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What would camping be without an ice-cold beverage shared with friends? When you’re out in the wilderness, taking in the sights and breathing in the fresh air, nothing feels quite as good as a refreshing drink. What about the food? If you’re headed out on a longer trip, you’ll absolutely need to bring some edibles, too.

Storing your sodas, beers, or food in your backpack is a recipe for disaster. Sure, a can of soda won’t spoil if left out in the sun, at least not right away — but will it taste any good? When it comes to food supplies, you should never store them the wrong way, as they’re likely to spoil. How to prevent these issues? That’s simple: get one of the best coolers for camping.

A portable cooler will keep all your food and drinks nice and chilled no matter where you go. Crucial on longer trips, it’s also great to have on quick outings with friends. How to pick the best one, you might ask? Simply read this article! 

In our full buyer’s guide, we will talk about all the best coolers for camping & the dos and don’ts of buying one.

Best Camping Coolers Reviews

Whether you’re planning a far-away trip or just a picnic, a cooler will come in handy. Do you need something bear-proof? Something large enough to carry 70 quarts? Or just any best cooler that will keep your food cold? No matter the answer, our list has it all. Check out the best camping coolers and make sure you have the best one!

Coleman Rolling Cooler

If what you’re aiming for is the absolute best camping cooler, then you can’t go wrong with this one. With its high capacity, strong ice retention, extra insulation accompanied by rubber latches, and a handle + wheel combo, it’s your best companion on camping trips.

Even if you’re setting out on a camping trip somewhere really hot, this large rolling cooler can handle it. It will keep all your beverages or food cool in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a closed lid with extra insulation to ensure that no heat ever sneaks in. It’s also very durable and should even be bear-proof!

Coleman’s rotomolded construction offers a high capacity of up to 84 cans — that’s more than enough even for a huge party! Grab a beer or a soda and sit by the fire with your friends. You can even sit on the cooler if you like — the lid can support up to 250 lbs.

When it’s time to get going, you don’t have to physically carry those 84 cans plus the cooler, don’t worry! This product has a built-in set of wheels and a telescopic handle for easy transportation.

Igloo Polar Cooler

What if you’re headed somewhere far away and you really need a whole lot of space in your cooler? No problem — Igloo has got you covered. This is a massive portable fridge that is one of the best coolers for camping.

While this camping cooler is a handful in terms of having to carry it, it’s also fantastic for longer trips with the whole family. Measuring at a whopping 38.31″ in length, 17.38″ in width, and 17.75″ in depth, this is one huge camping cooler. How much can it carry? Up to 188 cans, which means it’s enough to keep your food cool even if you’ve got a large family. The same applies to beverages. It’s perfect for a party!

Even if you’re headed on a week-long trip, you can trust this camping cooler to keep everything chilled for up to 6 days or, at the worst, 5 days. This stays true even if the temperatures outside reach up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Drinking an ice-cold soda in the sun has never sounded better. The high level of ice retention ensures that you get several days of ice before it melts.

For its quality and capacity, this cooler should seriously cost more than it does. It’s practically a steal & you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger one in this price range.

Arctic Zone Titan Cooler Deep Freeze

The best camping cooler should satisfy your expectations in more ways than one. We think you’ll like this particular model for its outstanding versatility.

First of all, the way it handles heat is innovative. Instead of absorbing the heat from the outside, which eventually results in your food and drinks ending up warm, this cooler reflects it. This allows it to maintain temperatures for up to 3 days, keeping even ice frozen solid.

The exterior presents another perk. Instead of a smooth plastic surface like most coolers for camping, this one has a zipperless lid and several pockets. You can use them for extra storage, be it food-related items or valuables.

You can carry it as a bag by simply slinging it over your shoulder thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap. This can carry a decent amount of food and drinks, but it’s not too heavy for you to carry even on longer distances.

Coleman 40-Quart Portable Cooler

This is a thermoelectric camping cooler, and that in itself comes with a wide array of benefits. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s capable of keeping your food & drinks up to 40 degrees colder than the surroundings. Even if you’re in a hot area, your supplies will be kept safe and chilled. The advantage over non-electric coolers comes from not needing ice. All you need is an outlet for the 8-foot long power cord, such as in your car or on your boat.

While this has a 40-quart capacity which equals about 44 cans, it’s lightweight and will fit into the trunk of your car. It’s also highly accessible, with a door that opens from either side. This allows you to place it in any way you need, be it on camping grounds or on a boat.

Inside the always-cool interior, you’ll find a storage tray that will help you keep your food and your beverages perfectly organized. This is an innovative product fit for a modern camper.

YETI Tundra 65 Cooler

YETI coolers are known for their top-notch quality and are often rated high amongst the best camping coolers. This is a stylish camping cooler known simply as the YETI Tundra. It’s an ice chest that can be used for fishing, camping, hunting, and other activities that call for the use of a cooler.

Once you fill it with ice, it will stay chilled thanks to the 3 inches of extra PermaFrost insulation which allows it to hold ice for days. The walls of the camping cooler are also super-thick & prepared for the most extreme weather conditions. It’s even bear-resistant, which means it will survive a bear attack. The fact that it’s bear-resistant really contributes to its durability, as bears love to feast on your supplies when you’re away.

While YETI Tundra 65 is a pricey product, it’s worth the higher price tag. The durability is nothing short of extreme, what with the bear-resistant factor. The insulation is simply fantastic which contributes to great ice retention, and it can hold quite a lot of food or drinks. It even has a dry basket to make organizing your supplies easier than ever. All you need is a couple of bottle openers and you’re good to go with one of these YETI coolers!

CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag

You won’t always need a huge, heavy camping cooler. In fact, the best coolers for camping are those that are compact and portable. If you don’t want something massive, look into CleverMade.

This is a basket cooler that can still hold up to 50 cans of drinks and ice. You can store snacks or beverages safely using it, all the while having an easy time transporting it around. The load capacity reaches up to 50 pounds, which equals a whole lot of food, but is not too much to be carried.

One huge upside of this product over others is that it’s foldable. When it’s not currently in use, you can simply fold it down and keep it in your suitcase. Once you fill it up, it’ll still be small enough to fit into the trunk of your car, or even in a large bicycle basket.

It features an insulated interior that’s completely leak-proof. As a bonus, aside from a handy pocket, you’re getting a built-in bottle opener. What more can you ask for in a small, portable cooler for camping?

YETI Hopper Portable Soft Cooler

Cooler best bags for camping are just as popular as an ice chest. It doesn’t hurt if you can carry everything around with ease. If you can also look stylish while doing it, why not? YETI Hopper is a soft cooler that has such a great design, it might pass for a regular handbag. Don’t be fooled, though – with it, you can make sure to hold ice and everything else in perfect shape for days.

Whether you’re headed for a picnic or a longer camping trip, this best cooler for camping is a high-end cooling solution to meet all your needs. It has closed-cell insulation that holds temperatures very well. This is further empowered by the use of magnets in the opening, which makes the bag even more leak-resistant.

The opening itself is huge & has a wide opening. You don’t have to limit yourself to a few cans of beer — you can keep all kinds of food and supplies chilled in YETI Hopper. With a capacity of up to 20 cans, it’s perfect for smaller outings or some family fun.

Aside from being stylish, it’s durable and easy to carry around. All pick-up points were double-stitched to ensure you never drop your best camping cooler to the ground.

Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series

You may have noticed that Coleman’s products are fairly common on our list. This is simply due to the fact that Coleman produces some of the best coolers for camping out there. Coastal Xtreme is a marine portable cooler that has a few great solutions, such as the addition of cup holders.

If you’re headed for a smaller outing for two, you’ll like the aforementioned molded cup holders. You can use this as a portable table as you sit around the fire, and your drinks will remain protected all throughout.

This model can hold up to 36 cans, which amounts to more than a case of soda. All of this is well-stored within the rotomolded construction that is topped off by a have-a-seat lid. The lid of this camping cooler supports up to 250 lbs, so you can sit on it anytime.

The ice retention factor in this Coleman camping cooler is fantastic, offering several days of ice at an affordable price. Ice will not melt for up to 3 days if stored well within the insulated interior. This remains true even in temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The insulation itself is very safe for both you and the environment, as it’s supported by the specialty ThermOZONE technology. It contains no HFCs, HCFCs, and no CFCs, all of which deplete the ozone. If you’re environmentally conscious, you can call this one of the best camping coolers on the market.

Thermik Rotomolded Cooler

If you want something that’s really solid, you should consider choosing one of the best coolers for camping from the rotomolded selection. Thermik’s ultra-thick urethane insulation will keep ice frozen for up to 5+ days in even high temperatures. This means it performs just as well as YETI Tundra and is a high-end product worthy of even the most demanding campers.

The rotationally molded construction is extremely durable. At first glance, you can tell that the damage-proof latches will keep your food and drinks securely stored. The top lid is textured and heavy-duty. It’s sealed with a vacuum release button that prevents it from getting stuck while also offering extra security.

This cooler for camping also features a drain plug. Why do you need a drain plug, you might ask? Well, if you fill the cooler with ice, it will eventually melt. With the use of a drain cap, you’ll be able to use a garden hose to drain the chest without any issues.

The interior comes with a range of accessories, from a dry basket to a cup holder. This makes Thermik very versatile & adjustable to meet your needs with its superior ice retention that puts it amongst the best camping coolers.

Jumo Leakproof Backpack Cooler

Portable coolers are easy enough to carry. A bag that you can sling over your shoulder is even easier. But what about a backpack? No, we don’t mean just any regular backpack. We mean a proper portable cooler for camping — insulated, leakproof, roomy — that you can carry on your back. Jumo is a budget option that you can easily bring with you wherever you go and it will keep you comfortable for days.

Be it a campfire, a quick picnic, or a day-long outing, a backpack is a great solution to wanting to bring drinks and food while keeping your hands free. If you’re looking for low-end coolers, you might like this one.

The inside is completely insulated. This backpack is made out of durable polyester, the padding is made out of foam, and it’s lined with leak-proof PEVA lining. The thick inner lining contributes to your beverages staying cold for many hours and prevents leaks.

This is a large backpack that can fit up to 20 cans, which you can comfortably carry on your back. It makes for a great halfway point between a massive cooler and a tiny bag.

Stanley Adventure Cooler

If decent ice retention is what you’re after, you’re bound to like this fairly simple cooler for camping. Stanley Adventure will keep your supplies chilled for up to 36 hours. This makes it a very good choice amongst mid-end coolers for shorter camping trips.

It comes in four different colors, each matte and easy on the eyes. It features a foamed lid and body with a capacity of up to 21 cans. It’s relatively small and portable, perfect for an outing, a picnic, or a quick camping trip out of town.

The leak-resistant gasket ensures that you won’t have to deal with any annoyances as your drinks remain perfectly cooled. There’s also a handle that allows you to easily carry it around. While this cooler is rather roomy, it’s also small enough to not take up too much space in the trunk of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve now seen all the best coolers for camping that we want to recommend you, but you may still have some questions you want to ask. We’re here to cover the most frequent queries we receive.

Which cooler keeps ice the longest?

For longer trips, it’s only right that you want a cooler that will keep ice frozen the longest. This will affect the quality of your food, and even if you’re only carrying drinks, who doesn’t prefer a cold beet over a lukewarm one?

Fortunately, many coolers are capable of staying chilled for days on end. Of course, this also depends on the temperatures outside. If you’re in an area that constantly has temperatures of 90 degrees F and above, then your mileage may vary.

If you’re looking for the best coolers for camping in terms of how long they stay cool, you’re bound to love Igloo Polar Cooler, which can keep your drinks chilled for up to 5 days.

What is the best cooler for the money?

Camping coolers vary by price a lot, with budget options sometimes costing ten times less than a high-end product. The question is, do you really need the most expensive option, or can you settle for less? This largely depends on what you want to get out of your camping coolers best features.

A premium-quality best cooler for camping will often provide:

  • Better durability — some camping coolers are even bear-proof!
  • Longer cooling
  • Higher resistance to outside temperatures
  • More space
  • Better insulation

One such camping cooler is the high-end YETI Tundra 65 Cooler, which has it all and then some. It’s probably the best camping cooler out there. It offers great ice retention, it’s bear-proof, it has a rotomolded construction, rubber latches, and a large capacity. It will keep your food cold for days. It may not offer you 10 days or even 6 days of keeping your products cold, but it still is a fantastic ice chest that will last for days.

However, a more budget-friendly option will still be very suitable if you’re not headed for really long trips. You can look into the Coleman Rolling Cooler if you want something that provides the best value for the money.

Which cooler is the best for short trips?

If your trip is not likely to stretch past a few days at the most, you probably don’t need the biggest cooler on the market. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’ve got a large group of people with you. In those cases, it’s good to take a huge cooler, such as the Igloo Polar Cooler.

However, if you’re looking for something smaller, you might want to consider a shoulder-sling type of bag. This can be easily carried from the car to the campsite while still being capable of holding quite many products. One such highly portable camping cooler is the YETI Hopper Portable Soft Cooler.


Not many things in the world can compete with the feeling of being out in nature with your closest friends or family. Breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the sights, resting up after a full day of adventures… The only way to top that off is with some great food & a beverage of your choice.

Don’t risk transporting products without a proper cooler, and don’t subject yourself to drinking lukewarm beer. Invest in one of the best coolers for camping today & be ready for your next trip!


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