The best thing about a universal case trimmer is that it can be used for several shell cases which is great if you use several rifles. It is often important to get the best case trimmer as it cuts down the cost of getting it made from a shop all the time.

It does come with some of the popular pilots which are quite helpful if you use any popular rifles. The plus point of this has to be the carbide cutter which helps in cutting the metal shells extremely well. This beats any of the usual cutters that come with the case trimmers.

The carbide cutter retains its sharpness and it will stay that way for a long time. So, you can use it several times and you will find it to be as fine as before. Another thing that is important in this model is the Chuckhead which makes it versatile and you can use it for different shells.

This is a great choice for those people who are searching for a good deal when it comes to case cutters. They are getting a lot of things in a single piece and the case cutter is versatile and it is also adjustable. So, you wouldn’t have any problem when you are regularly using it even if you are a beginner in the field.


  • It is affordable
  • The carbide cutter is quite efficient
  • The chuck head makes it versatile
  • It has a great build quality
  • It is durable
  • The design is great


  • No Cons

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10. Lyman, Brass Smith Case Trim Xpress Case Trimmer

Lyman, Brass Smith Case Trim Xpress Case Trimmer
  • Lyman’S Case Trim Xpress Gives Rifle Reloaders The Speed And Accuracy That They Have Been Looking For When Trimming Cases.
  • The Unit Has Its Own Power Source, And A Strong Variable Speed Motor, So There Is No Need To Use Power Drills Or Purchase Separate Motors.

If you use brass shells, then it is obvious that you will want to use a shell trimmer which efficiently cuts metals. This Xpress case trimmer is a product that promises to trim 15 shells in a great minute.

Again, it is manufactured by Lyman which is a great company when it comes to things related to ammo. This is a compact machine so you wouldn’t need to think about accommodating it. It also has a speed motor which helps to control the speed at which you want to operate the machine.

The machine has a carbide cutter which helps to make the trims precise and you can even set the desired length. The thing that you need to remember is that this cannot be used with straight-walled shells.

You will also get 10 bushings which will help to trim most of the bottleneck shells that you generally use with the usual rifles. Another great thing about it is that you do not need to use any pilots along with this trimmer.

It is a value for money for the service that it provides. We are sure that you will love to use this product whenever you feel that your rifle needs re-loading.


  • It is affordable
  • It can be used with bottleneck shells
  • It is versatile
  • It is adjustable
  • The machine is quite fast
  • The size is compact


  • Cannot be used with straight-walled shells

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Buying and Usage Guide for a Case trimmer

When you are in the market you will get several different case trimmers that vouch for different things. That is one of our reasons for mentioning some of the case trimmers that we think will be helpful for you. Along with that, it is also important for us to let you the right things that you need in a case trimmer apart from mentioning the reviews. So, here we will talk about the things that you need to note in a case trimmer and the right way to buy them.

There are several reasons for buying the best case trimmer, one of the main reasons being that a case trimmer will save you a lot of money. You will be able to trim the shells right at your home and it will precise and according to your liking. You can do it right at your home and you wouldn’t need to give it to a shop and wait for it to arrive. You can use the shells over and over again to shoot with your rifle. We do think that when you are using ammo, you should be acquainted with using it in the right way and you should research extensively about it.

Points to see while buying a case trimmer:


Do you want to get a universal trimmer which can be used with different types of the shell? We think that this will be the best option as you can use it even when you are using different rifles. So, it becomes a tool that will stay with you for a long time. We have made sure to mention some of them here as we know that regular rifle users always look for versatile tools.


When you are investing in a case trimmer, you will want that it works for a long time. The things that will tell you about its durableness is that material that has been utilized to make it. Steel and aluminum are always good choices when it comes to case trimmers. A hard and heavy body will ensure that it stays put when you are doing the trimming job.


Do you want a case trimmer that can do the job quite quickly? If yes, then you may look into those trimmers which can be used with a power drill to make the process as fast as possible. This is especially recommended for those people who have an urgent need for having to reload their rifles. There are some case cutters which support normal handheld trimming as well as power trimming. We think that those machines provide the most value for money.


As you are looking forward to trimming shells, you should always see that the blade that will trim the shells need to be appropriate. Most of the shells are made with brass and the usual case trimmers can help a lot. But if you are looking for better precision and quality metal trimming, then we will recommend you to go for a great carbide trim. Along with that, you will also need to think about the adjustability factor. It is always better to use those case cutters in which you can adjust to provide the best precision.


The budget that you have set for a tool will always be a big factor when it comes to choosing a case cutter. You will want to buy the model with most of the features but you will have to keep the budget in mind. We have made sure that the reviews that we have given are for the budget-friendly case cutters that you get in the market. Buy the most affordable ones if you are short on cash or if you are a beginner.

Ease of use:

Another key thing to check when you are buying a case trimmer is the fact that it is easy to use. You do not want a complicated machine that you wouldn’t want to use. So, check the user-friendliness by reading reviews as the previous customers are always truthful about their experience.

So, here are some of the things that you should think about when you are buying a case trimmer. What should you do after buying the case trimmer? You will, of course, want to use it on your own without any help. So, we will provide a small guide which will help you use a case trimmer. Do remember that these days there is a lot more option in the market, so different models may require different methods. The best way to find out about it is to follow the manual which will provide you with a way to use the case trimmer in the best way possible. So, let us proceed with knowing more about the usage.

How to use a case trimmer?

One of the first thing that you will need to do is assemble the right pilot and collet for the shell that you will put into the machine. This is only valid for those machines which use pilot. So, you will have to use this process in the most universal case cutters. Then you will need to put the pilot and collet in their respective place. After that, you will need to put the shell into the holder so that you can determine the trimming length and follow the next steps. Follow the right methods mentioned in the manual to know more about the exact case position and the way to trim the case. Generally, you will need to crank the handle to trim the shell. The different components such as the collet and the pilot help to keep the shell in place. Remember to make demo trims before you start trimming all your shells. Another important thing is to adjust the screw to make it precise so that the trim is done well.

The demo or trial cut will help you to judge if you are going in the right direction. Along with that, you should always consult a good manual to check the length. Another important thing is to set the stop collar. We will recommend you to watch some good tutorials and also to read some of the articles which will help you to know more about every process that is associated with trimming a shell using the best case trimmer.

After you have made all the tweaks and adjustments, it is finally the time when you can trim all the shells. We will always recommend you to do it with patience and you shouldn’t worry. Keep the manual with you and do not be disheartened if you do not get it on the very first time. If you have friends who are good with ammo, we will always encourage you to consult them about usage. It is always best to get a first-hand experience on using a machine.

As we said above, these days there are several choices available in the market. There is something called the power case trimmer. The difference is that you can use it with the help of an electric drill to make the process faster. If you have a universal case trimmer, then you should find out if it is compatible with a power adapter. Also, there are certain case trimmers which have been specially made to be used with drills. Do make sure about them and find out the right way to use them. As they are quite fast if you can get a model that helps you to control the speed.

So, this is basically how you can use a case trimmer. It may sound a little daunting at first but we can assure you that it is nothing like that. It is just a habit that you can grow if you want to regularly use ammo and reload it. The machine helps in making everything easy and it is an essential part of the toolkit of any shooter.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why do we need to use a case trimmer?

The answer to this is very simple. You need a case trimmer as a shell generally expands due to the pressure put on it while shooting. So, a case trimmer will help to trim the excess and make it the perfect shape for reloading so that you can use it over and over as ammo.

2. What should you see in a case trimmer before buying them?

There are several criteria that you may see when you are buying a case trimmer. The very common ones that you should see include the versatility of the machine as well as the durability. These help a machine to become your ever-present friend for ammo. Along with that, you have to see the amount of adjustability that is provided by the trimmer. An adjustable trimmer always makes things better as it is specific. Another important thing is the budget. You have to focus a lot on the budget as you do not want to spend a lot of money on just a case trimmer. We can say that you should choose a case trimmer which has great features at an affordable rate. Check, the Best Case Trimmer Reviews before you place an order for the case trimmer.

3. How to store a case trimmer?

As you are investing in a tool that you will need frequently, you should always store it well. So, you need to keep the case trimmer in an airtight box. It shouldn’t be kept in a humid place which will easily help rust to form on its body. Another thing that you can do is to paint the case trimmer with a non-petroleum based paint which will help it to be more durable and without any rust.


In all, these are a few of the things that you need to think about when you are buying a case trimmer. We can vouch that it is one of the best decisions that you take in your life as the case trimmer will stay with you for a long time. The products that we mentioned have been loved by many people in the part and we are recommending you to choose one among them. We have also mentioned some of the points which will help you to purchase a case trimmer. We hope that you get your best case trimmer as soon as possible. Do proper research and we are sure that you will get the best product that you can have in your shooting career.


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