Best Deer Feeders
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Are you looking for the best deer feeder for a purpose? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Come and let’s scroll with us.

Deer Feeder is one of the most used tools when it comes to deer hunting. Hunters know how hard it is to hunt a deer. Even though deer look easy to deal, they’re actually not. You have to be very quick and careful while hunting them.

But by using a deer hunter, it will become an easy task for all the hunters. By simply placing the deer feeder in right place, you will be easily able to know the next movement of deer and when a deer would eat from it, you will be able to control the movement.

Not only for the hunters but also for the wildlife watchers, deer feeders can do wonders. But since these deer feeders come in many designs and variety, it is important to know your requirement and the product’s features so that you can know which deer feeder can be the best choice for you.

The Best Deer Feeder 2020 – Reviews

It’s time to first discuss the list of the best deer feeder of 2020. Let’s scroll ahead.

#1. Moultrie all in one

Moultrie is indeed one of the trusted brands in deer feeder. Talking about this model particularly, it is good if you are looking for an affordable price and limited use deer feeder. However, we won’t recommend it if you want some advanced features.


  • Cost- The price totally justifies the features it has. Especially if you are a first time user, you can easily set it and leave. You won’t find it overpriced at all.
  • Easy installation- Unlike other feeders in the list, you don’t have to spend time installing the feeder. Whenever you want to start hunting, you can simply open it and it will start working.
  • Long lasting battery life- Battery life matters a lot when it comes to hunting because for sure you wouldn’t like going back home just because you ran out of battery. And in this feeder, it will keep going as it has a long lasting battery.


  • It has the best battery life you can get at this price
  • The timer is a plus point as it will eliminate the other work
  • It is ready to go tool
  • You can easily attach it to any size bucket


  • The timer might be touchy
  • Corn may create issues

Overall, if you are looking for a perfect deer feeder for basic use and not at all for big hunting, this will work well enough for you.

#2. Deer and livestock Z-200

Stovall 17F Wildlife Manger Feeder
  • Attracts a variety of wildlife animals including deer and wild turkey
  • Approximate seed capacity: 25-pound

It is a simple and cost effective deer feeder which is really good for basic level hunting. Sometimes it can also beat the other leading feeders by getting the job done without any difficulty.


  • Cost effective- The price of the product is fair according to the features. It is totally a consumer-friendly feeder you can buy at this price.
  • Easy to use- You don’t have to be a professional hunter for using this feeder. It is very simple and works in such a way that it will become very easy for you to hunt a deer. Also, washing this deer feeder is easier as compared to the other feeders in the list.
  • Very versatile- It can be used to feed farm animals and deer both. You can even use it as a wooden planter.


  • It has an option to adjust the height
  • Very easy to clean
  • It has a versatile design
  • A very little assembly required
  • Can be used for gardening


  • There is no varmint protection
  • An automatic feeder isn’t given
  • Re-drilling may be required

After looking at the pros and cons, we would suggest you go for it if you are not looking for a feeder at high cost and care.

#3. Redneck Outdoors T-post

The main highlight of Rednek is that their feeder has an option to mount it on a tree post or to the trees directly which is very effective in terms of attracting the deer. Along with that, it is also very easy to assemble and has other features too.


  • Adjustable feeding tube- When you mount it on a tree, you can also adjust it according to your targeted animal. One can easily angle it from 34-60 degree with ease.
  • Extra features- The deer feeder is made up of heavy-duty polyethene which has a capacity of 80 pounds of corn.
  • 3Attracts deer- Since it has a tree mount feature available, it attracts many deer easily. You don’t have to make any extra effort in attracting them.


  • It has very sturdy material
  • It is quite affordable
  • You can mount it with a tree with ratchet straps
  • Very easy to install and maintain


  • Difficult to mount to anything which is not a T-post
  • Chances are high that it may blow off during winds

If you are looking for a feeder in a sturdy material and long durability, it is the one you should go for as it also has other good features which might be useful for you and is great at this price.

#4. American Hunter sun slinger directional feeder kit 30580

American Hunter Sun Slinger Directional Feeder Kit
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: American Hunter

If you are looking for something out of the box, you should go for this sun slinger. This deer feeder is made up of high-quality material and loads of unique features.


  • Cost and value- If you try to find a high-quality material deer feeder in such price, it will be a rare combination to find for sure. Hence, it is definitely value for money deal.
  • Unique features- It has a digital timer and a robust body which will easily do your 50% work and you can end up saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Easy to install- This feeder is very easy to install which won’t take a lot of time and can be done in a few minutes. Once done, it is ready to go for your hunting experience.


  • A cost-effective deal
  • It will help in feeding on time
  • Has a durable material
  • The digital time works well


  • Battery backup isn’t good
  • It accumulates the corn dust
  • It has no battery included

The advanced technology and sturdy material of the body are for sure worth giving a shot. Also, the price factor isn’t an issue as well.

#5. Moultrie tripod

  • Digital timer programs up to 6 feed times per day, 1 to 20 seconds each
  • Durable, green plastic Quick-Lock hopper with a fill height adjustable to 5. 5, 7 or 8 feet

Moultrie never disappoints us. It is recommended because of their comfortable design and durability. Just like other Moultrie products, it also has a great design and durability with other features such as the digital timer and quick lock hopper.


  • Affordable price- If you are getting a Moultrie product with some great features and long durability and of course with a big brand name (which for sure adds value to it) in such an affordable price, why would you look somewhere else?
  • Accurate digital programming- Unlike other feeders, you don’t have to come again and set it every time you want to feed a deer. You can simply take out a few minutes and set it in one which will let you feed a deer 6 times a day between 1-20 second increments.
  • Extra features- It has a quick lock hopper which will help you in adjusting the height up to 8 feet. Also, it has UV protection which will keep it safe from the sun and durable for a longer period of time.


  • It has a wind resistant metal spin plate
  • Adjustable height
  • Very easy to install
  • High durability
  • It can hold a large amount of feed
  • Works efficiently with a digital timer


  • The plastic feeder can break
  • The varmint guard has average quality
  • Not recommended for the area full of raccoons and squirrels

If you hunt in an area where you hardly find squirrels and raccoons, it is the one for you. Talking about the price and other features such as a digital timer, it makes it a perfect choice.

#6. Moultrie MFG- 13104

(2) Moultrie Feed Station Food Dispensing Gravity Deer Feeder Kits |...
  • (2) Moultrie Feed Station Gravity Deer Feeders
  • Gravity-driven trough design

Again Moultrie is on the list because of its features and of course the brand value. However, many think twice before buying this particular feeder by Moultrie because of its traditional roots.


  • Gravity-driven design- In order to disperse the food, it uses the gravity-driven design through which the feeder disperse the right amount of food all the time. Even though they use a natural way and no advanced technology, it works well in most of the cases.
  • Multiple feeders- In most of the feeders, all you need is a feature of multiple feeding which makes the work easier for you. And guess what? It has that feature and will let you place the feeder in a different location.
  • Low cost- This feeder is the lowest price feeder of the list. However, since it doesn’t use much technology, the price is fair enough. If you learn how to use it, it will easily work for long.


  • Batteries aren’t required
  • Easy to assemble
  • No high technology required
  • Very affordable


  • Doesn’t have an automatic digital timer and other features of advanced tech feeders

If you are looking for something really basic at a very low price range, this feeder will do that for you. Even though it is not in the race of those tech-driven feeders, it really works well using the gravity.

#7. Moultrie Moultrie Pro Magnum Deer Feeder Kit

Moultrie Pro Magnum Deer Feeder Kit | All Metal Housing | Built-in...
  • Digital timer programs up to 6 feed times a day, 1 to 20 seconds each
  • All-metal housing with diamond-shaped spin plate, built-in varmint guard and funnel

This one is really easy to use a model of Moultrie. It is also one of their bigger models which comes at good and affordable price.


  • Great features- Since it is a bigger model as compared to the other Moultrie models in the list, it has a large LCD screen with a programmable timer. Along with that, it also has a battery indicator with an external power port.
  • Effective price- Considering a big model with a good amount of fans which can be used for multiple seasons, the pricing of the model is perfect and justified.
  • Amazing Varmint protection- In most of the feeders we have seen in the list, the only cons we have seen is not too good varmint protection. But this model has perfect varmint protection with a metal diamond shaped spinner plate.


  • Affordable price
  • Outstanding Varmint protection
  • Only one 6 volt battery will be required
  • Durability


  • The digital timer doesn’t work really well

This feeder is a perfect deal if you are looking for a bigger feeder with outstanding Varmint protection. It has a great price and also, you won’t complain about the construction of the unit too.

#8. Moultrie MFG- 13053

Moultrie MFG-13053 Pro Hunter Quick-Lock Feeder Kit
  • Digital timer programs up to 6 feed times per day, 1 to 20 seconds each
  • Quick-lock adapter mounts to any barrel or hopper

Again mentioning a model of Moultrie but believe us, it is worth mentioning. This is one of their best selling models because of its feeding kit which is very useful especially when you don’t want a lot of hassle.


  • Affordable costing- It is worth spending the money on this model because of its extraordinary speed and very low cost. You won’t feel like you have wasted your money because the price isn’t really very high.
  • Extra features- Just like the above-mentioned model of Moultrie, it also has a good Varmint guard and with a good feed level estimator which has a battery indicator as well.
  • Useful quick lock adapter- If you want to mount the feeder to a barrel or anything else, it is very flexible and easy to do feeder. You can easily mount it and it will for sure fulfil your purpose of hunting deer.


  • Insane speed because of the quick lock adapter
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install
  • Great battery life


  • The new version doesn’t have a great quick lock functionality

If you are really serious about speed, you must use the first generation of this version and trust us, you won’t regret it later. Overall, the product is worth it because of its quick lock adapter and varmint protection.

#9. GSM Outdoors 30591

Without being biased, it is for sure the most used deer feeder which is famous in the hunting industry. This GSM Outdoors deer feeder is being used for years and even now, it is recommended by many.


  • Weather resistant- This model has a weather resistant housing which will be helpful and has a digital clock time with guard too.
  • Compatibility- You don’t have to struggle with finding the perfect compatible container which can fit with this feeder since it compatible with 100 of feeding containers available in the market.
  • Value for money- It is also a model which doesn’t cost a lot. If you have a good set of batteries, this model will work long and smooth.


  • Affordable pricing
  • It doesn’t require a lot of space
  • Easy assembling
  • Accurate timer


  • Consumes a lot of battery

The only thing you need to take care of in this feeder is to buy some really good batteries. If you go for a good branded battery which is durable, this model will work great for you.

#10. Wgi Innovations/Ba Products W50P

If you are looking for a top-notch feeder with a classy look and amazing features, this Wgi innovations/Ba product is for you. It has a spinner blades and galvanized steel buckets which adds value to it.


  • Amazing features- If you are worried about other animals coming around, then don’t be. This feeder won’t attract every animal. But for deer, it is going to work perfectly as it has a wrapped bucket of camouflage which will work for deer only.
  • Look Out- it has a galvanized steel bucket and spinner blades which will be helpful when you are going to hunt deer through this deer feeder.
  • Pricing- With the features and durability it has, the price will not look high to you if you are looking to invest in a one time model.


  • Very easy to install
  • Its camouflage pattern will not let any other animal come around
  • Has a strong motor
  • It also has a galvanized steel for strength


  • It may be very loud at times
  • The plastic funnel isn’t strong

All over, it has more benefits than the disadvantages. If you are okay with the plastic funnel being a little week and hunts in an area where you find many other animals, this deer feeder will work well for you.

Buying Guide

Since now we know the top deer feeder available in the market, let us take a quick look at the criteria of choosing the best deer feeder.


While buying the best deer feeder, it is important to judge if the feeder is durable or not. The material quality should be ensured before you buy it. Also, along with this, whether the deer feeder is waterproof or not should also be ensured. Longevity is also the criteria.


Price is also an important thing which should be considered while choosing the best product. There will be many deer feeders available in different range. But you really need to choose only what is good for you. There is no need to go beyond the budget and buy something for a feature which isn’t even needed. Hence, we suggest you make a budget before you choose one.


The size of the feeding area, the amount of the food and the type of food which can be given in the deer feeder are the things that come in the support and while buying the perfect feeder for your purpose, these things also should be in mind.

Easy to install

Having an easy to install deer feeder will not only help you to install it but also the deer as in most of the cases if the feeder is hard to install, you might not see many deer coming around. Hence, it is recommended to have an easy to install deer feeder.

Type of the deer feeder

While reading the list, you will find many different types of deer feeder available for you. Some will be hanging deer feeder whereas some will be standing one. According to your environment and ease, you will be needed to select the one you want.

Summing it all, these were the list of best deer feeders you should buy if you’re a hunter. As we have seen, there are many types of feeders available in different brands and all of them work well but to know which is the one you should buy, you need to know your requirements first. If you know what exactly you need, the purpose of buying a deer feeder, the level of automation you need in the feeder and of course the budget, you will be able to choose the one for you.

We have shared all the features, benefits, demerits of all the feeders listed above. You can read them and choose the one according to your requirements.


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