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If you own-firearms, keeping them safe and secure out of reach of children should be your priority. It’s for a fact that guns in our homes presents a very real danger to kids and therefore children including teens should never be able to access a gun and bullets without adult supervision. Each year, guns kill and injure thousands of Americans mostly due to carelessness. For most families, not keeping guns at home seems a viable solution. However, if you decide to keep firearms at home,it’s imperative that you store them properly to keep. One way you can safely secure pistols and long guns is to use a safe such as the SnapSafe Under Bed Safe. This safe is large enough to accommodate multiple long guns and still compact enough to fit under your bed. Here is a review.


Snap Safe Under Bed Safe design features a rectangular, heavy duty, tamper proof 14-ga. steel construction measuring 40” W x 6”H x 22” D and weighing 105 lbs. with a black finish. The interior of the safe measures 37” W, 4.5” H and 20” D. The bottom interiors lined with a thin layer of felt to provide enough padding to safeguard firearms from dings and scratches without actually consuming much storage area.Aesthetically, the safe features rounded, smooth corners with a more textured black finish compared to its predecessors.

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is designed to operate a pull-out drawer thus can seamlessly fit under a bed. To secure the drawer when locked, the body consists of chrome locking bolts which move sideways, one at each end. These chrome locking bolts confers greater protection against prying attacks.   

The body consists of a pry resistant door and a robust 3/8” diameter security cable to attach the safe to a strong mount. On the face of the safe, an easy to program electronic lock with a turn knob is attached. To open the safe, the knob is turned and the internal bolts retraced for the trade to slide out. In case the electronic lock fails; mechanical keys can be used to access the safe.  

The interior is spacious enough to accommodate more than two-just a little bit of creative organization and can store more guns. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe can also be used to store other important items apart from firearms including jewelry, documents , electronics, tablets, laptops among others. The safe can fit perfectly in any bedroom as well as a SUV trunk. The heavy steel design makes the ideal for storing expensive work tools at a worksite.


·              Manufacturer: SnapSafe

·              Model: Under Bed Safe L (No. 75401)

·              Exterior Dimensions: 40″W x 6″H x 22″D  

·              Interior Dimensions: 37″W x 4.50″H x 20″D

·              Lock: Programmable digital keypad with override backup key

·              Access: Pull-out drawer

·              Construction: 14-ga.steel

·              Locking Bolts: Two, chrome steel

·              Liner: Felt(bottom panel only)

·              Weight: 105 lbs.

·              Fire Rating: N/A

·              Power Supply: 4AA Batteries (sold separately)

·              Accessories: 5-ft. security cable, two override keys plus owner’s manual.  

 Top Features

·              Heavy-Duty Tamper-Proof Construction- The safe is constructed of 14-gauge heavy-duty steel with 4 pre-drilled bolts down holes for permanent installation thus offering maximum security. You can efficiently install it in your home or at the truck of your vehicle with pre-drilled bolt holes.

·              Pry Resistant-The recessed opening panels are pry resistant unauthorized access by children or other unauthorized persons.    

·              Electronic-Keypad-Controlled Locking Mechanism- The safe is fitted with a programmable digital lock with 3-to 8-digital access code. The keypad is quite convenient and user-friendly making it easy to key in the 3 to 8-digit access code. They keypad is deactivated for 20 seconds if the wrong code is entered three times in a row. Keying three wrong codes again will lock out the system for five minutes.

·              Mechanical Backup Keys– In case you forget the unlock code or should the AA batteries run out of power, the safe comes with mechanical keys which can be used to access the safe.

·              Security Cable-The safe comes with a reinforced 3-foot cable to anchor the safe to a stationary object for maximum security. Additionally, the safe is per-drilled with 4 bolts down holes allowing for permanent installation on the floor or to the interior of a trunk. However, mounting hardware is not provided.

·              Versatile/ Multi-Purpose– Apart from firearms, SnapSafe Under Bed Safe can protect a wide range of valuables including tools and equipment, jewelry and collections, tablets and laptops and important documents such as your passport, bank statements, title deeds or crucial legal documents. The fully carpeted interior helps to keep your valuables scratch free and compacts.

What’s The Safe Best Used For?      

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is used for storing both defensive long guns and pistols. It’s perfect for securing self-defense firearms with moderately quick access with medium security. As mentioned above, the safe can only be used to securely store other valuables including jewelry and documents.

Pros and Cons


·              Spacious enough to stack more than two long guns and hand gun

·              Slide-out drawer for relatively fast entry

·              Pry-resistant door keeps children and unauthorized users from gaining entry

·              14-gauge heavy duty construction for unmatched security

·              Padded tray to keep valuable scratch free

·              Tamper proof

·              3 to 8-digit electronic keypad combination lock

·              Mechanical backup key

·              Multi-purpose capacity

·              Comes with 3-foot cable offers enhanced security by anchoring the safe to a stationary object


·              Keypad makes an audible sound thus not best for stealth

·              Locking mechanism may be faulty- One customer on Amazon complained of a faulty locking mechanism stating: “After setting up this safe with my two passcodes and testing this safe out I found the biggest security flaw that a safe could have. Without even typing in my pass code I could turn the knob with a little force and boom, the safe unlocks and leaves it open for anyone to remove your firearms in the event of a break in

·              Not relatively fast to gain entry compared to smaller quick safes

·              14-gauge heavy duty construction may not be as secure as conventional stand up safes.

·              The package doesn’t come with batteries for the electronic lock plus the instructions and hardware for hard mounting. You’ll need to spend extra cash to get these vital items.  

·              It’s not fireproofed thus not ideal for storing documents.

 A Choice of Three

Under Bed Safe comes in three makes: Under Bed Safe: Medium, Under Bed Safe: Large and Under Bade Safe: XXL. All the three feature the same design but different specifications as indicated below.

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe: Medium

SnapSafe Under Bed Steel Safe Gun Storage and Security 75402, Medium...
  • Constructed of 14 gauge heavy-duty steel, with pre-drilled bolt holes for permanent installation
  • External dimensions – 26” W x 5” H x 20” D | Internal dimensions – 23.5” W x 3.5” H x 14.3” D | Weight – 51 lbs. | Power – 4 AA Batteries (not included)

The medium make constitutes the same features as the other make. The specifications are however different as below:


·              Outside Dimensions: 5.00″ H x 26.00″ W x 20.00″ D

·              Inside Dimensions: 4.50″ H x 24.00″ Wx 18.50″ D

·              Interior Cubic Feet: 1.16

·              Weight:51.00 Pounds

·              Steel Thickness: 14-gauge steel

·              Door Lock: Digitallock with key backup

·              Included Accessories: 5-foot anchor cable

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe: Large

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe L, 75401, Gun Security Safe and Storage,...
  • HEAVY DUTY TAMPER PROOF CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of 14-gauge heavy-duty steel, with 4 pre-drilled bolt down holes for permanent installation. Pry-resistant door keeps children and unauthorized users...
  • ELECTRONIC AND KEYED ENTRY: Digital lock with convenient keypad access with key backup can be programmed with 3 to 8 digit access code.


·              Exterior Dimensions: 40″ x 6″ x22″ 

·              Interior Dimensions: 37″ x 4.50″ x 20″

·              Weight:105 lbs.

·              Steel Thickness: 14-gauge steel  

·              Door Lock: Programmable digital keypad with override backup key

·              Included Accessories3-foot anchor cable

 SnapSafe Under Bed Safe: XXL

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400, Matte Black, Gun Storage and Security
  • HEAVY-DUTY & EASY TO INSTALL: Constructed of 14 gauge heavy-duty steel, with pre-drilled bolt holes for permanent installation.
  • MULTI-USE CAPACITY: Large slide-out drawer accommodates firearms, jewelry, documents, and more. Can you be used under other types of large furniture or in vehicle.


·              Exterior Dimensions: 48″W x 7”H x 24” D

·              Inside Dimensions: 6.00″ H x 46.00″ W x22.00″ D

·              Interior Cubic Feet: 3.51

·              Weight:148 lbs.

·              Steel Thickness: 14-gauge steel

·              Door Lock: Programmable digital keypad with override backup key

·              Included Accessories: 3-foot anchor cable

 The Bottom Line

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is an exemplary gun safe being an improvement on its predecessor: SnapSafe Trunk Safe (No. 75405). Unlike the Trunk Safe, the Under-Bed Gun Safe features an easily retractable drawer with a digital lock. The Snap Safe Under Bed Safe is well designed to fit under a standard bed and functions to securely and secretly secure your firearms away from the reach of your children and unauthorized persons. The safe is spacious enough to hold more than two long guns as well other small firearms such as pistols, rifles and carbines. Additionally, the safe is multi-purpose meaning that you can store other valuables including jewelry, documents, laptop as well as valuable tools and equipment.

The safe comes with security enhancing features including 14-gauge heavy-duty steel construction, pry resistant door, pre-drilled holes for permanent installation and comes with 3-foot steel cable to provide additional security when fastened to a stationary object.

Depending on your space needs, SnapSafe comes in three makes: Medium, Large, XXL each with different interior sizes. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is an ideal safe if you are looking to keep your firearms and valuable safe, secure and out of reach of children or unauthorized persons. 


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