Best Youth Compound Bow
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Are you searching for the Best Youth Compound Bow? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Here, we will provide you with the collection of Best Youth Compound Bow for your children. It is absolutely better if your children love outdoor sports instead of spending much time on a smartphone. Here, Outdoor activities such as Archery can help to improve physical fitness and also develop new skills.

Kids who start shooting and aiming from a young age are likely to master the Archery when they become adults. Archery is an amazing bonding between a child and a parent.

If you want your child to perform well in Archery, then please select the best Youth Compound Bow which you can afford for him or her. Firstly, buy a bow through which they can shoot easily. By doing this, they will quickly develop an interest in Archery. If you are blessed, then your child will do bowhunting by standing beside you.

Here, is the list of Best Youth Compound Bow, which you can buy for your son or daughter.

Important points to consider before buying Youth Compound Bow

Here, the five main factors to consider before buying Youth compound bow. These mainly include age and size of the child, the draw weight of the bow, draw length of the bow, the total weight of the bow and lastly type of bow package.

Your Child’s Age and Size: Bows are mainly built by considering children’s ages or growth patterns. There is not a particular size which fits for all. For as notice carefully manufacturer’s recommendation for age or size. Most firms design bows which are relevant for youth, but not all firms become successful.

The main point here is, the bow should adopt the child and not the child should adopt the bow. The bow should be designed properly by which child doesn’t develop any poor habits. But when the child is adapting the bow, it’s rather easy to upgrade to big compound bow.

Draw Weight: Smaller children require lightweight bow according to their age, however, they like to take challenges as they grow. Several bow draw weight suggestions are given below:

  • A 6-10 pound draw weight is perfect for kids ranging between the ages of 5 to 8 and body weight around 55-70 pounds
  • A 10-29 pound draw weight is perfect for kids between the ages of 4-9 and body weight around 70-100 pounds.
  • A 15-52 pound draw weight is perfect for kids between the ages of 9-18 years and body weight 70-100 pounds.

It is essential to consider draw weight along with draw length.

Draw Length: Almost all the bows have draw length between 14-25 inches. It is best suited for all the kids between 3-10 years. Please note, there is no perfect standard, you should match draw length with draw weight.

Total Bow weight: Holding a bow is similar to a workout, hence parents should check children’s first experience at the time of purchasing a bow. Thus, Total bow weight is the main factor one should consider while buying an arrow.

Children whose age is between 3-8 years can hold a bow 1.3-2 pound in mass weight. While kids between 4-10 years of age can handle the bow between 2.3-2.8 pounds.

Please remember that 4-year old is going to struggle with the bow which is heavier than 2-pounds and a 10-year old would certainly prefer bow above 2 pounds. Please consider kids strength, age, and height.

Package deal: Most of the beginner sets have standard equipment from which child can easily learn how to shoot and learn the sport properly. A bow package begins with the main goal of learning, small game hunting and then deer hunting.

One of the main difference between bowhunting compound bow kit and an archery practice bow kit is the arrows. Various bowhunting kits consist of a collection of arrow points or broadheads or arrow points. Archery practice consists of bullet point arrows.

Top 5+ Best Youth Compound Bow of 2019 – Reviews

Here, we will provide you list of Best Youth Compound Bow:

1. Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Package

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Mossy Oak Country, Right Hand
  • Wide draw length range between 13 and 31 inches
  • Accelerates arrows to up to 310 ft/sec

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge is a full package. It consists of a strong bow which bridges the gap between hunting and range practice. The package consists of different things such as 3 pin sight, arrow rest, wrist sling, quiver, peep sight, and nock loop and lastly a stabilizer.

The bow is completely adjustable to fit with a range of height and strength which is absolutely well-suited for your child. The bow is completely equipped and ready to shoot right out of the package. It is available in left and right models.

The bow package is specially designed for kids with different skills. The most amazing feature is, it offers adjustments that will expand when your child grows. Hence, a single bow purchase is enough until your child is completely ready for an adult bow. Please note that heavier weight is not good for kids despite weight starts with 5-pound range.

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2. Bear Archery Cruzer Bow Package

Bear Archery Cruzer Bow Package is absolutely amazing for kids between 8-10 years and youth between 10-18 years. Its weight is 2.9 pound which is not proper for smaller children. The bow is available in right as well as left-hand models. The package consists of Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, four-pin sight, quiver, peep sight, and nock loop.

The quality of the bow is standard along with sand and green patterns. Despite it is a quality level bow with only standard features, it will serve a child for various years. Also, it consists of lots of adjustments which might be difficult for a child to handle with. One of the most important points is, it will help a child to get familiar with the equipment.

The main point to note here is, it is entirely adjustable for a large number of archers. It is perfect for kids above 8 years and has a heavier body mass of about 4 pounds. The package consists of any arrows.

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3. Barnett Vortex Compound Bow Package

Barnett Vortex bow is best suited for kids between 10-to-13 years of age. It consists of draw weight between 16lbs to 45lbs. With the help of this bow, your child will love to spend hours in learning and also will become an experienced archer.

Are you searching a second bow for your child, then this is not the bow you need. This bow is perfectly suited for a kid of age 10-13 and wants to learn bow hunting. It is basically a quality bow with a lot of add-ons.

The lightweight bow consists of the same design as full-size bows. Brace height of the bow is about 5.75 inches. The package consists of three arrows and a bow holder.

This is absolutely good for kids who want to start learning archery. It is not expensive, hence anyone can afford it easily. The quality of the bow is not as expected. But, it comes with 5-year warranty, hence you should be rest-assured about that.

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4. Genesis Youth Compound Bow

Genesis Original Bow - RH Camo
  • Official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).
  • Great starter bow for archers of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities.

Genesis youth compound bow is absolutely for younger kids who want to start learning archery. The quality of the bow is amazing as it is built with aluminum. It consists of different accessories such as Quiver, Arm Guard, Aluminum arrows and hex wrench.

The bow consists of draw weight of 61lbs to 121lbs and a Brace height is 6 1/8″ which is better when compared with other bows. It is widely accepted by young people and it is used by the National Archery in Schools Program.

This bow is specially targeted for kids having age 4-7 years. The package offers the bow, belt tube quiver, adjustable arm guard and five aluminum arrows.

The bow is absolutely great if you want to introduce your child to the world of archery. Build quality is strong with flexible, easily adjustable, and the included strings are amazing. It is lightweight, so within a few years, you have to replace it with a new one. Lastly, the resale value of the bow is great.

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5. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow
  • caliber:  
  • Warranty: 90 Day Limited Warranty

Crosman Elkhorn is a strong bow and is targeted for kids between 7 to 10 years. The body is built using composite fiber which is exceptionally light and limbs are developed from a well-durable composite fiber. The bow is lightweight, hence it is perfect for small kids.

The length of the bow is 33 inches, while draw weight is 15lb and draw length is 26 inches. The major drawback of this bow is, the draw length and draw height is not adjustable.

The package offers 2 composite arrows, a two-piece quiver, a finger tab, an arm guard and a single pin sight. The bow can be used in any weather conditions because of it great string cable. It maintains a balance between heavy-weighted but durable composite limbs.

The bow is perfect for right-hand shooters. The package provides low-quality arrows, hence you should buy new ones. Also, you have to add a nocking point on the string for arrow shooting regularity.

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We hope that you liked our collection of Best Youth Compound Bow that you can buy in 2019. If you found this information helpful, then feel free to share it with your friends and followers.


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