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A hunting headlamp is easily found on every hunter’s must-have hunting gear list. It guarantees the success of your hunt as it lights the area and makes sighting the prey that much easier. It also ensures that you won’t get lost on your trip, lighting your way back home.

Whether you currently own a headlamp and are looking for an upgrade or you’re looking to pick up your very first one, it’s a very worthy investment. Giving you an edge regardless of the weather and time of day while simultaneously increasing your safety, a solid lamp will go a long way in improving your hunt.

Headlamps have other uses outside of hunting that many enthusiasts of the outdoors will appreciate. These lamps can be used while camping, for nighttime cooking, on a nighttime run, or when hiking — even in caves.

The market is teeming with various options for hunters to pick and choose from, but sifting through reviews and specs is a lot of work. The purpose of this buying guide is to help you choose a new hunting headlamp. Let’s get right to it!

Top 9 Hunting Headlamps For You [Reviews]

Having reviewed multiple headlamps, we were able to shortlist eight that we liked the most. To save yourself time and hassle, check out our favorite picks.

1. Black Diamond Storm Hunting Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, One Size, Dark Olive
  • One Quad Power LED and one Double Power white LED emit 350 lumens
  • Red, green and blue Single Power LEDs for night vision have dimming and strobe settings and activate without cycling through white mode

Without a doubt, Black Diamond’s Storm Headlamp is one of the best lamps on the hunting scene, suited for even the most demanding hunters.

This LED headlamp is equipped with one quad power LED light and one double power white LED light that emit 350 lumens. It also comes with red, green, and blue single power LEDs that enable the use of night vision.

Thanks to the unique Power Tap Technology, this headlamp allows for instant transitioning between full lighting and dimmed power. This is excellent when you either need to conceal yourself from the prey or quickly light your way.

Some of the settings here include dimming, full strength in proximity or distance modes, strobe, night-vision, lock mode, and more. To top it all off, it’s waterproof and dustproof, making it ideal for all kinds of weather.

If you’re after an excellent headlamp that will fulfill multiple needs for the price of one, make sure you check out Black Diamond.

2. Streamlight 61304 ProTac HL Tactical LED Headlamp

Streamlight 61304 ProTac HL Tactical LED Headlamp, Box Packaged, 635...
  • Powered by 2 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries with a shelf life of 10-years
  • 635-Lumens of blinding light reaches 172-meters

Alongside Black Diamond, Streamlight is another brand that most hunters are familiar with. They managed to outdo themselves with this immensely strong hunting headlamp.

As far as the strength of the light stream goes, this lamp is among the best of the best. It has a whopping 635 Lumens that offer shockingly bright light for up to 172-meters. You may think that this kind of strength wears down the battery very quickly, but that’s not true. This headlamp comes with 2 lithium batteries that have a shelf life of up to 10 years.

This lamp allows for a lot of customization and comes with the option to pick between three user selectable programs: high/medium/low, high only, and low/medium/high. 

It’s suitable for both helmet users and those that wear it straight on their heads. It offers a great degree of comfort thanks to the rubber helmet strap and adjustable elastic head strap. The best part comes in the form of the 90-degree tilting head which gives you great mobility and reduces neck fatigue.

3. Alyattes Ultra Bright CREE LED Hunting Headlamp

Headlamp USB Rechargeable LED Head Lamp, 9000 Lumen Ultra Bright CREE...
  • ✅Preferable for those who pursue portability : Made of aluminum alloy and rubber, Weighs less than 12oz ,much light and handy than normal headlamps . Extremely suitable for jogging , cycling ,...
  • ✅Four modes for infinite uses: Whether you prefer to use the lowest, most focused setting, the wider and splashier medium and high modes, or the bright emergency-ready strobe light, this movable led...

For those times when you really need something ultra-bright, Alyattes has got you covered with their 12000 Lumen hunting headlamp.

Before we get into the sheer power of this headlamp, let’s talk about the battery. It comes with rechargeable batteries that have great longevity. Thanks to the innovative CREE LED design, the battery life on a full charge may be up to three times longer than in normal headlamps from Alyattes’ competitors.

The lighting is distributed into four modes that each offers different effects. The lowest setting gives the least amount of light, but it is the most focused. The wider medium and high modes increase the light you get from your headlamp. 

It’s waterproof and remarkably weather-worthy — it’s good to go regardless of the elements! Aside from hunting, it will find its uses in jogging, cycling, fishing, or even inspection or repair work.

4. Princeton Tec Remix LED Hunting Headlamp

Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp (300 Lumens, Multicam w/Red LEDs)...
  • A headlamp built to perform in any environment with a single Maxbright LED and 3 Ultrabright leds
  • 300 lumens power

This camouflage-patterned hunting headlamp is a lightweight option that still offers a whole lot of light to illuminate your path. 

Powered by 3 AAA Alkaline batteries that are included in the package, this headlamp offers 300 Lumens of power. 

While that isn’t quite as strong as some of the other lamps on the market, it’s still more than suitable for nighttime hunting. It has a single Maxbright LED light and 3 ultra-bright LEDs that offer a wide scope of light.

You can expect up to 150 hours of burn time out of this headlamp, which is quite exceptional for a lamp this compact and assures that it’s cost-effective. For a more budget option, check out this particular product.

5. BORUIT Upgrade Rechargeable Zoomable Headlamp

BORUIT Upgrade Rechargeable Zoomable Headlamp, 4 Modes 5000 Lumen...
  • 【EXTRA BRIGHT & SPECIAL】 Powerful U.S. developed L2 LED lamp can be clearly illuminated within 200 meters away. Quickly choose from 4 lighting modes. The animals & fish are not spooked by green...
  • 【USB CHARGING OUTPUT & INPUT】 2pcs real 2200mAh(total 4400mAh) 18650 rechargeable batteries (Included) can be used as colossal capacity power bank, charges for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy,...

If you want a bit of everything in your hunting headlamp and you don’t mind paying a bit extra for a product that is truly high-end, check out this exceptional model by BORUIT.

The batteries are rechargeable and can be charged via USB, so the upkeep of this headlamp is basically free. What’s more interesting is that you can take advantage of the batteries and use them as a massive power bank. It lets you charge your iPhone, Android devices, and other similar things.

It has a very high level of water-resistance: it’s IPX5 tested to endure all sorts of harsh conditions and is suited for rain, sunshine, and snowstorm.

Lastly, it’s very bright: it will illuminate up to 200 meters ahead. It allows you to choose from 4 lighting modes. And more importantly, the light in this one is green, which means the animals will not be scared off, securing a successful hunt.

6. Streamlight Septor LED Hunting Headlamp

Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp with Strap - 120 Lumens Yellow
  • Seven ultra bright white LEDs
  • Features three levels of lighting and up to 55 hours of continuous run time

This headlamp, far from the brightest on our list, is ideal for those that want to light up their path and spot their prey without spooking it. In its three light modes, it offers either 120, 45, or 13 Lumens.

The lights are solid and well-made here, with seven ultra-bright white 3 watt Luxeon LEDs. These lights are shock-resistant and have a massive 50,000 hour lifetime. Speaking of lifetimes: on just 3 AAA batteries, this headlamp will run at high settings for up to 4 continuous hours.

The switch is recessed, making sure you don’t accidentally activate it. However, you don’t need to worry — it’s easy enough to locate & use while wearing hunting gloves.

This headlamp is ideal for those that sneak up on their target and do not need a wide, long, and ultra-bright range of lighting.

7. COAST HL8R Hunting Headlamp

COAST® HL8R 800 Lumen Rechargeable PURE BEAM® Focusing LED Headlamp,...
  • RECHARGEABLE: Pair with the included Lithium-Ion battery or swap in 4 x AA alkaline batteries
  • BRIGHTEST: 800 lumens at 214m make this our brightest headlamp

Equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery that can be swapped out for 4 AA alkaline batteries, COAST combines lighting power with cost-effective durability.

The batteries here are rechargeable and will last up to 4 hours 15 minutes on high settings, which means that even on longer nighttime hunts, you’ll be covered.

As far as lighting goes, 800 Lumens at 700 feet is quite outstanding and makes these a viable option not just for hunting but also repair work, hiking, camping, fishing, and more. 

One of the most interesting settings is the pure beam focusing optic, which allows you to shift between a very wide flood beam and a focused spot mode at various levels of distance and brightness. 

8. Alyattes 13,000 LM Hunting Headlamp

Headlamp, 13000LM Brightest 21 LED 9 Modes Head Lamp with Unique Power...
  • ✅Preferable for those who pursue portability: Made of aluminum alloy, plastic and rubber, Weighs less than 12oz, much light and handy than normal headlamps. Extremely suitable for reading,...
  • ✅Amazing long battery life and Useful Power Indicator: Due to its advanced CREE L2 design, the battery life of a full charge in each usage is three times longer than normal headlamps, prolong...

You read that correctly — this particular hunting headlamp has the ability to light up even the darkest of nights thanks to the 13,000 Lumens it offers at high settings.

For a tool this powerful, it’s very lightweight. It weighs less than 12oz and is going to serve you well while hunting, on camping trips, bicycling, fishing, and other activities that you may need some extra light for.

It has a remarkably long battery life, up to three times longer than that of its competitors. This is a staple for Alyattes and it’s good to see it holding up for this lamp.

There are nine modes that you can switch between swiftly. It’s also waterproofed and durable, capable of withstanding the most adverse weather conditions. 

For the more demanding hunters, we can honestly recommend giving it a shot.

9. Energizer High-Performance Hunting Headlamp

ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Pro260, Rugged IPX4 Water Resistant Head Light,...
  • [SUPER BRIGHT LED]: Illuminates up to 80 meters with a 260-lumen beam of LED light in high mode - This head lamp can light up the room, or the campsite, with ease.
  • [MAXIMUM DURABILITY]: Features a durable construction that withstands 1-meter drop test, a shatterproof lens, and a water-resistant IPX4 rated body - making this head light the perfect rugged...

Energizer Forest Green Headlamp is the ideal choice for those looking for a high-performance and durable headlamp for their hunting or outdoor experience at a competitive price. This classic campsite headlamp provides seven light modes, including red, high, low, spot high, spot low, wide high, and wide low, with innovative dimming control technology.

The super LED bright light comes with a range of up to 80 meters with the highest maximum beam output of 260 lumens. The headlamp has a water-resistant IPX4 rated body along with a shatterproof lens that makes it highly durable to withstand the harsh environment, both indoor and outdoor. In low mode, the headlamp battery (AAA batteries) can last up to 35 hours.

One of the best things about Energizer Headlamp is its three power output versions: 260, 315, and 360 lumens (in high beam mode), so you can adjust the amount & intensity of the beam as per your choice. Also, there is a memory button that allows you to make sure the light turns on using the last mode you chose.

The light comes at a competitive price with reliable performance and brand trust, making it a great option to consider for hunting, camping, and outdoor adventure.


Hunting headlamps make for an essential addition to any hunter’s pack. You may be heading out in the morning, but the weather may always take a turn for the worse, so do not underestimate the convenience of having a headlamp with you.

We hope that our guide will aid you in picking your new headlamp, and most of all, happy hunting!


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