Best Mechanical Broadhead – Reviews And Buying Guide 2019

    Best Mechanical Broadhead
    Best Mechanical Broadhead

    Best Mechanical Broadhead – Reviews And Buying Guide 2019: Broadhead is one of the most important tools like any other tool required for hunting. For instance, think of the era when Native Americans sharpened their blade using stones. Currently, there are a wide number of choices available when we talk about broadheads.

    Broadheads are available in two main categories, mainly fixed blade and mechanical broadhead. There are lots of varieties available in both categories. For instance, there are two types of mechanical heads mainly rear deployed and front deployed. The main difference between the two is the direction in which the blades deploy.

    Apart from this, you have to consider other important things given below:

    1. What type of bow have is considered suitable for hunting? There is a major difference between what you should shoot due to the draw poundage.
    2. How much weight is needed? Various bows require different weight rating just like the crossbows.
    3. How long do you want to shot? Your accuracy is dependent on the arrow setup and varies as per different weight and broadhead types.
    4. Is mechanical broadhead really allowed in your state? All the state’s rules are different, so please consult with your local DNR guidelines.

    What are the mechanical broadheads?

    Mechanical broadheads are available in either rear deployed or front deployed designs. They provide a circular head design which allows them to look like a field point instead of a broadhead, however, they also consist of negative points.

    Mechanical Pros

    Accuracy: The narrow launch geometry of a mechanical arrow enables to fly high like a field point. It faces less problem of wind and flight plane as compared to a fixed blade. It enables to fly more with high accuracy, particularly outside of the 60-yard mark.

    Causes more damage: Mechanical broadhead consists of a wider cutting angle. As soon as they perforate the blades deploy and create violent tissue damage. However, the fixed blade broadheads might perforate deeper, but a mechanical broadhead is going to take out veins as well as arteries as it perforates. For instance, if it hits a specific organ and damage would be high.

    Great cutting path: Mechanical broadhead work particularly well for small animals while fixed blade broadheads can be used to kill big animals such as Elk, Caribou or Bear.

    Mechanical Broadhead Cons

    Low Penetration: Mechanical blades consists of a wide blade angle when deployed. The bigger the angle, the higher the resistance it forms at the time it hits the target. If you need high penetration, you will require a narrow blade design or you require a bow which is highly powerful. Grain in mechanical broadheads is mainly on the lower end of the scale that means inertia is less on impact.

    Bounds Game Options: As the broadhead consists of less penetrating force, it is not suitable for killing the big game like elk or bear. For killing these animals, the arrow must penetrate more to get the best shot.

    Mechanical Errors: While comparing mechanical broadhead with the fixed blade broadhead, fixed blade seldom have mechanical failures. But here, blades fail to perform well, thus leaving the animal with an injury to suffer. The risk is arrow failure is more because it is highly dependent on the blade deployment.

    Best Mechanical Broadhead – Reviews And Buying Guide 2019

    1. Rage Crossbow X Broadhead [Buy from Amazon]

    Rage Crossbow X, 2 Blade Broadhead, 125 Grain with Shock Collar Technology - 3 Pack
    • PRECISION - Rage broadheads are known for their accuracy and their legendary wound channels
    • MASSIVE CUTTING SURFACES - Rear-deploying, SlipCam design with huge leading-edge blade and razor sharp .035" thick stainless steel expandable blades

    The Crossbow X is the best mechanical broadhead available in the market. They are specially built for aerodynamic flight. Its deployment mechanism is somewhat different in order to prevent the blades from expanding in flight. They are highly precise and well-known for the wound channels which they leave behind. All the 3 arrows in the set consist of 2 stainless steel blades.

    In order to make sure that the blades stay at the proper place, the broadheads utilize the shock collar technology for more durability. The blades consist of a solid 0.35″ stainless steel and open to a massive 2″ cutting diameter.

    The broadheads are available in two grains: 100 or 125. Apart from this, the set consists of a free practice head so you can work on your aim and prepared to kill the animal at the right time.

    2. Carbon Express Torrid Broadhead [Buy from Amazon]

    Carbon Express Torrid SS Broadhead, 85-100 Grain Adjustable Weight, 3-Pack
    • 3-blade expandable design for increased cutting action
    • Has a Trocar, hollow-ground chisel point and a weight adjustment collar that allows for either an 85 or 100 grain broadhead (doubles as a stop washer)

    Carbon Express Torrid Broadhead is one of the most trustworthy torrid broadhead available in the market. It consists of 3 blade design to offer great cutting. The ring is made up of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum which is absolutely solid and provides great penetration. Moreover, the chisel point is extremely sharp and cuts through the cover freely. The main reason why the broadhead is more powerful is just that its blades are long.

    From the above it, we can say that it provides kills rapidly and leaves the animal with a bigger wound. One of another important thing is that it provides adjustable grain from a range of 85 to 100. You can use these broadheads with both, standard bow as well as a crossbow.

    3. Swhacker Cut Broadheads [Buy from Amazon]

    Swhacker #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100 Grain, Green, 2"
    • Each set includes 3 broadheads
    • 100 Grain Expandable 2-Blade Broadhead

    Swhacker Cut Broadheads one of the best broadheads in the market available now. These are made up of coated aircraft aluminum which means they are both durable and lightweight. The chisel point is made up of carbon steel and it’s extremely sharp. The broadheads consist of 2 blades which are build using unique Swhacker design which provides 2 separate cutting edges.

    The first set is known as wing blades which can easily pass through the hide and the ribs. These broadheads suffer the most after coming in contact with the toughest and hardest parts of the animal. The second set doesn’t even open until the broadhead has crossed the body cavity. You receive 3 pieces of blades in the set.

    4. Grim Reaper X-Bow Broadhead [Buy from Amazon]

    The broadhead is specially developed to be used with a crossbow or high energy compound bow. As they are somewhat small they can be used easily with the shorter bolts. For all who don’t know, the crossbow is able to handle more force when compared with the standard bow, hence the heads will catch the speed quickly and will have a great effect.

    Thus, the crossbow can travel at a great speed and does a heavy damage to the animal. These are one of the most precise broadheads available in the market. The X-Bow heads are available in two-grain sizes mainly 100 and 125 along with the Razortip and Razorcut SS tips. It provides a cutting diameter of 1.5″. Here, crossbow hunters are satisfied with the size of wound channels for human take-downs.

    5. Allen Spider Broadhead [Buy from Amazon]

    Allen Spider Mechanical 3-Blade Broadhead (Pack of 3)
    • 1-1/2" cutting diameter
    • Durable stainless steel blades

    It is one of the best mechanical broadhead available for low weight bows. These broadheads are really compact as compared to other bows in the market. Please note, even if they are compact they are very much useful in hunting.

    It provides 3 pack of 100-grain broadheads along with 3 mechanical blades. The blades consist of razor sharp stainless steel hence they are durable and strong. It also consists of a sabertooth hardened chisel point tip and please remember you can also re-sharpen them. In spite of being compact, they possess a cutting diameter of 1 1/2 inches and can do some severe damage. They are built in a way to reduce the friction from the wind, hence it provides more accuracy when compared with other bows in the market.

    We hope that you like our list of Best Mechanical Broadhead available in the market. If you found this list helpful, then please share it with your friends and followers.

    Best Mechanical Broadhead
    • Best Mechanical Broadhead 2019


    List of Best Mechanical Broadhead available in the market in 2019 is available here

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