Daisy 880 Powerline Kit Air Rifle Review
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Daisy Powerline 880 Review:- Daisy Outdoor Products has been a manufacturer of BB guns and air rifles for more than 120 years and is still in operation producing rifles. Daisy’s are most probably the first rifles and guns a teen places its hands-on, and parents and grandparents put them forward due to years of excellence in products and services. They have a tremendous amount of loyal customers and have a rich history of producing BB guns and air rifles.

And, if you are looking for a complete insight into their most popular product, the Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle, and Kit, you have landed at the right place.

Daisy Powerline 880 Kit Air Rifle Review:

880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch/.177 Caliber
  • 880 air rifle kit includes safety glasses, 4x15-millimeter scope with rings, 500 Daisy pellets, and 750 BBs
  • Multi-pump pneumatic rifle .177 Cal BB or pellet

Kit Includes:

  • Multi-pump pneumatic .177 caliber rifle
  • 4 x 15mm Scope
  • Daisy pellets – 500 units
  • BBs – 750 units
  • Safety glasses
  • User manual
Style:Air Rifle
Type:Multi-pump pneumatic rifle
Ammunition:BB / Pellets
Velocity:750-800 FPS
Barrel Type:Rifled Bore
Barrel length:21-inches
Dimension:38.5 x 5.5 x 2.2 inches
Safety system:Crossbolt trigger block
Kit Includes:Scope, Safety glasses, Daisy Pellets, and BB’s
Warranty:1 year

Product Description:

Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle is Daisy’s most popular air rifle. It is a multi-pump pneumatic rifle, which is a BB repeater and a single-shot pellet gun. It has a velocity range of 750 to 800 FPS with BBs and pellets, respectively. The rifle is excellent for beginners, quite affordable, and is available at an affordable price too. The rifle can be bought separately or in a kit, which includes rifle, scope, safety glasses, BB’s, and pellets. It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty from the date of purchase.

Product Overview:

The Daisy powerline 880 air rifle kit is a complete set for your recreational and fun outdoors with kids and family for small games and also for target shooting fun. It is your ideal backyard rifle for pest control in your neighborhood. The rifle is known for its accuracy and has an average precision. It is equipped with steel rifled barrel and dovetail rail for scope mounting.

Ideal for beginners, the air rifle is easy to fire and takes little effort is cocking and pumping. Pellet firing takes single-shots, which needs to be loaded one after another, whereas BB’s need time between the shots for pumps. Once used to working, the rifle is a great companion.

The air rifle is also a powerful one with a smooth pump operation. It gathers enough compression with several pumps to fire with high power.


The Daisy powerline 880 air rifle features a steel made rifle barrel. The receiver is engineered resin, and other components are metal made. The body construction is mostly plastic, which sounds flimsy but is not. The lightweight resin and plastic construction of the gun offer flexibility, lightweight, and use by various age groups possible and seamless.

The stock of the gun is synthetically made. Monte Carlo stock is lightweight and flexible and also features a nice grain wood look that can be bought in two colors, black and brown. Along with being lightweight and flexible, the stock is waterproof too for all-weather conditions.

The lightweight construction of this air rifle only weighs little more than 3 pounds, making the user shoot for a long time. It also features cheek pad, and flexibility of the stock ensures recoil absorption.

The scope provided with the kit is 4 x 15mm and can be mounted and removed easily on the dovetail rail of the rifle. The scope has fiber optic at the front and adjustable sights at the back.

The lever arm of the gun is long enough to pump quickly before and in between the shots. And, it doesn’t require much effort. The bolt action air rifle has manual safety with a cross-bolt trigger block and single-stage trigger adjustment.

Some more information:

The rifle holds up to 50 BBs for use in the reservoir and is a single shot air gun. Despite being an air rifle that is a pellet gun along with a BB repeater, It is effectively silent that doesn’t produce a lot of noise. The multi-pump of the air rifle produces higher velocity with higher pumps. It is also advised to keep the rifle empty and pumped for a better life as it prevents drying up of the barrel. The bolt of the rifle needs to be cycled before it can pump air after every shot. We have pros and cons discussed in this Daisy powerline 880 review .


  • Inexpensive 
  • Requires almost no cocking effort with comfortable pumps
  • Lightweight and flexible stock
  • A quite accurate contradictory to the price range
  • Kits included pellets and BBs
  • Dovetail rail for easy mounting and removal of Scope
  • Easy to use and handle


  • Single-stage trigger adjustment
  • Extensive use of BBs is likely to harm the Rifled barrel
  • Made in china

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FAQs Regarding Daisy Powerline 880 Kit Air Rifle:

1. How many times can you pump a Daisy PowerLine 880?

The Daisy Powerline 880 is advised to be pumped between 1 to 10 pumps. However, pumping more than ten times can be done, but chances of damaging air chambers and the rifle increase with every pump after ten.

2. Is a pellet gun more powerful than a BB gun?

With higher pressure propellants, the pellet guns are more powerful than a BB gun. Also, pellets are more substantial than BB and carry higher velocity to the target, making it even more powerful.

3. Can you use plastic BBs in a metal BB gun?

Yes, you can use plastic BBs in a metal BB gun, but fit and results will be inconsistent and likely not so effective due to design, fit, and the lightweight of the plastic BBs.

4. Are BB guns illegal?

No, BB guns are not illegal as they do not fall under the category of firearms. However, the age regulation of the use of BB guns, air rifles, and other airsoft guns are restricted to 18 years of age.

5. Which one is stronger pellet or BB?

Pellets are hard and heavy compared to BBs and, therefore, stronger too. Pellets also attain higher velocity with pointed tips resulting in heavy and powerful impacts. Metal BBs also perform better than plastic BBs.

6. When did daisy start making BB guns?

The Markham Air Rifle Company was established in July 1886 by Clarence Hamilton, the founder of the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company. On March 6, 1888, Hamilton took his designed all-metal air gun to the windmill company for production as they had furnaces equipment for the mold of the air gun. Later, the air gun was offered as a premium gift with every windmill, and by 1895 the company solely produced the air rifle ceasing the production of the mill.

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The Cumulation:

So, this was all about the Daisy powerline 880 review. Affordable and efficient, the air rifle performs way beyond its price range and lasts working correctly for several years. Great and ideal for training and best for pest control. Lightweight, sturdy, and quite accurate, you are very likely not to find something like this in the very price range. So, head over to the link above and buy one for you in black or brown. And, enjoy small games with your kids and also grandkids.


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