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Crossbows hunting can be a fun and rewarding activity. However, not hitting your target can turn it into a frustrating experience. So, how can you improve your aim? Well, you could start by choosing the best crossbow bolts that the market has to offer.

This detailed guide will help you make the best choice when shopping for crossbow bolts.

Why Do You Need Reliable Crossbow Bolts?

The current generation of crossbows has powerful features that shoot arrows at 400 fps (frames per second). Such speed ensures accuracy and bone-crushing penetration. An inferior crossbow bolt would shatter from such an impact if it can even fly straight at the target.

Such crossbow bolts may also agitate your prey into charging straight at you, putting you into great danger. Choosing the best crossbow bolts also ensures compliance with local crossbow ownership and game hunting laws.

Picking the best crossbow bolts is about taking personal responsibility for the balance of life. As a hunter, you get to take down big game. So, each shot should result in a humane kill. High-quality bolts fired from high-speed crossbows means your target won’t wonder for days with an arrow stuck on its side.

A reliable bolt will serve you for a long time. It may even improve your aim and maximize the thrill you experience in every hunt or practice run. Showing up with the coolest gear in your hunting pack shows that you take the sport seriously. So, The best crossbow bolts can also enhance your credibility as a hunter or thrill seeker.

There are more motivations behind selecting the best crossbow bolts. But, we’ll let you meditate find the best crossbow bolts in the market.

The Best Crossbow Bolts on the Market Reviewed

Tenpoint Pro Lite Arrow

TenPoint 20-Inch Pro Lite Arrow Alpha-Brite Lighted Nocks, 3 Pack
Length:20 inch
Weight:370 grains
Compatible with:Omni & Moon
Material:Carbon Fiber

When it comes to crossbow bolts, Tenpoint Pro Lite crossbow bolts are the definition of lighting fast. It scores top marks for accuracy and speed for consistent performance with every release. It’s 100% carbon fiber material also makes it one of the most durable products on our list.

These crossbow bolts hold tension of 3 inches and losses only 25% kinetic energy for every 50 yards. Its vanes have an offset of 3.5 inches and pairs well with most Omni nocks.

It’s the type of crossbow bolt you can fire and track even when visibility is hindered by vegetation or inclimate weather.


  • Adequate accuracy and penetration
  • LED tracker light included
  • Excellent penetration


  • Nock may come undone.
  • LED lights lack battery replacement options

Bloodsport 8110003 Multi Crossbow Bolts

BloodSport 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts (Pack of 6), 0.003-Inch -...
Length:20 inches
Weight:300 grains (minus field point)
Compatible with:Moon nocks
Material:Carbon with brass inserts

Over the last decade, Bloodsport 8110003 Multi Crossbow Bolts have been a popular choice even for big game hunters. This state of the art product retains a great deal of kinetic energy when in flight. It can be customized by adding a field pointer for added accuracy.

These 20 inch carbon crossbow bolts have a 0.0003 straightness calibration. So, it flies and hits true to the wielder’s aim. The weight range is below 300 grains evenly distributed along the shaft in 0.6 increments. This reduces drag giving the target less time to dodge an incoming arrow.


  • Enhance kinetic energy dispersal
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Elegant finishing


  • Specifications are not well labeled
  • Single size option

Piledriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Carbon Express Piledriver Crossbolt 20in. Moon 6pk 52140
Length:20 inches
Weight:442 grains
Compatible with:Flat and moon nocks

Do you like hunting after big game? Well, you can’t go wrong with the carbon express Piledriver Fletched Carbon Crossbow bolts. This 20-inch carbon-made shaft hits the scale at 442 grains. It also features 4 inch vanes and a diameter of 0.35 inches.

You get 6 flat nocks that are universally compatible with most crossbow models. But, it’s compatible with your garden variety half-moon nocks. You can customize the Piledriver with 100 grain fine pointed field points for enhanced speed and accuracy.

Such a weight means you can lose up to 30 fps on release. But that’s a worthy compromise as you can successfully punch through the toughest skin on the largest game.


  • Heavy grain option
  • Ideal for big game hunting
  • Outlasts most crossbow bolts


  • May require some customization
  • Limited color options

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Bufftuff Plus

Carbon Express 52114 Maxima Hunter 22-Inch Fletched BuffTuff Plus...
Length:+ 21 inches
Weight:416 grains
Compatible with:Bulldog Nock Collar
Material:Weaved Carbon Bolt

Are you looking for something heavy but accurate over greater distances? Then the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Bufftuff Plus is what you need to penetrate deep into your prey on the first strike. These bolts retain loads of kinetic energy, giving your target no chance for escape.

The shaft features a special carbon bolt weave construction. This improves the general aerodynamics for more precision and strength. Carbon express maxima also use laser calibrations to straighten the arrows at 1/10000 per inch.

The Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Bufftuff plus also scores top marks for aesthetics. It has a Mossy Oak Treestand finish to add a little camo to the product.


  • Camo finish for stealth
  • Easy to load
  • Premium features at a fair price point


  • Limited nock compatibility
  • Unsuitable for novices

SZEO Aluminum Crossbow Bolts

SZEO 16Inch Achery Crossbow Bolts Aluminum Arrows Moon Nock for...
Length:16, 18, 20 & 12 inches
Weight:125 grains
Compatible with:Moon Nocks

The SZEO Aluminum Crossbow Bolts are the perfect product for novice hunters and children. These bolts have a finely polished aluminum construction for aesthetics but precision. They also have two 4 inch vanes to enhance their accuracy and kinetic power.

These SZEO bolts come at a length of 16 inches, making them suitable for crossbows that weigh less than 220 pounds. The inserts pair with a range of Nocks. And, the general construction allows for quick customizations and easy repairs.

Moon nocks are easy to insert. These crossbow bolts are so durable that you can use them for extended practice sessions. They have no camo, so you won’t have a hard time locating lost bolts.


  • Well balanced for accuracy
  • Agile
  • Lightweight option


  • Hard surfaces can destroy bolts
  • Limited penetration power

GUU 12PK Crossbow Bolts

GUU 12PK Crossbow Bolts Arrows Carbon Shafts 18 20 22 inch Crossbow...
Length:18, 20 & 22 inches
Weight:125 grain
Compatible with:Half-moon Nocks
Material:Nickel-Plated Aluminum

GUU 12PK Crossbow Bolts come in a variety of sizes. You can get an 18, 20, or 20-inch bolt. These bolts have a shaft diameter of 0.34 inches, perfectly balanced for a weight of 19 grains. These aluminum bolts feature a 125-grain stainless tip reinforced with nickel. It pairs well with most broadhead tips.

GUU crossbow bolts feature 4 inch vanes to improve your accuracy and to cut on wind resistance. The black and green fine finish will also blow you away. Each pack also comes with a dozen bolts. This and the variety of available sizes makes the GUU ideal if you are on a tight budget.


  • Lightning-fast speed
  • Value for money pack
  • Reduced hand shock


  • Too fragile for some
  • Lightweight aluminum body

Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Bolts

Executioner 6-Pack CrossBow Fletched Arrows -.003', 20' Shaft, 3' Vane
Length:18, 21 & 22 inches
Weight:96 – 200 grains
Compatible with:Capture Nocks
Material:Brass Filled Carbon Fiber

Black Eagle Executioner crossbow bolts are built to give you a high level of accuracy without compromising velocity. This executioner model’s advanced features start from the material construction right down to the finishing.

This bolt’s added weight ensures a lower kinetic energy loss, ensuring each shoot has deadly precision. It’salso been straightened to a standard deviation of +/- 0.100. The 20 and 22 inch variations have X vanes. In comparison, the 18 inch comes with 2 inch blazer vanes.

The nocks are pressed into position to ensure they never fall off, unlike alternative brands that glue them in place. These features bring the total weight of the 18″ executioner to 92 grains. And the 21″ to 110 grains.


  • Securely pressed nocks
  • Wide nock compatibility
  • Converts kinetic energy into velocity


  • Fletches need frequent realignment
  • Accuracy may reduce with distance

Umulin Crossbow Carbon Arrows Crossbow Bolts

UMULIN Crossbow 20inch Carbon Arrows Crossbow Bolts Practice Shooting...
Length:20 inches
Weight:250 grains
Compatible with:Moon Nocks

Umulin Crossbow Carbon Arrows Crossbow Bolts are light for enhanced accuracy and speed. Their construction features a 100% carbon shaft and 4-inch plastic vanes. These bolts support a variety of shooting styles because they pair like magic with moon nocks.

Aside from the reasonable price point, you also get a dozen bolts in each pack. Each 20″ is packed well to prevent any shipping damage.

The plastic vanes are replicable. You can even customize them into your preferred shape with just a hobby knife. The only major drawback is you can’t use them for hunting big game. But, the Umulin crossbow arrows offer the best training experience a hunter could ever need.


  • Great for target practice
  • Highly customizable
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant construction


  • Over-draws may lead to injury
  • Bolts bend with each use

Easton’s Tenpoint XX75 Magnum Crossbow Bolts

Tenpoint XX75 Magnum 20-Inch 2219 Easton Aluminum Crossbow Arrows
Length:20 inches
Weight:435 grains
Compatible with:Omni Nocks
Material:Aluminum Composite

Tenpoint has a bolt for every occasion. And, the Tenpoint XX75 Magnum Crossbow Bolts will impress you with their aerodynamic features. Your search ends here for the best aluminum bolts that the market has to offer.

These 20 inches long bolts feature a well-balanced aluminum composite shaft, Omni nocks, 4″ fetching, and fully integrated carbon inserts. And weigh 435 grains for wind resistance and accuracy to a well-balanced package. Best of all, they even throw in 100-grain practice tips.

The XX75 model comes equipped with easy to find neon-orange superbrite Omni-nock. These nocks feature micro groves that eliminate the drag. The manufacturer also inspects and handpicks the best shafts.


  • Easy to locate after shooting
  • Premium quality at a reasonable price range
  • Engineered for maximum precision


  • Low FOC weight
  • May not come with inserts

CQ Archery Crossbow Bolts

CQ Archery Crossbow Bolts Arrows 16inch Hunting Practicing Crossbow...
Length:16, 18, & 20 inch
Weight:368 – 425 grains
Compatible with:Half-moon Nocks
Material:Carbon Fusion

Last but not least, we have the CQ Archery Crossbow Bolts. These carbon fusion crossbow bolts come in packs of 12. Each bolt has 3-inch vanes yellow with half-moon nocks. Each pack includes screw-in inserts, nocks, and attachments, which ease maintenance procedures.

The 16 and 18-inch sizes have a 0.3 outer diameter, 368, and 380-inch grain shafts. In comparison, the 20 inch comes at a heavier shaft weight of 425 grains.

Such a balance of features makes the CQ Crossbolt ideal for kids and novice hunters. You can even hunt for elk and other midsized game with the 20-inch crossbow bolts. Best of all, you can customize these crossbow bolts by adding compatible arrowheads, nocks, and other parts. You get value for money with this 12 pack. To top it off,you can customize these crossbow bolts by adding compatible arrowheads, nocks, and other parts.  


  • Compatible with various crossbows and compound bows
  • Replaceable parts
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Unsuitable for hunting big game
  • Needs frequent adjustments

Bio Archery Carbon/Aluminum Crossbow Bolts

SZEO 18Inch Achery Crossbow Bolts Aluminum Arrows Moon Nock for...
Length:16, 18, & 20 inch
Weight:368 – 440 grains
Compatible with:Moon Nocks
Material:Carbon and Aluminum

SZEO always have a product that’s within everyone’s budget. And this fusion carbon arrow is not an exception. You get 12 arrows in the pack that give you a decent performance. Although, there’s a significant compromise on the weight. This may affect your ability to hit the target in every shot.

Bio archery carbon bolts come with standard features. You can easily repair the inserts and nocks to fit your desired standard. The weight of these bolts also gives you adequate kinetic energy for speed and accuracy.

The shaft is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. So, well-stored bolts can give you a longer life service. However, these arrows are more suited to target practice than outdoor hunting.


  • Value for money pack
  • Ideal for lightweight crossbows
  • Good for target practice


  • Inconsistent weight
  • Limited wind resistance

Bear X Desire Mini Crossbow Bolts

Bear X Desire Mini Crossbow Bolts - 12 Pack, Black
Length:8 inches
Weight:– 150 grains
Compatible with:Flat Nocks
Material:Aluminum and Brass

Is a crossbow pistol more of your speed? Well, this Bear X crossbow bolt model may give you all you need. They come in value packs of 12. Each bolt is made of a robust yet aerodynamic material. And, they’ve been engineered for speed and to hit the target in every shot.

Each bolt has an aluminum-grooved shaft for screw-in inserts. This gives you loads of freedom in how you can customize the product to meet your expectations. This bolt model was made exclusively for Bear X desire mini crossbows and pistols.

But the flat nocks allow you to pair them with other brands. This product will last with care and strike true to your aim.


  • Engineered for precision
  • Compatible with most mini crossbow pistols
  • Built to last


  • No field tip
  • Too small for some

7 Factors to Consider When Buying Crossbow Bolts

The crossbows reviewed in this article barely scratch the surface of what the market has to offer. So, you may need to look into a few more products before settling on a purchase. Here are a few things you need to know about crossbow bolts.

1. Weight

There’s a fine balance to picking the right weight for a crossbow bolt. First, you’ll need to factor in the weight of the bolt. Then, there’s also the weight of other inserts such as vanes, Nocks, and arrowheads.

Heavier bolts can get the right impact but lose momentum with rage. Lighter ones fly faster and further by may fail to score bone-crushing penetration.

Discharge of Kinetic energy can be determined by multiplying the arrow’s mass (grain) by its velocity (fps). It’s a vital consideration because you’d need more force to fell a bison compared to an antelope.

Sure, this may sound complicated. Fortunately, the internet has many kinetic energy calculators that can help you figure it out.

2. Material Construction

The best crossbow bolts feature the following materials in their construction;

Fiberglass is flexible enough to create some of the most aerodynamic and durable crossbow bolts. But, you should take care as they tend to bend and shatter when subjected to excessive pressure.

Carbon fiber costs more than any other material. It’s also preferred for most crossbows for hunting. Carbon bolts have excellent penetration power, which is essential for taking down big game.

Aluminum makes the most affordable crossbow bolts. They are less durable, so you may consider using such bolts for target shooting and practice drills.

A Fusion of materials allows manufacturers to create bolts at a faster pace. Such bolts are also enhanced for maximum kinetic energy dispersal. This allows you to hit the target even with heavier field points.

You can also find wooden bolts if you look hard enough. However, they don’t come highly recommended for high-speed crossbows with advanced field tips.

3. Fletchings

These are fins located to the back of the bolt just before the nock. They keep the arrow from swaying as it flies towards the target. This improves your accuracy, especially when hunting. They also ensure the crossbow bolts travel in stealth, giving your target less time to react.

4. Arrow Head Points

The point on an arrowhead determines how you’ll use the bolt. Points vary in shape, size, and other visible dynamics. Here are a few worth considering before going on your next hunt.

  • Field Points are suitable for shooting at foam targets, bags, and other soft targets. Field tips are sharp and provide adequate penetration power.
  • Blunt Points can be used for hunting small game such as fowls and rabbits. These points are flat and feature a rubber or plastic coating.
  • Bowfishing points are made from sturdy steel. This is essential for penetrating the hardened skin of trout, carp, and other tough aquatic game.

5. Nocks

Nocks allow you to keep the arrow in place as you line up each target. This helps you maximize your focus and transfer more power to each shot. They are usually made of plastic or aluminum. Here are typical nocks you can find in the market.

Lighted Nocks have sensors that light up when the arrow is in flight, allowing you to track the arrow.

Flat Nocks are simple to use and have a straightforward design. But, they can be slippery, so you may need to take a few precautions when lining up a shot. Otherwise, the arrow may fly off with no warning.

Moon Nocks are typically referred to as a Half Moon Nock. They have a slight curvature on the edge that fits comfortably into the crossbow’s string or compound bow.

Capture Nocks have a similar shape to moon nocks. The major difference is they have deep grooves that snap and hold firmly to a crossbow string.

Hybrid Nocks come from combining the best aspects of various nocks. An Omni nock is a notable example. It has grooves that prevent the arrow from slipping before you’re ready.

6. Shaft Dynamics

It helps to think of the shaft as the body of the bolt. Most crossbows have a recommended grain per inch size. However, 20 inch crossbow bolts are common among most high-performance crossbows. You should also consider the material and the type of target you’ll be hunting.

7. Spine

The spine is the technical term for the straightness of an arrow. The spine can bend with each use causing deviations in hitting targets. But bolts made with tougher materials can remain straight for a longer time.

The Tolerance of the Arrow

You’ll need an arrow that’s up to the task. Tolerance can be determined by looking at the spine, length, weight, and the materials used in constructing the arrow. Bolts for hunting weigh 15 grams per square inch.

At times, it may be hard to determine the tolerance of an arrow. Fortunately, you can always depend on reviews on the internet to help you make an educated choice.


The quality of the bolt you use can make a major difference in the experience you have while on a hunt. It helps if your bolt strikes a balance between the perfect weight and tolerance. This improves your accuracy and ensures the bolt flies straight and true towards your target.

After all, you don’t want to spend hours or days tracking a target the fails to hit the mark when it matters. We hope this guide to the best bolts on the market will improve your hunting.


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