Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock
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Hammock sleeping pad: If you have ever taken a nap in a hammock, you’d know how difficult it is to wake up! All you want to do is doze away. Hammocks are no longer your backyard nap sessions, it is your best camping partner because of the versatility it offers. You can pick any spot on your trail and sleep there, it’s easy to set up, comfortable, easy to carry around due to its lightweight and is just super comfortable.

The need for every best hammock will have is of a sleeping pad. The sleeping pad for hammock provides you with the most needed on a camping trip, that is, insulation. Imagine sleeping in a hammock with cold air blowing or super warm wind from the earth? Sleeping pads help you with that insulation. The best sleeping pads for hammocks are designed in a way to hold the body heat.

Sleeping pads for hammock camping provide extra comfort and stability while camping because of the cushioning they provide.

Before you zero down on which sleeping pad to buy for your hammock or the best hammock sleeping pad, you should consider:

  • Which type of sleeping pad do you need- air, self-inflatable or a closed-cell foam
  • Features- the features that affect you most vitally- that is, the weight, the size, the shape, the cushioning, the fit in your hammock.
  • Intended use- where are you going camping, how long, where do you intend to put up?

After you have decided on these, you can check out our guide for the best sleeping pad for hammock camping.

6 Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Camping – The List

Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock – Reviews

1. Klymit Insulated Static V


  • A V-Chamber design- This sleeping has a rather innovative v-chamber design that uses synthetic insulation to restrict the movement of air and loss of heat.
  • Side Rails- They are useful in wrapping up your body to give you a secure and insulated feel.
  • Extremely light-weight at 25 ounces this 5*8 inches packs small.

It is a sleeping pad that makes you feel like a Goldilocks. Because the pad is neither too firm nor too soft. It redistributes the torque on the spine. The V-shaped chamber design helps to distribute the heat evenly and reflects the body’s heat back upon you.

Since this is made with 75D polyester material, it is successful in preventing most punctures or even abrasion abrasions. With its R-value of 4.4, this best sleeping pad is well enough for temperatures that are bordering on near freezing or boiling.

The ultra-lightweight pad is nearly 5 x 8 inches. When it’s inflated, the dimensions are 72 x 23 x 2.5 inches. The large size thus helps people with all frames. The advantageous side rails, which is their USP, helps you from rolling out of the hammock at night.

2. Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Sleeping Mat

Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Sleeping Mat, Regular (72x21.5)
  • Comfort Light Insulated Mat Regular-Green
  • Comfort Light Insulated Mat Regular-Green


  • Exkin Platinum fabric – this nylon is by far one of the most tensile and durable materials available.
  • Light-weight at 20 ounces- a single layer of Air-Sprung Cells that provide the best comfort.
  • Multi-function valve- this enables the user to inflate and deflate or fine-tune extremely easily.

This design is one of the most uniquely designed pads. With its R-value of 4.2, this pad is the one to provide good warmth for cold weather use. The Air-Sprung Cells are most supported to the body. They prevent the issues that are usually encountered with horizontal pads. It is comfortable, not noisy and very easy to use.

The multi-function valve is literally 3 puffs to a full inflate and so quick to deflate.

3. ECOTEK Outdoors Insulated Hybern8

ECOTEK Outdoors Insulated Hybern8 4 Season Ultralight Inflatable...
  • EASY TO USE RAPID INFLATION & DEFLATION - Whether you’re setting up camp or breaking it down, the last thing you want is a sleeping pad that takes forever to blow up or pack up. Our innovative rapid...
  • 4 SEASON COMFORT IN ANY SLEEPING POSITION - Every body is designed as uniquely as the landscapes we love to explore, and the conforming sleeping pad we’ve developed is uniquely designed to support...


  • Woven Polyester Blend- This gives the sleeping pad for hammocks a very premium feel.
  • 4 season comfort- With a 4.5  R-Value and a 2.5-inch loft, this provides a comfortable shut-eye without any torque.
  • Ultra-durable and easy to carry, this is also relatively lightweight at 24.5 ounces.
  • Their patent (pending, applied) Flexcell design along with an insulated core helps to retain the maximum heat. This technology helps it to trap and retain heat.

The nylon- plastic sleeping pads though are extremely durable, they slightly look like rope or floating devices, whereas this looks premium and yet is weather resistant and extremely durable and anti-slip.

This has a one-way valve that inflates and deflates in 10 seconds. The only con is the weight, which is slightly on the heavier side, also the one-way valve could be a little difficult to maneuver.

4. Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad

Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad, Non-Insulated
  • Compatibility: Fits all standard hammocks, single or double wide.
  • Coated on-slip zones: On the top and bottom to keep your pad and sleeping bag in place all night.


  • Unique 4 winged system along with a curved main pad
  • It has an Insulation R-Value of 4.4
  • It has an average weight of 27.3- 35 ounces

This is a sleeping pad that is designed with the sole purpose of sleeping in a hammock. It is equally comfortable for restless and light sleepers as it is for deep sleepers. It is available in both insulated and non-insulated versions. The insulated version has an R-value of 4.4 making it a 4 season hammock sleeping pad, whereas the non-insulated one has a standard R1.6 marking which is perfect for a light-weight 3 season pad.

A high-end product which is marked by its quality and its comfort.

5. IFORREST Sleeping Pad with Armrest & Pillow

IFORREST Sleeping Pad w/Armrest & Pillow - Rollover Protection -...
  • 1.5" THICK PHENOMENAL COMFORT: IFORREST PATENT PENDING Self-inflating sleeping pad with double-sided support is designed for camping. Size: 77”x 26”x 1.5”, a true 4-season camp bed with an R-value...
  • DURABILITY: This camping foam air mattress is made of strong waterproof 80D Polyester, will protect you from the wet rough ground in all extreme conditions.


  • Double side rollover protection- large, comfortable and 4 season sleeping pad.
  • It is an innovative product with armrests
  • It is extremely durable

After a long day in the woods or wilderness trekking, those who find it difficult to fall asleep would probably be the ones who need this sleeping pad for hammock the most. With its pillow-like head support and armrests, it gives you the comfort of a bed on the hammock.

Though it’s a tad heavy at 28.5 ounces, it inflates and deflates in-breaths and is extremely comfortable to use.

The R-value is a 2.8 making it a great 3 season sleeping pad. Its length makes it very comfortable for taller men to sleep in it.

6. Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol

Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol Ultralight Foam Backpacking Mattress,...
  • Lightweight and compact closed-cell foam camping mattress is a durable, dependable, and economical option for sleeping on the ground
  • Trusted by mountaineers and backpackers for generations, the classic pad features folding accordion-style construction that is compact and easily packable


  • Closed-cell sleeping pad
  • It doesn’t require inflation.
  • ¾ inch mattress
  • Extreme durability is one of the most important characteristics

If you are not a very adventurous camper and fear popping of the modern age sleep mats, this hammock sleeping pad is for you. This is a metalized pad that reflects heat by being segmented into 1-ounce segments. This is an old-school reliable, tried and tested sleeping pad, which is good for a hammock, it doesn’t redistribute body heat, but prevents hot or cold air from hitting your bottom, thanks to its R-Value of 2.6. It’s a perfect 3 season sleeping pad for a hammock.

At 14 ounces it is an extremely light-weight sleeping pad, which can also be used as a flint. Rolled up, it’s structure helps keep a broken bone immobile, when used with enough medical tape. Thus making it an extremely practical pad for camping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Hammock Sleeping Pad

1. Does the shape or size of a sleeping pad make much difference?

How effective a sleeping pad for hammock will be to you is dependent on its shape and size. When lying in a cocoon, it is how the shape of the pad conforms to your body type which makes a huge impact. Always remember a pro-tip, choose a sleeping pad smaller to the hammock size.

2. How many types of sleeping pad for hammock are available?

Primarily the sleeping pads for hammock can be divided into three broad types -Namely the air pads, closed-cell foam pads, and self-inflating pads.

Whereas closed cells are most basic and inexpensive and highly durable, air pads are inflatable pads, like those floats in a swimming pool. They provide good insulation, are extremely light-weight and comfortable. Self-inflating pads are a hybrid of air pads and closed-cell pads. They are well insulated, inflate themselves, adjustable to your need, but heavier and slightly less easy to pack.

3. What is R-Value?

It is the measure by which the insulative capacity of a pad is measured. The higher the R-Value the more heat it will retain.

4. Do you need to carry a repair kit?

In case you are using an inflatable sleeping pad, there is a huge possibility that you will encounter breakage and damage, hence there is a need to carry it.

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As we said, best hammock sleeping pads are not those who provide you with cushioning. There is more to a sleeping pad beyond cushioning.

To choose your best sleeping pad hammock fit, you need to determine the type of user you are, the wilderness you are targeting and how often you would use it.

If you are the one for whom insulation is the most important factor, ECOTEK Outdoors Insulated Hybern8 is your sleeping pad. If for you the thickness/comfort matters most, then Klymit Insulated Static V- could be your best fit. For someone who wants a lifelong companion in a sleeping pad, and wants it to be hassle-free, then Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol will give you a bang for your buck.


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