Leatherman Rebar Review
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Leatherman Rebar review: Multi-tools are dominated by Leatherman products. One could call them an industry leader or just a brand that fares way better than its competitors. Leatherman products in most cases compete with themselves rather than other brands’ multi-tools.

When compared with every other brand it was only the Leatherman products that stood tall to the task. The only other product that even came close was SOG PowerAssist Multi-tool S66. They both are powerhouses in the category of functional and workable tools.

Leatherman Rebar Review

We start the Leatherman Rebar review by reflecting on the look-and-feel it gives. This is a throwback piece. It reminds you of Leatherman products from the time they started and became the byword on dependability.

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  • AN ICON UPDATED: Inspired by Tim Leatherman's original PST, the Rebar features all-locking tools, 100% stainless steel construction and removable wire/hard-wire cutters
  • 17 TOOLS IN 1: The Rebar’s bounty of tools include knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a wire stripper, bottle and can openers, a file, a saw, an awl and a ruler

The features of Leatherman Rebar are:

  • Relic or throwback on founder Tim Leatherman’s original PST, the Rebar is packed to the fore with attributes that are- removable wire/hard-wire cutters, tools which all lock, complete stainless steel build.
  • This multi-tool packs in a punch with 17 tools that include pliers, a wire stripper, wire cutters screwdrivers, knives, a saw an electrical crimper bottle and can openers, a file, a ruler and an awl.
  • Durability, durability, durability which is promised via a 25-year warranty on manufacture.
  • The Leatherman Rebar pliers are fast becoming the synonyms for strength and have an innovative attribute of changeable thus replaceable wire (which can cut hard-wires) cutters. This is a novel feature for any 4-inch tool coming from the Leatherman factory.

Let’s dig into Leatherman Rebar review:

Who is Leatherman Rebar for?

This is a very gender-neutral multi-tool, which can be used by anyone who wants a sturdy, durable multi-tool to keep in their bag, kitchen, car or a toolkit. This is a way better upgrade on the Swiss Army knives which tend to be the norm. It’s perfect for that errant kitchen need or the fixing of small car needs. It is for those individuals who recognize quality and built over quantity.

What are the tools in this multi-tool?

  • Can Opener/ Bottle opener

A standard fare which is similar to every offering of multi-tool in the market. Their assembly is such that they work in synchrony and well, so opening a soda can or a tin of sardines during camping is a cinch.

  • The large and small screwdrivers

Equipped with 3 different types of drivers- namely two flat heads and a Philips’s head. Philips’s head is a neo-classical design by Leatherman. With a slightly large length built, this is easier to get into corners and cramped areas.

There are two flathead drivers of which one is large and the other small. They are sturdy enough and do a decent job of disposing of a screw, even if it’s old and rusty. The smaller one is a perfect fit to tighten or loosen small screws that have been slotted.

  • The replaceable 154 cm wire cutters and stripper and crimper

This design packs in two types of wire cutters- one-hand wire cutters, the other a wire stripper, both of which are easily replaceable. The new replaceable mechanism has already had us excited like pups! You can use it both as a hard or regular wire cutter sections, or a random slit or tear here and there. The tiny wire splitter at the base is essentially and barely functional. There is still a major scope of improvement.

The crimper again is pretty functional and does its job fairly well.

  • 420 HC Knives: Serrated and straight

The straight or smooth blade knife is modeled on the clip point model, whereas the serrated knife is a typical sheepsfoot serrated blade. The much controversial 420HC stainless steel is used as a material for the knife, but we approve it because of its strength (hardness) and the ease of sharpening.

These two features are ideal for a leatherman rebar’s range.
Though the straight blade which is factory sharpened, at 2.9 inches, it’s much of a general utility knife. The serrated knife, however, is fairly well laid out to saw or sharpen through things. Leatherman rebar’s makers thought of your glove-wearing hands and added copious notches beside each of the handles. 

  • Pliers

The plier based multi-tool market segment has been invented by Leatherman. Even though the company has diversified its design since; the Leatherman rebar is a throwback to the original design. The needle nose pliers, which are surprisingly strong for their design, have been amended to provide more strength. The outside edges of plier handles have been well rounded to offset any torque while gripping. The pliers are deployed when you need to deploy any other multi-tool.

Ruler, Awl with thread-loop, file-  The wood or metal file in this multi-tool is the biggest disappointment. Even though they are double-sided with a single file on one side and a diamond pattern cut on the other, it’s too small to actually be functional.

The ruler is standard which can help you measure 20 cm or roughly 8 inches.

The awl though missing from most modern multi-tools makes a comeback. The thread loop feature in it helps you pull the cord through after making a puncture.

  • Saw

This is a one sucker-punch inclusion. You can’t expect to have a powerful tool and not expect a saw. The saw included can batter down any material with medium thickness- wood, plastic, metal, otherwise. With a double tooth pattern, this is a saw which is here to stay. 

Why Should You Choose a Leatherman?

A great, reliable and strong tool to have, this surprises you with the smaller tools performance. These tools are the most underrated or misplaced tools in other multi-tools. The ergonomically built tools don’t affect fingernails, hence it can be a ladies’ tool as well. This small and compact tool can be carried in a pocket and is made of premium steel.


  • Durable- it’s 25-year warranty proves it
  • Lightweight- it’s easy to carry around
  • All and every tool is pretty functional in its own right.
  • The pliers are thin and strong
  • The wire cutters are robust!


  • The absence of scissors- It’s an omission for an everyday tool that is noteworthy.
  • The knife blades are smaller than standard and hence not very powerful.
  • No bit drivers which are exchangeable.

What are the things that are accompanied along with a Leatherman rebar?

The biggest feature of replaceable bits is missing. Hence the extra accompanied accessories are also few. Some of the noteworthy ones are:

Belt Carry Options: There is a black leather box that is of high-quality leather and something we completely heart. It’s different from their standard offer but extremely good-looking. The other option is a nylon sheath- this is black and standard. It is the same as all other Leatherman products. The color seemed to be bleeding through.

No replacement parts: Thanks to the 25-year warranty, there are no replacement parts that are included in this. The replaceable wire cutters can be ordered from them or even set by them.

Colour options:  Coyote tan, oxidized black and stainless steel are the three offerings. The stainless steel is an all-weather friend who can hide all kinds of damages and scrapes, the coyote tan looks classy.

How does Leatherman rebar compare to other tools:

When the rebar can have strong competition from its parent manufacturer only, how stiff competition will it have from the market. Here’s pitting rebar against other more popular options:

  • Leatherman rebar against SOG PowerAssist Multi-tool S66

They are both pragmatic and functional multi-tools which are purpose-built, sturdy and well built as per industry standards. They both lay emphasis on their plier design and incidental design emphasis on other tools. If you were to look at it objectively then:

  • SOG is more burly and large, Leatherman rebar is smaller and easy to carry.
  • Leatherman rebar has resharpenable and replaceable wire cutters, which are jarringly missing in the SOG. Making this a prized feature for those who have frequent wire and plier work.
  • SOG has a V cutter and customizable tool option which is missing in Leatherman Rebar.
  • Overall Leatherman rebar still wins for its reliability, power and use.

Leatherman Rebar against Leatherman Wingman

While Wingman is a very basic multi-tool with 14 tools, it’s pretty functional as just a value for money multi-tool. It doesn’t pack a punch nor stands out.

  • Rebar has a more finished feel and more purposefully built product.
  • Wingman has features like a box cutter and scissor which is missing in Rebar though.
  • Wingman’s blade is not that great and neither are the other tools as powerful. 
  • Overall Rebar again trumps Wingman from the built perspective and the user-friendly scale. Though from a price point, Wingman is also a decent buy.

Leatherman Rebar against Leatherman Wave+

The USP of the wave+ is its new design, whereby tools are accessible when it is in a closed or folded position. It also has the feature of lock all, by which all feature on the body of the product will lock in place. It is also a one-hand operable product. Despite all the features, the Rebar again is slightly better thanks to the strength of the pliers and the replaceable wire cutters.

  • Rebar has pliers that are powerful and easy to grip. With their well-rounded design, they don’t cut into the skin. 
  • Wave+ is way expensive than the Rebar.

Barring these two minor differences, they are both very similar and not much can be said on which is a better buy.

FAQs Regarding Leatherman Rebar

1. What are the terms of the Leatherman Rebars warranty?

Leatherman believes that its tools are built to last you forever and if anything happens to them, they have a website where you can put up your complaint, and if your product is not qualified under the exceptions, you can get it replaced or repaired for free.

2. What are the warranty exclusions?

Any abuse, alteration, theft or unreasonable use and incidental damage is not covered. Neither covered under the warranty is sharpening of the product, the accessories or change in original ownership.

3. What is the cleaning technique for Leatherman Rebar?

For debris or gummed substances, water and detergent solutions works well. For any other substances, it has been noted turpentine oil works well. In case of exposure to saline water, a wash with fresh water, followed by lubrication is a must.

Note: Not to use chlorine or chlorine-based cleaners at any cost. Please make sure to sun dry your tool and apply machine oil after every clean.

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The price is a dominating factor for this Leatherman product. In the review of Leatherman Rebar, we have covered in-depth the positives and negatives, yet we would still want to conclude it’s a pretty versatile and strong tool to have. This is an original design that is strong and functional. It will long live the novelty of other competitions.


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