How to Train Your Dog to Bay Squirrels
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How to Train Your Dog to Bay Squirrels: It is true that squirrels can be hunted without the help of dogs but, you see a squirrel hunting dog will only make the task easier for you. When it comes to hunting animals, whether it be a squirrel or any other animal, dogs always prove to be a great helping hand. No wonder that they are considered to be the man’s best friend. A dog has a keen set of hunting skills which can help you to track down your prey very easily. And especially, when you are on the mission of squirrel hunt, you need a dog to help you out. That’s mainly because a squirrel is a small animal and therefore, it may get difficult for you to detect them on the trees or the branches. But with the aid of a dog, all these problems can be solved easily. Dogs have a very strong sense of smell which helps them to track down things easily. So if, you want your dog to help you out with your squirrel hunting venture make sure that you have trained your dog for it properly.

A trained squirrel dog is no less than a priceless asset. It can help you get things done which would not have been possible otherwise. If you want your dog to help you out with squirrel hunting, it’s important that you train him right. It is advisable that you should start with its training from a very early age.  The early you start, the better it is for you. If you wish to get the best results, it’s better that you start training your dog when it is only 8 or 10 weeks old. This will ensure that you get your desired results. In case, you are not sure what to do or how to start your dog’s training, we have prepared some tips for you to do so. But for that, you will have to continue reading this article.

How to Train Your Dog to Bay Squirrels

How to Train Your Dog to Bay Squirrels
How to Train Your Dog to Bay Squirrels

How to Train Your Squirrel Dog?

To help you out, we have listed these tips so that you can train your dog easily. But before, you start your dog’s training, you will be requiring plenty of harvested squirrel tails. You will obviously start the training using one tail at a time but, the thing is they will gradually wear out and thus; you will have to replace them with new ones. Therefore, it’s better that you start the process with a good amount of harvested squirrel tails in stock.

Now what you have to do is treat these squirrel tails as a chew toy for your dog and let him play with it. This will help your dog to associate the scent of a squirrel with a sense of great excitement. Once you notice that your dog has developed a soft spot for its new toy, tie a string with the squirrel tail and drag it all across your backyard and let your dog chase it. This will teach your dog to pursue a squirrel the moment it sees one of them around. Also, make sure that at times you pull the squirrel tail above the ground to the trees so, that your puppy gets the idea that the prey he is after may also leave the ground.

Continue this training for a couple of weeks or so until you see your dog has fully progressed. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can move on to the next stage of the training which is obviously a little difficult. In this stage what you have to do is get your dog excited by showing him the squirrel tail. Once he you see he is all pumped up about the squirrel tail takes him to an area from where he cannot see the tail anymore. Now, drag them all across your backyard and to the trees. Then, tie the tail to the branches of one of the trees. Encourage your dog to chase the smell of the tail. Once you see that your dog has successfully found out its prey, award him and keep repeating this routine until he becomes all equipped. Take him to the woods, once you see that your dog is all prepared for the real challenge.

Training in The Field

Training your dog in your backyard is a different thing and taking him to the woods for the same is another. In his initial training days in the woods, start dragging the tail only over shorter distances. This will help your dog to track down the smell easily and as well as quickly. Also, it will teach him to differentiate between different smells in the woods. After you are satisfied with his limited are a drill, it’s time that you train him for the long distance tracking. You never know if, your dog becomes capable of even baying a live squirrel to you. To turn your dog into a pro squirrel dog, you will have to let him mouth a killed squirrel as a part of his training. After this, you will notice that your dog is no longer a rookie pup, but it has turned into a full-fledged squirrel hunting dog.

From the above discussion, one thing is clear that training your dog is going to need you have patience. It’s going to take some time for your dog to learn the process and once, it has been successfully done, it is you who will be benefitted by it. A properly trained dog is the best companion that you can take out while you go out on a hunting trip. The reason is pretty obvious. With the help of a hunting dog, you can track down any animal you want. This is the reason why hunters have so much faith in dogs. And now, that you know how to train your dog for squirrel hunting, go ahead and start the process and you will gradually see the results.



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