Hunting Gear
Hunting Gear
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Best Hunting Gear You Should Know About: While you think that hunting is something people can do if they have the passion it is not completely true. One must have the right tools and gear to have perfect hunting experience. Now, one must learn some proper rules, acquire the proper gear and then go out on hunting to have the outcome. If you do not carry the proper gear or learn the proper ways of hunting you might as well cancel your trip. There are different essentials that one would need starting from hunting bags, to hunting knives to even hunting pants.

Best Hunting Gear You Should Know About

Now, imagine carrying a knife that is not sharpened enough, how will you skin your meat? You cannot, and your hunt would just go to waste since the meat starts going bad within minutes after it is killed. That is why you must carry a knife and also make sure you take a sharpener with it to have the solution ready. Proper pants and bags for these hunting trips are essentials too. In this article we will discuss the different types of hunting gear to have everything ready for you:

List of Best Hunting Gear

Hunting Gear
Hunting Gear

Hunting Knife Sharpeners

Knife sharpeners are listed even before the knives because a blunt knife would be of no use if you don’t have a proper sharpener. Like we said that a person needs to have the perfect knife while they are out hunting, a proper sharpener is a must too. Now, while you might have the best knife out there if your knife is not sharp enough then the sharpener would be your rescuer. It might be a situation when you suddenly need a slightly sharp or a very coarse sharpening but having a hunting knife sharpener is a savior. You will get knife sharpeners of different sizes, shapes, and colors from which you can choose. It is, of course, true that in need you can use a stone too for sharpening but having a proper tool just saves time and also the damage that will be caused to your knife. There are various kinds of sharpeners available, and you must buy the one that suits you the most.

Our List of Top 5 Hunting Knife Sharpeners

  1. Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker [Buy Now from Amazon]
  2. Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit [Buy Now from Amazon]
  3. Work Sharp WSGFS221 Guided Field Sharpener [Buy Now from Amazon]
  4. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station [Buy Now from Amazon]
  5. Naniwa Blue Super Stone S1000 [Buy Now from Amazon]

Field Dressing Knives

After we have discussed the sharpeners it is important to talk about these knives. One needs to have a sharp and crisp blade to skin their meat, or the hunt is wasted. The meat starts decomposing soon after it’s killed, so one has to be fast and trained while hunting and then skinning the meat properly. Then only one can further have the taste of what they have hunted down. These are like normal knives but some qualities like their sharpness, the way they open and close the grip on these knives matter a lot while you are choosing the knife for hunting. The grip on the handle ensures the fact that it doesn’t slip out of your hand while you are working with it. Some qualities or features are a must to keep in mind while purchasing them.

List of Best Hunting Knives for Dressing

  1. Gerber Myth Field Dress Kit
  2. Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner
  3. Buck Knives 393 Omni Hunter
  4. KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife
  5. ESEE Junglas Blade

Hunting Boots

Imagine you are running about in the jungle or at a hunting spot and something gets into your foot, it would ruin the whole experience? Yes. So, you need to have something properly on your legs to have a swift run through the woods without any obstructions. It will not matter whether you are starting at the start or the end of the season you need to have a great pair of boots to have a comfortable hunt. The first step is to check the material of the boots to find the perfect boots. Then you will have to find the correct size because you don’t want to run in a size larger or smaller since both will have issues. It is also necessary to remember that they have to be lightweight and have a good grip on you since otherwise, they will be very uncomfortable.

Our List of Best Hunting Boots

  1. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boot
  2. Lowa Tibet GTX Trekking Boot
  3. The Original MuckBoots Adult FeildBlazer Hunting Boot
  4. Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot
  5. Irish Setter 2870 Vaprtrek waterproof 8’’ Hunting Boot
  6. Filson Insulated Highlander Boot

Base Layers for Cold Weather Hunting

Layering your clothes can mean a lot during winters since it is going to be cold while you hunt. So, having a proper base or upper layer technique can help you while hunting by keeping you warm. The cold can take over your mind and distract you and thus you need to find a solution to kicking the cold away. There can be three different layers, i.e., an upper layer used for protecting your body from the harsh wind, the middle layer that would act as an insulator and lastly the base which would retain all the heat inside your body. You can select different materials for the different layers of clothing you will have on your body depending on the type of requirement.

Hunting Pants

Like the hunting boots, hunting pants are something that is essential you cannot ignore while collecting the best hunting gear. Now, it is important to remember the type of pants and the material of the pant that you would wear while hunting completely depends on you. You can select your workout pants or the pants you sleep in during winters or even proper hunting pants but something that you feel comfortable in. It is also important to make sure they don’t come in your way while you are chasing your prey. They have to be flexible and should withstand the kind of whether you are going to hunt in. If you are hunting during rainy weather, you must wear something that is waterproof since otherwise, they will get wet and then your trip will be wasted. Classic hunting or just regular hunting pants are also an option for these hunts.

Our List of the Best Hunting Pants

  1. Sitka Men’s Timberline Pant
  2. 5.11 TacLite Pro Pant
  3. KUIU Attack Pant
  4. Sitka Coldfront Bib
  5. Under Armour Early Season Field Pants
  6. Yukon Gear Men’s Insulated Pants

Hunting Fanny Packs

A fanny pack is something that will hold all your items tightly and keep them secure while you hunt. It is meant for all your hunting gear along with something else that you might need. They come in different sizes and can be carried along even while you are actively hunting. Now people usually don’t like carrying the big packs since then it can weigh them down while you are hunting. So carrying smaller bags can help a lot while it can carry the hunting knives, sharpener, water bottles and other essentials and it is lightweight too.  Different options are available to you while you look for these fanny packs. They are an important hunting gear since it will keep all your items in different compartments while keeping them safe. Check for the ones with numerous pockets and storage area should be comfortable.

Our List of Top 5 Best Fanny Packs

  1. Badlands Monster Fanny Pack
  2. Allen Nomad Waist Pack
  3. ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Fanny Hunting Pack
  4. ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack
  5. Mossy Oak Blue Jack fanny Pack

Hunting Day Packs

A hunting day pack is slightly different from the hunting fanny packs because they come in different shapes and sizes. The daypacks are perfect for when a person is out for just a day or some hours. They will carry all their equipment, some food items, and some clothing if required. For that, they need a compact, lightweight bag. These bags have different compartments for the different items that are carried along. Always make sure to check the size of the pockets and check whether they can fit all your items inside. These packs are known to be silent; they don’t make a sound while you are running through the woods chasing something. They also come in materials that re-waterproof or weatherproof since harsh weather can damage the pack. They should be easily accessible as well so that you don’t have to waste time finding the right equipment for your hunt.

Our List Of 5 Best Hunting Day Packs

  1. Tenzing TZ 1200
  2. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit
  3. 5.11 Tactical Rush 12
  4. Allen Company 19099 Pagosa
  5. Badlands Point Hunting Pack

GoPro Cameras for Hunting

Earlier if you wanted to hunt and click then that would happen after you have killed your prey. Nowadays, with the evolution of technology, the kind of hunting gear had evolved too. These cameras can not only function without much effort but work at night as well. They also come with GPS trackers that help you not lose path at night in the woods. These cameras also help you in recording the total journey that you are making while you hunt your way down. They come with strong batteries that don’t need to be charged now and then. They are also waterproof so they can handle some rain or snowfall if something happens suddenly. You will have an amazing video output ready after you are back from your hunting session. They come in a different range of prices which depend mainly on the number of features they have so you can choose from different ones.

These are the most important hunting gears you cannot miss out on if you want a proper trip in the hunting season. You have to remember that it all will depend on the type of whether you are out in and what you have to carry along. You might not need the extra layers in summer, but they are a must during the winters. So carrying enough material according to your hunting schedule is the best choice always. Remember to purchase the best in the market after doing some proper research!

  1. GoPro HERO5 Black (High-End Option)
  2. GoPro HERO Session (Entry-Level Use)
  3. GoPro HERO5 Session (Mid-Level Option)
  4. GoPro HERO6 Black (Most Up-to-Date Version)



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