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Fishing is both a sport and art for some. It’s one of the best ways to relax, enjoy nature, and sometimes bring home a tasty dinner. If you’re a fisherman, you’re surely aware of the fact that it gets much easier with a set of appropriate gear. One of the best less-known improvements is a neck gaiter for fishing, such as our top pick: Achiou Neck Gaiter.

A neck gaiter or a neck warmer is something similar to a scarf, but for fishing, running, cycling, and other sports, it beats a scarf in each and every way. If you’re on the move, you don’t want to have something as bulky as a scarf bunching up, unraveling, and overall spoiling your experience. Neck gaiters are fantastic for several reasons: they’re flexible, soft, thin, and most of all, they still keep you warm and protected from the elements.

When you’re out by the lake, you’re exposed to the weather and left at its mercy. Sunburn or frostbite are both common issues for dedicated fishermen. Fortunately, a neck gaiter is a simple fix that will shield you from the cold, keep you comfy during a heatwave, and protect you from those annoying mosquito bites.

Are you shopping for yourself? Or perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a loved one? If the best fishing gear is what you’re after, we’ve got you covered — quite literally — with the best neck gaiters for fishing in 2021.

Best Neck Gaiters For Fishing. Quick Summary

In our comprehensive buying guide, we will cover everything you need to know about neck gaiters for fishing. However, if you’re already all clued up and you’re buying your next fishing gaiter and neck warmer, here’s a quick look at the best picks for 2021.

Achiou Neck Gaiter
Minus33 Merino Wool Midweight Neck Gaiter
Arctic Thick Heat Trapping Thermal Neck Gaiter
Fediya Protection Neck Gaiter (6 PCS)
Kids Neck Gaiter
iHeartRaves Seamless Neck Gaiter
Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Scarf Mask-Dust, Sun Protection Cool...
Minus33 - Midweight Neck Gaiter - 100% Merino Wool - Multipurpose...
DG Hill (2 Pack) Thermal Fleece Lined Neck Warmers, Warm Winter Ski...
Sun Face Mask Neck Gaiter Windproof Scarf (Color 4(6 PCS))
2 Pack Kids Neck Gaiter, Face Scarf Bandana for Boys and Girls Hiking...
Constellations Galaxy Neck Gaiter Mask Full Face Covering - Cool...
88% Chinlon, 10% Spandex, 2% Nylon
18.5 Micron Merino wool
Outer shell – 100% Acrylic, inner Sherpa lining: 100% polyester
Windproof flexible synthetic material
Moisture-wicking polyester microfiber
100% Microfiber Polyester
Adult/teen one size fits most
Adult/teen one size fits most
Adult/teen one size fits most
Adult/teen one size fits most
Kids one size fits most (ages 4-12)
Adult/teen one size fits most
dust, water, wind, sand-proof, UV-proof
Machine washable, soft, medium-weight
ultra-thick, suited for extreme conditions, insulated
a set of six gaiters, stretchable, comfortable
premium material, breathable, lightweight, multi-purpose
multi-functional design, beautiful patterns, highly breathable
Achiou Neck Gaiter
Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Scarf Mask-Dust, Sun Protection Cool...
88% Chinlon, 10% Spandex, 2% Nylon
Adult/teen one size fits most
dust, water, wind, sand-proof, UV-proof
Minus33 Merino Wool Midweight Neck Gaiter
Minus33 - Midweight Neck Gaiter - 100% Merino Wool - Multipurpose...
18.5 Micron Merino wool
Adult/teen one size fits most
Machine washable, soft, medium-weight
Arctic Thick Heat Trapping Thermal Neck Gaiter
DG Hill (2 Pack) Thermal Fleece Lined Neck Warmers, Warm Winter Ski...
Outer shell – 100% Acrylic, inner Sherpa lining: 100% polyester
Adult/teen one size fits most
ultra-thick, suited for extreme conditions, insulated
Fediya Protection Neck Gaiter (6 PCS)
Sun Face Mask Neck Gaiter Windproof Scarf (Color 4(6 PCS))
Windproof flexible synthetic material
Adult/teen one size fits most
a set of six gaiters, stretchable, comfortable
Kids Neck Gaiter
2 Pack Kids Neck Gaiter, Face Scarf Bandana for Boys and Girls Hiking...
Moisture-wicking polyester microfiber
Kids one size fits most (ages 4-12)
premium material, breathable, lightweight, multi-purpose
iHeartRaves Seamless Neck Gaiter
Constellations Galaxy Neck Gaiter Mask Full Face Covering - Cool...
100% Microfiber Polyester
Adult/teen one size fits most
multi-functional design, beautiful patterns, highly breathable

All the neck gaiters on our list of top 5 are suited for adults, older children, and teens. This set of two gaiters will protect the younger kids (4-12) when you take a family fishing trip.

With that said, there are many factors to consider when buying a gaiter. You probably have a whole lot of questions. We’re here to answer them all. Let’s proceed to the buyer’s guide, where we will give you the full scope of information you need to buy the best neck warmer for fishing.

What is a neck gaiter?

A neck gaiter, also referred to as a neck warmer or neck buff, is a thin piece of fabric that doesn’t have any seams. The fabrics they are made of are specially created to keep you nice and cool on hot summer days and warm and insulated in the winter. 

Gaiters are worn in multiple ways. You can use one only to protect your neck, but you can also pull it up over your mouth and nose to shield yourself further. When fully extended, a neck gaiter will cover the majority of your face without making it difficult to breathe. 

Cyclists and runners especially enjoy the extra cover that a gaiter can provide. This unobtrusive piece of fabric provides a clean barrier from not just the wind and insects, but also a bit of protection from viruses, bacteria, and air pollution. If you tend to mostly spend time in urban areas, a gaiter is often the right way to go.

What is a neck gaiter used for?

While the broad answer is “general protection from all types of weather”, you’re probably wondering: okay, but what exactly can I use this for? Sports, work, a walk in the park? The response to that is probably “all of the above”. Let’s take a closer look.


Many people choose to buy a neck gaiter as part of their sports gear. Fishing falls under that category, although we talk about that in greater detail below.

The sports enthusiasts that use gaiters cover a wide variety of disciplines. Gaiters are used by both professional athletes and people that simply like to engage in these activities from time to time.

Some of the sports activities that gaiters are useful for are:

  • skiing
  • running
  • cycling
  • fishing
  • Nordic walking
  • jogging
  • hiking
  • snowboarding
  • rafting
  • kayaking
  • camping

Of course, there’s much more to it than that. The general rule of thumb is that if you’re outside for prolonged periods, there will most likely come a time when you’ll wish you had a gaiter. 


Some of us spend our lives in an office cubicle. In those cases, a gaiter only comes in handy after hours. But what about those that work outside? 

If you spend your entire day exposed to the elements, you’re very likely in need of greater skin protection than a mere hat or cap can offer. The range of professions that benefit from that little bit of extra coverage is really wide. Builders, gardeners, people that work with animals, rangers, cleaners, and many more, all should consider using a neck gaiter.


One of the greatest things about gaiters is the fact that they can be used in any type of weather. They help you cool off if it’s too hot by shielding you from the sun. In the cold, they prove to be invaluable in keeping your face free from cold wind and generally low temperatures.

Neck gaiters, as the name itself suggests, also do a good job at protecting the neck. They can replace a scarf due to their superior insulation and greater flexibility. A scarf only blocks out as much as it can cover — a gaiter covers your whole neck and a large portion of your face, meaning that chilly air does not slip underneath it.

Headed out on a longer hike? You have to be ready for all kinds of weather. Grab your shoes, grab your jacket, and grab a neck gaiter.

Why do fishermen wear gaiters?

For fishermen, the greatest benefits of gaiters — in this situation often referred to as “fishing face masks” —  come in the form of keeping you safe from adverse weather effects. 

A lot of the time, you will wait for a good forecast before you head out on a fishing trip. However, some fishermen like to fish all-year-round, which means that they will be subjected to all types of weather. Whether you’re fishing in the middle of the summer or ice-fishing in the winter, a gaiter is flexible enough to adapt to all kinds of circumstances.

Here are a couple of reasons why you might need a gaiter for your next fishing adventure.

Protection from UV rays

A hat and a pair of sunglasses will not suffice. Remember that these two items alone still leave the majority of your face exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. If you tend to fish after the early morning has already ended, you need ample protection to avoid sunburn. Ideally, to make sure you don’t come back home with a nasty burn, you’ll want to use some suncream, wear sunglasses, and bring your favorite neck gaiter.

Skin cancer prevention

Prolonged exposure to UV rays contributes to an increased risk of skin cancer, so it’s crucial that you don’t overlook this common issue and keep yourself covered. Skin cancer rates are rising year by year and it’s one of the most common forms of the disease. With over 5.4 million cases of melanoma diagnosed and treated each year in the US, no one can deny that this is a widespread issue. 

It’s fortunate that you can lower the risks of developing skin problems. All it takes is prevention. A fishing face mask, or a neck gaiter if you will, is one of those preventative measures that every fisherman should be well-aware of.

Protection from the wind

This one is self-explanatory. Fishing is meant to be relaxing, and how are you meant to relax with a mouthful of icy wind? A neck gaiter will shield your neck, face, mouth, and nose from the cold. It will let you breathe in without forcing you to inhale the air in its coldest state. This, in turn, can prevent a sore throat or simply an unpleasant feeling.

Lowered glare effect

Fishermen that don’t go home before the sun has fully risen will know what we mean here. If the sun is high up in the sky, it will often reflect off the water (and even your skin) and make it difficult for you to enjoy your sport to the fullest. Fishermen have found that wearing a gaiter reduces the amount of glare that sneaks underneath their sunglasses.

Lower glare makes it easier for you to find fish in clear waters.


We’ve mentioned UV rays, but a gaiter will actually shield you from the heat, too — regardless of whether the sun is beating down on your face directly or not. The fabric is very thin, but it fits closely onto your face, keeping you somewhat insulated and protected from the effects of the heat. Many fishermen also like to use this neat trick: you can dip your gaiter in cold water and wear it over your face/neck until it dries. You’re bound to feel less uncomfortable right away.

Protection from insects

You don’t have to suffer from a phobia to still have a deep dislike for all manner of bugs and insects. When fishing, these little creatures can be a serious annoyance, and some of them can even pose a threat.

Mosquitos are a nuisance, but if you use ticks as an example, you’ll see why it’s good to cover up. Ticks can cause Lyme disease, among all other things, and they like grassy areas with lots of moisture. Sitting by the lake puts you in direct danger of these insects. 

A neck gaiter will not completely shield you from bugs, but it will go a long way in keeping your neck and face safe from them.

What ways can a neck gaiter be worn?

A neck gaiter can be worn in many different ways that all affect the type of benefit you want to gain from it.

If you only want to protect your neck and replace your scarf, simply let it loosely cover the neck area and do not pull it up over your face. If you need extra protection, you can opt to cover your mouth or even your nose. It can also be worn underneath a biking helmet to minimize traction while maximizing the defensive features.

A gaiter, as mentioned above, offers a great deal of protection from various insects. This applies not just to your mouth, but also to your ears. Some of the longer gaiters can be pulled up high enough to cover the ears and ensure that no insects will ever pose a threat to your ear canals.

Most neck gaiters can also serve completely different purposes, such as a bandana, wristband, or even hairband. Some of them can also double as a balaclava, meaning they have the option to cover the top of your head as well. This is often used by cyclists.

Things to consider when buying a neck gaiter for fishing

A neck gaiter has many uses — fishing is just one of them. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy a specific, separate gaiter for fishing and then another one for cycling, running errands on a cold day, or going out for a jog. A neck warmer will suit many different situations.

While it’s great that you can just get a single gaiter and have it come handy in countless different everyday scenarios, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the different options. Most of us don’t have the time for extensive research and no wonder. We all lead busy lives.

To save you time, and in extension, money, we’ve compiled a list of things that every prospective neck gaiter buyer should keep in mind. If you want to preserve your pocketbook in a good state and don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on something you won’t use, read on below. We’ll tell you all about the different aspects of neck gaiters for fishing.


This may be a no-brainer, but when it comes to neck warmers, it’s actually even more straightforward than it might seem. Most gaiters come in a “one size fits most” type. This means that there won’t be a dedicated size for you to consider. 

Gaiters are made out of flexible, often synthetic, fabrics. They will adjust to any neck size. Some brands offer extra small and extra-large sizes, but for the vast majority of people, a “one size fits most” will be more than sufficient.


This is a dual question that you need to ask yourself before you press that “buy now” button. The first question is: what are you going to use the gaiter for? And the second: how often?

If you suspect that you will be using your gaiter a whole lot, you should buy one made of a sturdy material that can be washed often. An example of such a material is merino wool. Known to be durable, it’s suited for daily use. Even if you only use it for fishing once or twice a week, you can use it on all the other days of the week and get the best bang for your buck.


Some gaiters are more suited to a certain type of weather conditions than others. As an example, if you suspect you’ll mostly use your gaiter in the summer, you won’t need any extra insulation. Such a gaiter can be more on the loose side and has to be made out of very thin fabric.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to use in the middle of winter or fall, there are other factors to consider. Rain, snow, and sleet are good examples of this. Some neck warmers come with a special finish that makes them water-resistant. Others offer a closer fit, and thus, better protection from the wind. Keep the weather in your mind when you shop for a new neck gaiter for running or other sports.


Gaiters can be made out of a wide range of materials. This is something you need to consider especially if you have any form of skin allergies.

Some of the most common types of gaiters are made out of fleece, synthetic wicking, merino wool, polyester, acrylic, or knit material. These materials all vary in terms of how much warmth or water-resistance they provide, so you need to factor that into your final purchase.

The purpose of the gaiter also plays a role in the type of fabric you use. If you’re headed out on a long-distance hike, aside from all your other gear, you should bring a merino wool gaiter. These are renowned for their durability.

If you suffer from allergies to certain fabrics, woolen gaiters may not be the best option for you. However, a synthetic gaiter is a safe pick even for people with severe allergies.


Most neck gaiters have similar features. They’re seamless, tubular, soft to the touch, and you put them on by pulling them over your head. For a fisherman that spends all his or her time out in nature, this is basically all you need. But does it have to be?

These days, gaiters are a fashion statement just as much as they are a means of protection. You’ll be able to pick and choose from a variety of beautiful patterns and colors. The texture of the fabric depends on its type, but a lot of fabrics can — and do — feature some sort of a pattern. From gorgeous prints to soft pastel coloring, you’re sure to find something to match the outfit.


You don’t necessarily need to go for the thickest option to get the best neck gaiter. Thicker materials don’t always offer more heating than a thinner, well-fitting option will. However, if you go for something thick like fleece or merino wool, you may find yourself with an overheating issue if you use it in the summer.

Keep in mind that even for skiing, you won’t always need something extra-thick. When you’re exercising, your body generates more heat and you need some breathing room to avoid breaking a sweat. Sweating under cold conditions is highly problematic and can lead to the very opposite — hypothermia. As such, you need to choose carefully and purchase more than one gaiter if you plan to use it in a variety of weather conditions.


The price of a gaiter can depend on many factors, ranging from the brand name to the material. In general, the variations in price will not be too massive.

If you’re on a budget, you can probably find an acceptable gaiter for around $10-$15. However, oftentimes it will be worth it to spend a little more and get something from a quality brand that will last for a longer time. 

Some companies sell things marketed as gaiters but when you get your order, it’s just a flimsy piece of fabric. If you’re willing to spend upwards of $25, you’re sure to get a well-made product that you can trust.


One of the most well-known brands on the market is called BUFF. In fact, they’re so popular that their brand name inspired the “neck buff” term that many people now use in relation to gaiters. Of course, they’re not the only ones out there and there are many worthwhile brands that you can choose between.

Some of the other brands that you may run into are Woolx, Smartwool, Turtle Fur, JOEYOUNG, SUNMECI, EXski, Goffu, Achiou, Ligart, WindRider, and more.

Best Neck Gaiters For Fishing

We’ve covered most of the aspects that add up to what might be the best gaiter you’ve ever had. However, the other issue remains: there are just too many of them on the market.

As a neck gaiter is a fairly compact piece of fabric, many manufacturers produce them for various purposes. This makes your choice extra-difficult, as every shopping website will be flooded with gaiters. 

It doesn’t help that they have recently become a popular fashion trend, so a lot of them don’t have the protective features you might want in a good neck warmer. Instead, they’re mere fashion statements. They look great, sure. If looks are what you’re after, you can easily find something great. But what if you want to combine design with versatility?

We made this guide to let you cut back on all the extra legwork you might need in order to buy a new neck gaiter. Check out the best ones below and choose the one that suits you the most.

#1: Achiou Neck Gaiter

Highly soft, breathable, and capable of shielding you from a number of nuisances. This synthetic neck gaiter by Achiou offers the perfect blend of versatility and durability.

The fabric it is made out of is a 4-way stretch. It’s synthetic, so if you suffer from allergies of any kind, they will not be triggered by wearing this face mask. What’s more, you will be extra-defended from the effects of your allergies if you pull it up over your nose.

Made from a blend of Chinlon, spandex, and nylon, this neck gaiter is very stretchable and will fit most adults and older teens. It can be worn by older children if you don’t mind the loose fit.

This neck gaiter has moisture-wicking properties. What this means is that it will actively dry away from the sweat and rain, keeping you comfortable. It’s also fully proofed against most elements, such as UV rays, dust, sand, and wind.

Wearing it is not a hassle whatsoever, as it’s especially soft and thin. You won’t feel your breath being restricted if you pull it up onto your face. You will, however, reap the benefits of not risking having a fly in your mouth during a particularly intense moment of fishing.

Achiou will serve you well both in the winter and in the summer. It will keep you warm when it’s cold and then reverse that for the days when it’s hot outside. If you want something versatile that also comes in a variety of stylish designs, you can’t go wrong with the best neck gaiter for fishing – Achiou.

#2: Minus33 Merino Wool Midweight Neck Gaiter

For those of us that don’t suffer from any allergies, merino wool is one of the best options when it comes to fabrics. Ultra-soft and pleasantly semi-thick, this neck gaiter will keep you warm when the heat of the summer fades away and the autumn days begin.

Other than being super nice to the touch, merino wool also has the advantage of being very easy to care for. You can wash it by hand or in the washing machine without making it lose any of its superior insulating qualities.

This face mask/neck warmer combo is one size fits most variant. This means that it will fit most adults and may be well-sized for older teens. For children, we recommend a specialty product such as the Kids Neck Gaiter we talk about below.

As this is a midweight gaiter, we don’t really recommend it for use in the summer (unless you live in a naturally cold area). This is meant to keep you toasty if you head out for a fishing trip in the early morning hours on a crisp September morning. It will last you throughout the winter and keep you company if you want to try out ice fishing.

Minus33 absorbs any liquid or sweat that accumulates on your body. This reduces potential risk of hypothermia while simply going a long way in making you comfortable. It’s also anti-microbial and odor-free, so you’ll be kept safe and undisturbed by the world at large.

#3: Arctic Thick Heat Trapping Thermal Neck Gaiter

We’ve mentioned ice fishing. Can you imagine going out at two or three in the morning when the temperatures are approaching 0 degrees Fahrenheit? Some fishermen do that, whether they like ice fishing or they hope to find a regular spot where the water hasn’t frozen yet. If you want to give it a shot, you need this extra-thick heat-trapping thermal neck gaiter.

Made thicker than many of its counterparts, this gaiter by DG Hill will keep you insulated and warm even if the temperatures are dipping into the extremes. You can use it to shield your neck or pull it up onto your face to extend the protection.

If you’re into skiing, many people tend to wear one of these up over their faces and top it off with a pair of goggles. That way, you won’t have to worry about any type of frostbite or sunburn. Yes, it’s quite easy to get sunburned while skiing, so you should be extra careful!

Made out of 100% acrylic and lined with polyester, this neck warmer is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. For extra warmth, you can wear one of these underneath a scarf or simply zip up your jacket as high as possible. The double-layer construction will preserve your comfort under any conditions.

Whether you’re heading for a windy day fishing trip or simply need extra care during the winter months, we recommend this fantastic set of two heavy-duty neck gaiters.

#4: Fediya Protection Neck Gaiter (6 PCS)

Neck gaiters find their uses in many more parts of our lives than simply the occasional fishing trip. If you know you’ll be using one often, why not stock up right away? This affordable set of 6 neck buffs will have you covered for a long time.

Despite their relatively low price (especially for a set of six!), these offer a whole lot of protection from various nuisances we fishermen tend to run into. First of all, sun rays pose no threat in one of these masks, as they’re UV-resistant.

They will absorb moisture directly from your skin and allow it to evaporate. This will ensure your comfort even if you break a sweat on a hot day. They can be used for a variety of activities, from something as simple as mowing the lawn to an intense fishing trip.

Made out of highly stretchable synthetic fabric, these Fediya gaiters aren’t suited just for adults. They can also be worn by older kids with similar success. They measure 17.8″ in length and 9.4″ in width, but they can stretch up to around 24″.

To make things more fun, they’re made in a variety of fun designs — three different color palettes of camouflage and a more neutral set of black, white, and grey. If you know you’ll be needing a gaiter more often than not, invest in a set today.

#5: Kids Neck Gaiter

Fishing is not always a solitary sport. Many parents love to head out to the lake, river, or another source of water, with their entire families. While this makes the fishing more difficult sometimes as being noisy tends to scare the fish away, it’s also a great learning and bonding opportunity for the kiddo.

Countless people grow up with fond memories of fishing with our mom or dad. To make that happen for your child, consider buying them a specialty neck gaiter for kids. 

As we all know, children often have a sensitive skin and are prone to sunburn. This is why it’s extra important that you keep your child safe regardless of the weather. However, this gaiter does more than just shield your kid’s face from the harmful effects of UV rays.

This face mask will also offer a layer of protection against substances that are most harmful to the little ones, such as pollution, smoke, ash, pollen, dust, and chemicals. It also goes a long way in helping our allergic kids stay sane during the spring and the summer.

The size perfectly lends itself to being worn by kids in the 4-12-year-old range. This means that once bought, you very well may be able to re-use this gaiter for years to come even if your child goes through a growth spurt at some point.

Keep your child safe during a family trip — get them a quality neck gaiter.

Best Neck Gaiters for Fishing – Runners-Up

This concludes the list of our best 5 neck gaiters, but if you’re not convinced, have a look at our top 3 runners-up in this category.

#6: iHeartRaves Seamless Neck Gaiter

Material: 100% Microfiber Polyester

Size: Adult/teen one size fits most

Extra information: multi-functional design, beautiful patterns, highly breathable

A neck warmer or a face mask is a fashion statement as much as they are a helpful means of coverage. These gorgeous designs by iHeartRaves will fit any personal style.

#7: Tough Headwear Half-Balaclava Neck Gaiter

Material: Thermal fleece

Size: Adult/teen one size fits most

Extra information: stretchy, breathable, versatile, half-balaclava

A balaclava can sometimes offer even more protection than a regular neck gaiter. If you often fish in the early hours of the morning, your face, neck, and ears will thank you for this.

#8: Doerix Rave Neck Gaiter

Material: Polyester microfiber

Size: Adult one size fits most

Extra information: fantastic designs, breathable, UV-resistant, dust and windproof

Comfort and durability should never come at the cost of design — this is especially true in products that are clearly visible at all times. For something super-resistant but also simply cool-looking, check out these Doerix masks.

#9: GOT Sports Fishing Neck Gaiter Camo Headwear

Made from soft & lightweight fabric, GOT Sports Fishing Neck Gaiter keeps the wind and sun off your skin during a fishing session. Apart from fish hunting, you can use it for various purposes like bike riding, hiking, etc.

Its breathable material has been designed to block away harmful UV rays and wick sweat away. You can protect your face from dirt, suntan, etc., while maintaining the absolute fashion & style statement. This camo neck gaiter is stretchable and can be worn in many styles as a face mask, balaclava, headband, beanie, and many more.

It gives you a natural, soft, and light feeling due to its premium-quality fast-dry material. You can also wear it as a running scarf for a morning run or as a neck warmer to keep your neck warm in winters due to its comfortable and moisture-absorbing material.

It is made of 100% polyester microfiber that comes with a long-lasting refund policy in case if you don’t like the fabric quality. But that won’t be a scenario, as users loved it for its moisture-wicking and quick-drying ability. It is a washable and reusable mask that comes at an affordable price online so that you can enjoy your fish hunting in style.

All about neck gaiters for fishing — FAQ

We hope that our guide to the best neck gaiters for fishing has helped you so far. In fact, you might already have a neck warmer or two on the way! Whether that’s the case or not, we want to make sure you know how to use and care for your new means of protection. That is why, with the help of users just like us, we prepared this list of the most frequently asked questions. Read on to learn all about your new neck warmer.

How often do I need to wash my neck gaiter?

This entirely depends on the type of usage you’re putting it through. If you’re a runner or a cyclist, you should ideally wash it after every use. The reason for that is simple enough: not only will you break a sweat while working out, you will also run into many different microbes. It’s good to get them off your mask before you wear it again.

For lighter, occasional use, you may not need to wash it every time. However, regardless of how long you’d worn your gaiter, there is one exception to this rule. If you’ve worn it in urban areas, you should wash it even after short use.

How to wash a neck gaiter?

Please follow the instructions on the label or on the packaging. Every material varies in terms of how it can be washed. Most gaiters can be washed in a washing machine, but different fabrics call for different settings. Don’t follow a “same rule applies to all” approach here — you may ruin your product.

If you do machine wash, ensure that you’re using a low-temperature setting. As for drying, it’s usually better to leave it out to dry rather than to chuck it into the dryer. If you must, then please follow a gentle drying cycle.

Do I need to wear anything underneath the gaiter?

Short answer: no!

Long answer: most people don’t have to. The gaiters are made out of highly comfortable, soft fabrics that do not have any adverse effects on the skin. The only exception would be skin allergies, but the preventative measure should be different in that case. Simply aim for synthetic fabrics and do not buy pure wool or cotton.

What does “one size fits most” mean?

This is a common figure of speech used for articles of clothing that have a tendency to stretch & accommodate different kinds of people. Most neck gaiters for fishing will be adult or teen-sized. This means that men and women will feel comfortable wearing them.

If you’re shopping for a child under 12, it’s better not to buy an adult “one size fits most”. It might be too loose on your child. Instead, search for a brand that caters to children. Kids under the age of 4 usually do not wear gaiters, so you may be hard-pressed to find any.

Can I make my own neck gaiter?

Neck warmers make for a fun DIY project if you’re into sewing. However, remember that the stretchable, often synthetic fabrics they are made of are not very easy to sew at home. It’s worth noting that many gaiters have special properties (such as water absorption) that also might be difficult to replicate.

If you want to try, you can, and you will likely succeed. We still recommend buying a professional gaiter or two for the situations that call for the use of one.

Can a neck gaiter serve as protection from viruses such as COVID-19?

With the current worldwide pandemic, many people turn to not just face masks, but also neck gaiters as a means of protection from the novel coronavirus. Health organizations all over the world tend to recommend that your mouth and nose stays covered whenever you’re outside. However, as medical supplies are scarce, a neck gaiter can be an acceptable substitute.

You have to remember one thing: a neck gaiter will not protect you from viruses of any kind. The fabric was not designed to support that type of defense. However, you can still wear it. It will keep other people safe and it will offer some minimal protection for you too.

Can I make a proper face mask out of my neck gaiter?

If regular face masks are hard to come by in your area, there are ways to adapt the neck gaiter to give more defense. Here are some ideas. Please keep in mind that none of these guarantee high levels of protection.

  1. Fold two-three layers of a cut-up vacuum cleaner waste bag (clean) and place them inside your neck gaiter.
  2. Add additional layers of fabric inside the neck gaiter. Try to buy something that has a degree of virus protection.
  3. Wear a face shield on top of the face mask in dangerous areas.

What neck gaiter can I use if I’m allergic?

Fabric allergies are usually triggered by natural materials. In the case of gaiters, you may be allergic to lanolin, an oil found in wool. This means that you cannot use woolen face masks. They have the potential of making you highly uncomfortable, as the allergens fall straight into your respiratory tract.

Avoid all kinds of wool, including merino wool and fleece, if you have allergies. Instead, buy materials such as spandex, nylon, polyester, acrylic, and other synthetic variants.

How long can a face and neck cover last?

With proper care, your gaiter may last for years. You need to remember to be careful when washing it and to follow the instructions closely. Due to their placement close to your face, gaiters don’t tend to suffer from any external damages and thus, the wash is the biggest issue.

The only other problem you may run into is if you accidentally tear it when you put it on and off. This is why it’s important to check the measurements and make sure that your neck warmer will fit you well.

Face Gaiter Tips & Tricks

We’re approaching the end of our comprehensive buying guide, but we don’t want to leave you without a final set of parting tips. These few steps will go a long way in ensuring you get the best bang for your buck when you buy a new gaiter.

  1. Don’t buy too thick — unless you live in a very cold area or plan to spend hours outside in the winter, you should avoid buying the warmest of gaiters. The reason is that overheating can lead to dehydration and hypothermia, not to mention giving you some very unpleasant shivers.
  1. Similar to the above, only wear a scarf on top of your balaclava or neck gaiter if you absolutely must. Not only does it feel quite bulky, it may also make you feel too warm.
  1. If you’re not sure how to wash your neck gaiter, use tender fabric cleaners. Detergents made for newborns or allergic people are usually safe bets with just about any type of material.
  1. If you’re still unsure, you can first test the solution on a hidden part of your gaiter. Leave it to sit for up to 30 minutes. If there is no discoloration or changes to texture, you can wash the entire product.
  1. Remember that using a neck gaiter is no excuse to stop wearing a hat. Your head needs to be protected from the sun at all times — even more so than your face! If you’re fishing out in the open on a hot day, a hat, sunglasses, and neck gaiter are all an absolute must.
  1. Multiple fishermen or fisherwomen in one family? No problem — neck gaiters are often sold in sets. However, for hygienic reasons, we recommend that each family member has their own and you don’t share them. They’re in direct proximity to the mouth and thus may carry bacteria.


Whether you love fishing, hunting, skiing, biking, or simply want to keep protected at all times, a neck gaiter is never the wrong answer. Capable of keeping you warm in the winter and chilly in the summer, these little pieces of fabric are very unassuming at first glance, but oh-so-good once you own them.

Protection and comfort are two things you should never save money on. Invest in a neck gaiter to take your fishing trips to the next level.


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