Best Holster For Sig P229
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Shopping online can be confusing sometimes and with a variety of options, it becomes hard to choose. While shopping for a holster for your Sig P229, you will come across hundreds of varieties. And here’s where you will find this article helpful and if you are searching for the best holster for Sig P229, you’re at the right place, so read further.

Shopping holster is a task which should be performed wisely. Your firearm is also a thing to protect and must to carry safely around and therefore, making a wise decision becomes vital. But to shop from hundreds and thousands of varieties across the internet, anyone can lend in a frenzy.

The confusion can be sorted by listing out your priorities and the shopping guide below will help you choose your holster with ease and according to your need.

While shopping for your holster, there are a few, but very critical aspects to be considered for an informed decision.

Top 10+ Best Holster For Sig P229 of 2020 – Reviews

Here are the ten product review of different types of the holster for you to choose the best holster for your Sig P229

#1. Pro-Tech Outdoors Best Gun Holster:

Best Gun Holster for Sig Sauer P220, P226,p228,p229 M11, M11-a1 with...
  • Pro-Tech Nylon gun holster fits Sig Sauer P220, P226,p228,p229 M11, M11-a1 with Laser or Tac Light
  • Pro-Tech holsters are Ambidextrous fits left or right hand. Comes with a magazine pouch for

Pro-Tech outdoors gun holster is a nylon holster for concealing and open carry of your P229. It is an outside the waistband holster which you can easily carry around your waistband. It is an ambidextrous holster, which is fit for both right and left-hand use. Find below the features along with the advantages and disadvantages of the Pro-Tech outdoors gun holster for your Sig P229.


Pro-Tech outdoors gun holster comes with a custom fit for your Sig Sauer P229. It is a
multi-layer holster for comfort and security. Four layer holster is made out of Cordura ballistic nylon on the outside and inner padding with soft nylon lining on the inside with vinyl vapor barrier. Ballistic nylon on the outside protects your firearm, while the inner nylon layer along with inner padding and vinyl vapor barriers keeps you comfortable and dry while carrying your handgun in the holster.

Inner padding helps in comfortably carrying your firearm and facilitates unrestricted movement with soft padding which keeps contact from your gun at a distance and ease. The vinyl vapor barrier keeps your gun moisture free while you carry it all day.

It is a durable holster with plastic adjustable spring action thumb break, which can be easily handled by your thumb while holstering and re-holstering your gun. The holster comes with an extra pouch for carrying magazine for your Sig P229. The carefully made holster comes with edges turned under and Velcro webbed to avoid fraying and dust and debris to settle on the Velcro. It is double stitched at pressure points for comfort and durability along with a looping band behind the metal clip which is used to attach your holster with your waist belt.


  • Pro-Tech gun holster is ambidextrous holster making it suitable for both right and left-hand users
  • Durable along with being comfortable to wear all day long
  • Carefully made structure with double stitches, webbing and turned under edges gives holster extra life
  • Extra pouch to carry your magazine around


  • Magazine pouch makes the holster less concealing due to the extended size
  • Layers of material also make the holster less concealing

Pro-Tech outdoors guns holster is a good choice to buy for your Sig Sauer P229. Durable, comfortable, and fit for the use, Pro-Tech fulfils the primary purpose of outside the waistband holster. Carefully made and stitched to perfection, Pro-Tech is a good choice with comfort and durability.

#2. IWB Concealed Holster:

IWB Concealed Holster fits Sig Sauer P229 with 3.9" Barrel with...
  • Made in the USA, custom tailored for the Sig Sauer P229 with 3.9" barrel with LaserMax Micro - Our IWB (inside the waistband) holsters are precision stitched with military grade poly-thread and the...
  • Engineered with a soft but strong cotton inside lining. This will save the finish on your firearm even with repeated use (kydex and leather holsters will damage your gun finish over time).

IWB concealed Holster from SideFire Holster is an inside the waistband holster fit for Sig Sauer P229. It is a simple and compact holster for everyday use. Fit for concealed carry inside the waistband, IWB concealed holster from SideFire can conceal a Sig Sauer P229 with 3.9″ barrel with LaserMax Micro. IWB concealed holster weighs 4 ounces and is made up of nylon with metal clip to attach the holster with waist belt.


IWB concealed holster from SideFire holster is a precisely custom- tailored holster with military grade poly thread. Made out of nylon and cotton, holster from SideFire is slender and compact ideal for deep concealment. Cotton lining on the inside makes holster friendly for gun and nylon material outside makes the holster durable and also keeps gun moisture-free and dry. It gets securely attached to the waist belt with heat treated durable metal clip which has good retention and grip. The holster is ambidextrous in nature with changeable metal clip to change hand use from right to left and left to right.


  • Slender and compact size for convenient conceal carry of a firearm
  • Holster made to carry LaserMax Micro along


  • The ambidextrous setting for right-hand use to left-hand use and vice-versa requires technical support
  • No other laser fits in the IWB holster than LaserMax Micro

IWB concealed holster with ambidextrous setting is a good buy with space to carry LaserMax Micro. It is also a compact inside the waistband holster which ensures good concealment of your firearm.

#3. Brave Response Holster:

Left Handed Brave Response Conceal and Carry Holster Made in The USA...
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL SEMI-AUTOS - Holster fits small subcompact, compact, and even full size pistols and revolvers. 380, 9mm, 40 auto, 45 ACP, 38 special, 357, and 10mm etc.
  • CARRY IN ANY IWB POSITION - Can be worn inside the waistband IWB, cross draw, appendix, small of back, and high up like a shoulder holster.

The brave response holster is a band like inside the waistband holster for a comfortable concealed carry. Unlike other inside the waistband holster, there is no need to attach this IWB to a waistband. Its band like structure helps you wear it like a belly band holster. It’s one size fits many firearms, including P229.


The brave response holster is a belly band like inside the waistband holster for concealed and open carry of your P229 and other semi-automatic firearms. This holster requires no waistband to get it attached. It is to be worn around the waistline with the help of the straps. The holster along with your firearm also has room to carry other things like laser, knives, magazines in another three spare compartments.

Made out of high-quality sharkskin canvas, the Brave response holster is a breathable holster which keeps you cool and your gun dry. The IWB is versatile to carry it in various styles like a shoulder holster or can be worn at the back, sideways, open carry over your clothes, etc.


  • Independent of outerwear like a waistband
  • Fits all sorts of semi-automatic guns
  • Seamless inside the waistband holster with qualities of a belly band holster
  • Extra compartments to carry laser, knives, magazine, etc.
  • The brave response holster can be worn differently


  • The brave response holster is of larger size when compared to other inside the waistband holsters

The brave response holster is a versatile band like inside the waistband holster which provides the benefits of both the inside waistband holster and a belly band holster which makes it a good choice for comfort and concealment.

#4. Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder System:

Galco Miami Classic II RH Shoulder Holster Compatible with Sig Sauer...
  • Premium steerhide holster and magazine carrier
  • Silhouetted design accommodates multiple barrel/slide lengths (some will protrude beyond the leather)

Galco Miami Classic II shoulder system is a leather shoulder holster with spider harness. It is a classic shoulder harness, ideal for concealed carry under a jacket or coat and for open carry too. Made to carry a gun with ammunition carrier along on different sides of the holster.


Galco Miami Classic II shoulder system is a classic shoulder holster to which generations have loved. It is a leather holster made out of premium saddle leather for durability and longevity. Spider harness at the back features a clover-shaped Flexalon swivel back plate which connects the four pivot points of the spider harness. The harnesses work independently, which gives movement and flexibility.


  • Pro-Tech gun holster is ambidextrous holster making it suitable for both right and left-hand users
  • Durable along with being comfortable to wear all day long
  • Carefully made the structure with double stitches, webbing and turned under edges gives holster extra life
  • Extra pouch to carry your magazine around


  • Magazine pouch makes the holster less concealing due to the extended size Layers of material also make the holster less concealing

You can never go wrong with a classic leather shoulder holster. But leather holster has their limitations which should be kept in mind before making a purchase.

#5. Galco AG250 Glove Ankle Holster:

Galco AG250 Glove Ankle Holster for Sig Sauer P229, Right, Black
  • Constructed of premium saddle leather stitched to a neoprene band
  • Reinforced thumb break for speed of draw and detailed molding for firearm retention

Galco AG250 glove ankle holster is a saddle leather holster with a neoprene band to wear the holster on ankles. It fits ankles up to 13” circumference with adjustable neoprene band. It is a detailed molded firearm, holster with premium leather and details to offer comfort, security, and durability. Made for specific hand drawn, the product is shipped with user-oriented hand draw that is a right-hand draw holster for the left leg and left-hand draw holster for the right leg and ankle. The holster also has a calf band to keep the holster steady in its place for long use which can be bought separately.


Galco AG250 glove ankle holster is a premium leather molded holster with neoprene band with Velcros to comfortably wear it on the ankles. The ankle holster has a sheepskin layer between the holster and ankle to add comfort to wear the holster for a long time. Reinforced thumb break and the molded structure help in passive retention of the firearm. The molded structure of leather keeps gun safe and steady in its place without causing it to damage with holstering and re-holstering. The holster fits up till ankle circumference of 13” and has a different holster for both rights and left-hand draw.


  • Galco AG250 is best for concealed carry and passive retention
  • Molded premium leather structure keeps gun safe and steady
  • Efficient choice due to the compact size and builds


  • Galco AG250 needs to be ordered for specific hand drawn use that is right hand drawn and left hand drawn

Ankle holsters are always a good choice when concealment is your priority. Falcon AG250 offers a lot other than great concealment. Compact size, molded leather structure, and passive retention are a few of the great benefits of this ankle holster.

#6. Brown Leather Belt Slide Gun Holster:

Brown leather belt slide gun holster is a simple leather slide outside the waistband holster for both conceal and open carry. It is a compact and efficient concealed carry holster when wore inside clothing with the intention to conceal and secure open carry holster to carry your Sig P229 openly.


Brown leather belt slide gun holster is a classic slide outside the waistband holster with modern secure design. It is a premium leather hand tooled holster which is stitched together with strongly bonded nylon threads. Molded like structure offers easy carry of the firearm with covered trigger and finger grip for easy holstering and re-holstering. Premium Italian leather used offers longevity and structural benefits of premium leather. It is sleek in design and careful design offers comfort and support. It gets easily inserted in your waist belt by sliding it in through the opening at both the ends.


  • Sleek, simple, and premium design
  • Easy to conceal and carry


  • The holster cannot be detached like a paddle holster to keep guns in the holster and detached from the waistband
  • Only right-hand draw holster offered for sale
  • No reliable passive retention

Gun slide holsters are convenient and fast. This carefully made brown leather slide gun holster is a good choice when you like your holster compact and smart. Active retention and simple design may risk security a little.

#7. Gold Star Under The Steering Column Holster:

Gold star under the steering column holster is custom made Kydex holster for under the steering carry of your firearm. Unlike other holsters, under the steering holster is to carry your firearm securely in your vehicle concealed under the steering. The gold star is a patent steering column holster which gets easily attached inside your vehicle below the steering.


The gold star is custom made steering column holster for your firearm to safely carry in your car without attaching holster with a screw. The holster gets easily attached to your vehicle with clip, hook, and loop. Specially made for gun models, it custom fits your firearm without sagging down. Fits 90-95% of cars, Gold star steering column holster offers extra security and firearm handling while you drive around. The holster is an access-friendly with a seat belt on and while you move in and out of the car.


  • Quick access to your gun with concealed carry
  • Custom made to perfectly fit your gun and car
  • Takes less than a minute to install it in your car
  • Kydex made heavy duty holster


  • The holster can be accessed by other passengers in the car which risk security Kydex may scratch your gun and can leave unwanted marks

The steering column holster is one sure product you need other than your personal holster. Custom made holster and concealment it offers make it a must to buy. Ensure your rides to be safe with your firearm very near to access.

#8. Advanced Performance Shooting Holster:

Advanced Performance Shooting Holsters Protective Services Elite,...
  • Virtually unbreakable design, even with hard use.
  • All Day Comfort!

Advanced Performance Shooting Holsters Protective Services Elite is a superior inside the waistband holster made up of Kydex. Like other inside the waistband holsters, it is made to carry inside the waistband attached to waist belt with snap button straps.


Advanced Performance Shooting Holsters Protective Services Elite is Kydex made mold inside the waistband holster for superior concealed carry. The unbreakable Kydex mold body makes the holster compatible to carry P229 carefully. The molded structure offers reliable passive retention, which also keeps the gun in a steady position and helps it withstand damage from an outside force. Easy snap buttons also allow a user to detach the holster from the waistband to keep away while sitting and when needed without holstering the gun from the holster.


  • Pro-Tech gun holster is ambidextrous holster making it suitable for both right and left-hand users
  • Unbreakable Kydex made holster body
  • Custom fit for your firearm which allows passive retention
  • Allows deep concealment of your firearm with inside the waistband


  • All Kydex body makes it sometimes uncomfortable to carry holster for a long time

Unbreakable holster made of Kydex is a good buy with little concern over comfort when carried for a long time.

#9. AlphaHolster Belly Band Hand Gun Holster – Abdomen Holster:

AlphaHolster Belly Band Gun Holster wtih Dual Magazine Pouch. Cross...
  • FITS ALL GUNS & DUAL BACKUP MAG CAPACITY- Our Unique holster design allows the Alpha Holster to securely carry virtually any gun any where with any clothing. (even revolvers)
  • AMERICAN MADE QUALITY: Breathable elastic material which is durable and flexible? non-toxic/safe and easy for concealed wearing

The AlphaHolster belly band holster is an elastic belly band holster for concealed carry of your firearm and other ammunition inside the clothing. It is made out of breathable and elastic material with extra holster pockets for other items to carry along.


The AlphaHolster belly band holster is a belly band holster for greater concealment and comfort. It offers superior concealment through its band-like construction and comfort through the elastic breathable material used. It offers concealment of your firearm along with other ammunition with extra holster pockets. Pockets on each side provide an option for both left and right-hand draw and can be worn for side hand draw.

The holster is available in sizes for the different belly and waist size with adjustable Velcro to ensure fit and grip while wearing the holster. It offers superior movement and comfort along. Level of concealment barely makes your firearm and other carry noticeable under your clothing.


  • It is a versatile holster which can be worn in many ways
  • Offers greater concealment and comfort
  • Can be worn for a long period of time due to breathable material and comfort it offers
  • Available in different sizes
  • Offers extra holster and pockets


  • Active retention of your firearm is a limitation of this holster

The AlphaHolster belly band holster is a comfortable holster to carry your firearm and ammunition comfortably for a long day. It offers superior concealment along with room for other things. Availability in various sizes is an additional bonus. All the benefits it offers definitely adds it to the list of best holster for Sig P229.

#10. Fantasia Tactical Level 2 SIG SAUER:

Fantasia Tactical Level 2 Lock Drop Leg Right Thigh Belt Drop Duty...
  • Flexible thigh platform conforms to leg size
  • Quick-disconnect swivel buckles allow superior flexibility, quick holster mounting and dismounting

Fantasia tactical gun holster is a level 2 tactical open carry holster to be worn on the thigh to carry your gun on open assignments or to places where physical activities are involved. Fantasia tactical holster comes with the magazine and torch pouch for convenience to carry ammunition along safely. The two-way tie system involves two belts around the thigh and another two to attach the holster to the waistband of the user.


Fantasia tactical gun holster is an advanced level 2 tactical holster made for open carry of your firearm. The holster comes with a pouch to carry a torch and magazine along. The tactical holster is quite a good choice when you want to carry your gun into activities like hiking, climbing or onto any assignment of law enforcement officers. Its two-way tie system ensures excellent grip with two straps around the thigh and two gets attached to the user’s waistband to give

It is a molded holster with passive retention along with clip sound when re-holstered to ensure holstering by the user.


  • Offer superior passive retention with clip sound while re-holstering
  • Fit to carry your gun for adventures and other physical activity
  • Stays intact during heavy physical activity with two-way belt attachment
  • The holster comes along with magazine and laser holder


  • Not fit for the usual everyday carry of your firearm
  • It offers no concealment

Fantasia tactical holster is for sure a good buy when you need to carry your firearm along with you in conditions which involve physical activity. It ensures superior grip and passive retention.

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Main types of holster variables

  • Outside the waistband holster
  • Inside the waistband holster
  • Below the waistband holster
  • Belly band holster
  • Ankle Holster
  • Shoulder Holster
  • Under The Steering Column Holster

Outside the Waistband Holster

Outside the waistband Holsters (OWB) are for both conceal and open carry of your firearm. It gets easily attached to your waist belt and concealment depends upon the type of clothing carrier is wearing. It is the conventional holster in use from a long period of time and always been the most bought product variants. These types of holsters provide the ease of carrying and quick access to your firearm. OWB holster comes in two forms, 1) Paddle Holsters and 2) Belt slide holster.

Paddle holster gets attached through insertion in your waist belt. They are a mold type of holster which holds the gun in a firm mold like the body of the holster which sticks in the shape of the gun. It gives users the liberty to take out the holster, as holster acts as a case to the firearm.

While Belt slide holsters are simple holster in which gun can be inserted through simple sliding. They are made of flexible material.

Inside the Waistband Holster

Inside the waistband holster or (IWB) are the other variables in the category of Hip Holster. Inside the waistband is preferred for concealed carry. It also provides quick access to your firearm just like outside the waistband holster. Hip holsters are conventional holsters which are in use from the longest period of time.

Below the Waistband Holster

Below the waistband holsters are the hip holsters like inside and outside the waistband holsters. But they vary from them with the amount of concealment they offer. Below the waistband holster is for deep concealment which is more than the inside the waistband holster. They go deeper than inside the waistband holsters. They are worn the same way inside the waistband holsters are worn but the gun and holster stay below the waistline and not on the waistline like inside the waistline holsters. Quick access, deep concealment, better retention are some of the benefits below the waistband holsters offer more than other holsters in the same category.

Belly Band Holster

Belly band holsters are modular holsters which are basically an elastic band with a built-in holster or holsters. Belly band holsters are worn inside clothes. They are modular holsters and are elaborated versions of hip holsters with wearable belly bands. They can be worn completely hidden or partially or fully visible. They offer comfort and utmost grip. But they restrict quick access to your firearm as they are worn inside clothing. Belly band holsters offer unrestricted movement due to their flexible built and as they are worn around the belly.

Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters are worn concealed on the ankles. They are the first choice for concealed carry of pistols for both private and law enforcement users. They get easily wrapped around your ankle and gives you additional space to carry your firearm. Ankle holsters are convenient for quick use of your firearm along with easy to wear and move around. They provide mobility without being noticed, unlike other holsters. They get easily concealed inside pants. Ankle holsters also come with a calf strap which prevents the holster from sliding down throughout the time of use.

Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters are the appropriate choice to carry your firearm or firearms concealed under your coat or jacket. They are also used on open assignments where law enforcement officers carry their firearms openly with them or concealed. They are the most versatile holsters as they are easily adjustable to modify them according to the need of the user.

They come in many varieties and variants. Some are listed down below:-

  • Horizontal shoulder holster
  • Vertical shoulder holster
  • Double shoulder holster
  • Tactical cross draw holster

Rigs and straps are an essential part of a shoulder holster, which gives the user to hang the holster the way they like with shoulder rig, chest wrap, waist wrap, and more. Shoulder holsters are no brainer for comfort and conceal carry. But they restrict movement to a certain extent, that is when the user moves their arms. But nevertheless, these holsters are in use from the very start and still remains in use with today’s modern material and variety of straps.

Under The Steering Column Holster

Apart from carrying your firearm with you, carrying it safely around while driving your car or keeping one in your vehicle is also recommended. Under the steering column holsters allow you to keep your firearm safely under your steering. Mounted on the surface below the steering, it offers concealment along with safe retention of your firearm. Steady and firm hold keeps your gun in place and ready to use in case of need. These holsters do not take any time to install them in your cars.

While stores and online marketplaces offer various holsters to carry along, column holsters are not so much popular. The reason could be the holsters which you carry around. But these holsters provide additional advantages to keep your firearm in your vehicle for your and safety of others with you.

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Buying Guide:

What other things you must consider while buying the best holster for your P229

  • Comfort
  • Grip
  • Support
  • Security
  • Cost
  • Material
  • Drawing

Points to be considered to classify the holster, you choose the best holster for your Sig P229

  • Fit for your daily activity
  • Provides a good grip to your weapon
  • Quick re-holstering
  • Matches with your style of drawing

Here are the first things to be considered while making the decision to shop the best holster for Sig P229

  • Concealment of your weapon
  • Reliable retention
  • Protection of your firearm
  • Prevention of unintentional discharge
  • Prevention of theft or take away
  • Quick access to your gun
  • Easy to carry

One should always bear in mind the primary purpose of buying a holster, as getting confused with the available options and fancy findings is pretty obvious. The primary purpose of your buying a holster must be properly considered in the product you choose to buy or better say the product you choose to buy must fulfil all the primary purposes listed above.

The holster, you consider to buy must conceal your firearm when you carry it along with it is friendly to carry without causing any unwanted discharge. The purpose to carry your firearm in a holster is also to prevent any possible theft or take away. The product must prevent any discharge, theft and take away along with quick access to your gun.

Reliable retention of your firearm is the most primary purpose of your buying a holster, therefore, carefully consider the amount of reliable retention the holster you choose to buy have. There are two types of retention that holsters offer, active and passive retention.

Natural retention of a holster to hold the gun in its place in movements is passive retention, which wholly depends upon the design and construction of the holster. Passive retention doesn’t need any attachment like straps and accessories to hold the gun in a firm place that is in the holster during movement or simply carry the firearm.

While active retention needs external attachments like straps, springs, thumb clip, etc to hold the holster in its place during movement and carry. It also requires the attention of the user while holstering and re-holstering of the gun, which can be difficult in various situations. Thus, carefully choosing the holster with the type of retention you need becomes a priority and vital need.

A product designed to comply with all these primary purposes should enter your list to buy. These points rule out all the other variants and give you a list of products, which satisfies the primary purpose of buying a holster.

You definitely need the best holster for Sig P229, for which the shopping guide and the reviews above could have helped you to take your decision out of many options. The blog wishes to narrow down the best options for you with the help of quality, build and functionality standards of a good holster. This may help users find their best holster to carry their favourite Sig P229. While there are many aspects involved to choose one suitable holster, the shopping guide, and product review definitely eliminate the wrong choice one could make.

Carefully find the best holster for your sign P229 and enjoy comfort, concealed, and secure carry of your firearm. Your best holster must fulfil the primary purpose and offers all other characteristics of a good holster to become your choice to buy. Wishing everyone happy shopping with an informed decision!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Best Holster For Sig P229

1. Why choosing the right holster for your firearm is important?

There are varieties of holsters available on the market. But choosing the right one is important. When buying a holster, you need to be very particular in your decision. That’s because a holster is needed not only for the protection of your firearm but also to carry it around safely.

2. How to choose the right holster?

When buying a holster for your gun, you need to consider a few important factors.

  • Quality: The first and foremost is quality. A holster is made to protect your gun and carry it around safely. In this case, you need to look for a quality holster that can do both.
  • Materials: Holsters are made of different materials. The most common materials used are leather and thermoplastic. A leather one is more expensive and durable.
  • Open carry or concealed: There are two types of holsters available out there. The concealed holster is designed to keep your gun hidden and open carry one is just the opposite.

3. What are the different types of holsters available?

There are different varieties of gun holsters available on the market. This include:

  • Pocket holsters
  • Shoulder holsters
  •  Ankle holsters
  • Open carry holsters
  • Concealed holsters
  • Outside the waistband holsters
  • Inside the waistband holsters

4. What are the different materials used for making holsters?

Gun holsters are made of a wide variety of materials. Each one of them has some features of their own. The different materials include leather, nylon, Kydex and polymer. The most expensive and durable holster would be leather. However, the other available options are also good. You can select the material based on your requirements.

5. Should you use a concealed carry holster in public?

Concealed holsters are made to keep the gun hidden. This is used by people, especially when they have to carry their guns out in the public. However, it is only allowed it in places where it’s legal or else you can face serious charges if caught. No one is allowed to carry a gun without a reason and especially when it is illegal to possess one. However, if you are using a concealed holster, you need to make sure that it is the right one for you. You should be able to carry your gun safely.

6. What are some of the best-concealed carry holster positions?

You can use a concealed holster in many positions. The most preferred ones are:

  • Ankle carry: This is a great position to take your weapon out in the sitting position.
  • Appendix carries: This allows you to take your gun out with either hand.
  • Shoulder carry: In this position, you can draw your gun out even in the sitting position. Also, you can carry two handguns at the same time.
  • Pocket carry: If you want to keep your gun completely hidden, then this is the most discreet position of all.
  • Strongside hip carry: This position is advantageous as it allows you to quickly draw out your gun when it is required. Also, it is comfortable to carry.

7. What are some of the best holsters available?

If you are looking for high-quality holsters then there are plenty of options you can go for. The best ones of the lot would be AlphaHolster Belly Band Gun Holster, Advanced Performance Shooting Holsters and Gold Star under the Steering Column Holster.

8. Are concealed carry holsters comfortable to use?

Yes, they are comfortable to carry. Some of the concealed carry positions are also very advantageous in many ways.

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