Hunting Raccoons
Hunting Raccoons
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4 Tips for Hunting Raccoons During the Daytime: When we talk about hunting, the first thing that comes to our mind is shooting animals with the use of a gun or rifle. But, in reality, it is much more than that. A hunter needs to be fully prepared to hunt an animal. Like for example, a hunter should have proper knowledge about its prey such as about its lifestyle, its habitat, its sleeping pattern, etc. All this information is really important to hunt your prey down. Without proper knowledge and preparation, you cannot go out for hunting. To put it in other words, just having a rifle or any other hunting equipment won’t help you if, you lack proper knowledge about your prey.

Speaking of hunting, in this article, we are mainly going to discuss tips to hunt raccoons during the daytime. If you are planning to go out on a raccoon hunt then, this article will prove to be helpful to you. Raccoons are known to be nocturnal animals, therefore, hunting them during the night-time can be a bit more challenging than during the daytime. When you go out on hunting, it is common to take dogs along with you so, that they can track down the prey for you. But you see that is going to cost you a lot. What if, you could make your hunt without the use of dogs? Well, if you know the right tips, then you can make it happen. And, also hunting raccoon during the daytime has some benefits such as no need of keeping dogs with you and also you can catch the sleeping raccoon’s off-guard without putting much of your effort whereas, during the night, you may face some limitations. Like for example, the raccoons are harder to hunt at night, and then, you won’t be able to see properly in the dark. Therefore, it will be smart for you to hunt them down during the daytime and the tips to which are listed below.

4 Tips for Hunting Raccoons During the Daytime

Hunting Raccoons
Hunting Raccoons

Tips To Hunt Raccoons During Daytime

If you are planning to target the raccoons on your next hunting trip then, the tips given below are surely going to come in handy for you. With these tips, you can easily hunt raccoons during the daytime. But for that, you will have to stick to the tips that are outlined below. These tips are created based on the movements of the raccoons so, don’t you underestimate the usefulness of these tips. Have a read through the tips and know the right way to hunt down a raccoon during the broad daylight. Here you go with it:

Know The Right Way To Track

If you are going out on raccoon hunt without the company of a coonhound or a dog then, it’s important that you know and learns the right way to track them down. The first thing, which you need to keep in mind while approaching them is that you should always hunt them crosswind or downwind. That’s because they can detect your scent if, you approach them upwind. Although, raccoons are known to be a nocturnal animal, but they can still detect your scent if you make the mistake of approaching them upwind. After all, animals do have a sensitive nose that is hard to cheat. Therefore, it’s better that you follow all the right things instead of making a mess out of your raccoon hunt. Apart from this, you also need to learn how to identify raccoon tracks. That’s because it will help you to identify that which dens are active and which are not. If you fail to know the difference between active and inactive dens then, you will find it difficult to track the raccoons down. Therefore, it is advisable that before, you go out on your raccoon hunt you take all the necessary preparations as in doing some research about their movements as well as the right way to track them out. All this knowledge will surely come in handy when you are out there in the wild looking for a raccoon to make your prey.

Make Use Of An E-Caller

E-caller which stands for electronic callers is a device that can produce fake animal sounds and is used to tempt animals towards the hunter. This device can be of great help to you when you go out on raccoon hunting especially, during the daytime. Therefore, underestimating the use of this device will be foolish on your part. Not only raccoons but this device can be used for any animal hunting. But in this article, we are strictly going to stick to the use of e-caller for raccoon hunting. The fact that raccoons are nocturnal, therefore, you need to distract them with some sound that will eventually encourage them to come out of their dens. In situations like this, the sound of a baby raccoon in distress will act as the perfect trap. Use the e-caller to produce such sound so, that the sleeping raccoons get tempted by the very sound and get off the from the tree branches. This will be a good opportunity for you to get them off-guard. In case, you have a change of mind later on and feel that raccoon hunting isn’t your cup of tea, then the e-caller can be used for other animals.

Place Your E-Caller Correctly

As already mentioned in the above point that e-caller is an essential device when it comes to raccoon hunting. However, the device may prove to be completely useless if, you do not position it correctly. Like for instance if you place the device in a place from where it is visible then, you may never be able to take a shot. Therefore, you need to be cautious while positioning your device to attract your prey. The ideal position to place the e-caller is the opposite side of the trees to their den. This will force the raccoon to get out from their dens and move around the tree when they hear the sound produced by the caller. This gives you a perfect chance to pull your shot at them. Before you put an e-caller to use, you should also know that the device works perfectly from an ideal distance of 20 feet from the trees to their den. Therefore, make sure that you follow all the requirements to make the device work effectively. One bad move and you could lose your golden chance. Therefore, be careful while using the device.

Work an Active Decoy with E-Caller

Active decoys are useful when it comes to raccoon hunting during the morning time. For people who do not know what an active decoy is, it’s like fluffy bait that keeps rotating around a solid base. The very movement of the device looks like as if, some small creature or rodent is moving on the ground in circles. However, there are other types of active decoys available too which can be programmed to move differently. So it’s up to your choice that which one you opt for. For the device to be effective you should use it with an e-caller device and then, position it at least 10 yards away from the caller device. With this, you are creating a great vista for your prey. That’s because for the raccoons it will appear as if, some other coon is moving around that area. With this kind of set-up, you can tempt even the laziest raccoon out from its den. And, once it is out from its den, you very well know what to do. Thus, you can see that how effective it is to use an e-caller device with an active decoy. All you have to do is use them together correctly for your purpose. However, one should also keep in mind that one mistake or wrong choice could destroy your whole planning. Therefore, it is really important for you to be cautious while planting your devices. Make sure that you be smart with your decision.

Thus, it can be concluded that raccoon hunting during the daytime can serve as a perfect alternative to the traditional nighttime raccoon hunting. The fact that raccoons are nocturnal, it becomes easier for you to catch them off-guard during the daytime. Not only that but, it can also save your expense on keeping a coonhound when you go out for raccoon hunting during the night-time. But one should also keep in mind that just following the tips to hunt raccoons during the daytime won’t help it; you lack the basic knowledge about hunting. Therefore, it is advisable that no matter what animal you go out to hunt whether it be a raccoon or some other animal, you should at least do some research about their habitat and lifestyle so, that you can track them down without making a mistake.


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